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Worst Companion?

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09.14.2016 , 04:04 AM | #11
Most hated? Skadge. I can't stand him.

I can't really pick a favorite though. I have a favorite or two in each class.

Mako and Torian tie for the Bounty Hunter. They're both just great for my honorable hunters.

I actually like Zenith a lot for the Consular (though not done with the chapters so haven't gotten to know Iresso and Nadia too well yet).

Trooper is tied with Elara Dorne and Aric Jorgan.

Smuggler is probably Corso (what can I say, naive farm boy is cute and dumb) and Bowie (I love my Wookiee).

For the Jedi Knight, I probably love Lord Scourge the most (though zero interest in romancing him, he was just an interesting guy to have around).

For the Agent, I loved Vector (played a male too so didn't get to romance him, but he was still solid). I liked Lokin too.

I actually liked all of the Sith Inquisitor companions except Ashara. I didn't hate Ashara. She was just kind of dull for me. Talos was so earnest and bright-eyed it was endearing. Who doesn't love Khem? Andronikos was my SI's favorite partner in crime (male, so they were just bros). And Xalek was a near perfect apprentice for my aggressive Sith.

I haven't actually gotten a Sith Warrior very high (my next project) so I can't really say I have a favorite for them yet. I've only really "met" Vette and I do like her a lot.
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09.14.2016 , 07:01 AM | #12
Skadge, the great sweaty oozing lump of ****** gristle. On Belsavis, a planet cluttered with both Rakata and Esh-kha cattle, Skadge still manages to be the most unwelcome and annoying NPC to meet. I'd sooner travel with Darth Baras, even if I was expected to pay for the food.

Favourite.... probably T7-01. Hard to beat an irrepressible astromech, really, though HK-55: "Report: Dead!" & "Target has achieved deadness" runs a very close second.
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09.14.2016 , 07:59 AM | #13
am i one of the only people who dosnt have skedge as my least favorite?

FAVORITE: HK-49 / HK-55, m1-4x runs close to them i just love this guy as a neutural trooper picking the choices for the republic even if they are dark side and i just love his voice
Least favorite: quin. need i say more? i hate his *********************** and after he did that i got to choke him but not kill him ;( the next one would probably be corso. honestly his personality is one i despise and considering most of my chars are dark side i ended up using the droid over him. also who the hell names their guns? torchie?!?!?!?!? like can i kick this guy off the ship? hes not even good at guarding it against skavic.

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09.14.2016 , 08:55 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by dealolafin View Post
am i one of the only people who dosnt have skedge as my least favorite?
We're in the minority.

I dislike Skadge but it's more on principle than due to his personality. He's a good NPC (a guy you love to hate) and if he'd just been a one-planet only contact like Thana Vesh he would have been fine. Why did he join the BH crew though? It made precisely zero sense.

My lease favorite companion is definitely Xalek, though. For the life of me I can't understand WHY people like this guy, and a huge number of people do. I'll sum up this useless lump in one phrase: "I kill things." THRILLING! Oh, and here's his companion missions storyline: "My father killed things. He's dead." WHOA, slow down there Most Interesting Alien in the Galaxy! There's only so much storyline we can take! You get him right before Corellia, just like the afterthought he's meant to be, and he has nothing to say and no real reason to exist other than "Darth Nox / Occlus / Imperius needs apprentices so (s)he can seem important". I imagine they wanted him to be Darth Maul-like, a silent, combat-oriented killer apprentice but he falls flat on every front.

At least Skadge has a personality.
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09.14.2016 , 09:00 AM | #15
Most Hated: like everyone else...Skadge

Before I played a DS/Militant JK I would have included Rusk in hated, but having played that style of JK, I better understand how Rusk and a JK can align. Same thing goes for JC and Zenith. But Skadge is just unredeemable. Even the most ruthless BH would despise Skadge and want to put a blaster bolt through his head.

