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Competitive flying on TRE

Greezt's Avatar

10.01.2016 , 01:04 AM | #1
Hey there folks!

Are you interested in hardcore bomberballs? Would you like to see who can tensorcide the most? Always wondered who can build the best gunship wall, and who's gonna pay for it?

You're in luck!

One week from today, on the 8th of October, an event will be held on TRE. From 07:00 - 10:00 pm BST two teams will be clashing in a friendly attempt of bludgeoning each other into submission.

Why am I telling you this? If you are interested in watching said event, it will be streamed - on this stream (friendly plug) and possibly on my stream (in my sig). Hopefully someone from the opposing team will stream as well, but in any case they will be recording their matches.

See you there!

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

10.01.2016 , 03:54 AM | #2
Sign me up!

I hope to join you in the last hour or two on "s.a.t.r.d.a.y" . - I'm mostly a strike and scout pilot.

I only have an imperial GSF character on TRE ATM, though I'm sure I can start a pubside one for people to chase all over the map if required.

I'll let people know on Progenitor GSF chat during the week. See you in the skies!

-Storm Cutter.
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10.01.2016 , 05:47 AM | #3
Oooh, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. It's my fault for being unclear in the OP though...

There is an organized competition of sorts between two teams. The teams already exist (in fact, if you fly on TRE during the evening you'll most probably run into one of them practising). I'm only plugging the event here, because I hope that people will come and watch. The idea of the event is to glorify organized teamplay in GSF.

If it is a success and people will be willing, I'm sure another event of this type will be arranged.

Also, before people ask about the difference between this event and a super serious night - the main difference is that this is meant to be a full 8v8 matchup. The matches will take place cross faction to ensure teams don't mix up.

Toraak's Avatar

10.01.2016 , 08:37 AM | #4
good luck getting it to work out like you want on such a heavy GSF population server. your better off going to a dead server and linking your queu's if your looking to get the 8v8 teams to actually face off against each other. You are more likely to get half of any group, and pugs in a match as you are in getting all 8 for each team.
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10.01.2016 , 10:06 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
...You are more likely to get half of any group, and pugs in a match as you are in getting all 8 for each team.
The participants are aware of this and willing to accept match-ups not exactly fitting the topic.
We might also see 12v12 with additional players...

The other variant on a dead server is also in planning. You might have seen the "league" thread some weeks ago.

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RickDagles's Avatar

10.07.2016 , 01:39 PM | #6
The event is tomorrow! 2pm-5pm EST. Lompi and CS are going to be streaming, check it out!

The semi-official lineups are:

TEAM SRW - Imperial
Texas Rose aka Nixeri
(alternates) Sprigellania, Zuck, Xmar

TEAM TRE - Republic
Svilena aka Chobanica
Ludojad aka - Zbulwersowany

Greezt's Avatar

10.08.2016 , 06:28 AM | #7
Technically I think it's more appropriate to name the republic team team ToFN...

Event is today guys. Pray that I don't get farmed...

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10.08.2016 , 06:36 AM | #8
Should be a fun time for all!
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OscarDivine's Avatar

10.08.2016 , 07:09 AM | #9
I'm very excited for this event! Sadly I will be at work but I'm really stoked to watch it!

RickDagles's Avatar

10.08.2016 , 10:42 AM | #10
Edited my post to include Nixeri's pilot name (Texas Rose). We may see appearances from Zuck and Xmar as well.

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