Most Liked: all the female Jedi: Kira, Nadia, Jaesa, and Ashara (pretty much in that order )

Fuuny beyond words: Blizz and Guss (specifically pre-4.0 Blizz with his rocket launcher was just great, and Guss's story was just plain entertaining
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09.14.2016 , 09:05 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by jauvtus View Post
Koth Vortena. Skadge would have been my choice before KOTFE, but Koth is simply everything I could possibly hate concentrated in one man.
Favourite is tied between Vette, Kira and Z0-0M.
Seconded. I would spare Skadge is Bioware gave us the option of killing Koth by having a naked Skadge sit on his face until he suffocates.

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09.14.2016 , 09:31 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by ZanyaCross View Post
a naked Skadge
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09.14.2016 , 09:41 AM | #18
Least liked would be Kaliyo. She should never have left Hutta alive. Though by the end of ch. 10 she was so pathetic I let her live. Holiday is a close second. They couldn't have made her more annoying if they tried!

Favorites are Quinn and Theron, followed by Vector, Talos & Blizz.

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09.14.2016 , 10:14 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by RowanThursday View Post
Skadge, the great sweaty oozing lump of ****** gristle. On Belsavis, a planet cluttered with both Rakata and Esh-kha cattle, Skadge still manages to be the most unwelcome and annoying NPC to meet. I'd sooner travel with Darth Baras, even if I was expected to pay for the food.
thats like definition of ultimate hatred

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09.14.2016 , 10:24 AM | #20
Ok, by class.

Jedi Knight

Kira Carsen - love her to bits. She's my waifu even if it's just headcanon.
T7 - love the little guy. He's great fun, if a little too intent on playing by all the rules.
Sergeant Rusk - not my favourite by any means, but he has some nice lines and his gung ho attitude can be fun.
Scourge - the "token evil team-mate". He's interesting, and he's grown on me. Very first playthrough, I hated his guts, but gave him more of a chance the second time around.
Doc - OH MY GOD, SHUT THE F[HONK] UP! Can't stand this walking libido. With I could mind trick him into castrating himself with a wooden spoon.

Jedi Consular

Honestly, the Consular companions never really made much of an impression on me. I like Felix's enthusiasm, and Qyzen can be fun but I don't really remember anything about Zenith or Nadia.
Tharan and Holiday are just annoying.


Love Jorgan and Elara. M1-4X is just so deliciously over the top.
Yuun... never really made an impression.
Vik is just yuck - take it away.


Not finished this story yet, but all the companions seem interesting so far. Bowdarr is my current favourite


Vector is just such a lovely guy. I love my buggy boyfriend
Lokin has some nice funny moments and I quite like him.
Kaliyo made me laugh a bunch of times in vanilla but then she betrayed me and I went right off her.
SCORPIO... interesting, but so far up herself, and then KotFE happened
Raina Temple... liked her on Hoth then she got boring.

Bounty Hunter

Love Mako and Blizz. They're so adorable
Married Torian on my first Hunter. No complaints about my Mandalorian boy-toy
Gault... really annoyed me on my first playthrough, but grew on me when I gave him a chance on my second Hunter.
Skadge... NO, NO, A MILLION TIMES NO! Hated the turd-faced brute from the moment I met him - tried giving him a chance on my second Hunter but nope, just made me hate him even more. Should never have made it off Belsavis. As satisfying as killing him in Rusk's alert is, I'd rather not do KotFE a zillion times just so all of me can do it.

Sith Inquisitor

Khem - got to love the morose monster. Threatening to let him eat my enemies never gets old.
Talos - love his enthusiam.
Andronikas, Ashara & Xalek - *yawn*

Sith Warrior

Vette - Love Vette to bits. One day I will finish a male Warrior so I can marry her. She's my Lady Warrior's BFF
Pierce - love his enthusiasm
Dark Jaesa... only a "pale grey" Warrior, Dark Jaesa is just one long hilarious exercise in "My Gods, what have I done?"
Quinn - he has some good moments but then he goes and spoils it all by doing you-know-what. Got revenge by cheating on him with Pierce.
Broonmark - *yawn*