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Worst Companion?

Kyrock's Avatar

09.03.2017 , 04:13 PM | #171
Quinn is obviously the worst. he is a brown nosing, betraying weasel. Best moment was when my Sith finally killed him.

Best can't be any other than Kira and Vette. Still mad Kira isn't back.

Phyreblade's Avatar

09.03.2017 , 07:26 PM | #172
My favorites list is actually pretty long. Seriously, I at least like most of the companions. But my favorites include:
(1) Torian and Malavai Quinn (equally)
(2) Theron Shan
(3) Akaavi Spar
(4) Raina Temple
(5) Corso Riggs

But I'm human enough to have a few characters that are on my crap-list. I've even killed a couple of them, given the chance. Among my least liked companions:
(1) Kaliyo Djannis (my Nox kills her every time and my Agent just keeps her around to torment)
(2) Ashara Zavros (she ate soooo many of companion gifts just getting her to like me, ugh)
(3) Tanno Vik (Scuzz. Ball. 'Nuff said.)
(4) Broonmark (I forgot him in the cargo hold, yikes)
(5) Tharan Cedrix (he dumped my Sage for a holographic girlffriend!!!)

I originally didn't like Khem Val but the sucker grew on me, like a fungus. By the time I finished the story, he was adorable, actually. I tend to have a hard time liking the companions who's dialogue I have to read over in the chat box, too. But Bowdaar and Blizz had cool stories and personalities, so I liked them both a lot. Vector kinda weirds me out with his 'I always have bugs with me' thing, ugh.

And while Skadge is a total jerk, he's not too bad once I head-canon'ed that my Hunter just beat the crap out of him and he was afraid of her, shrug. He's like one of those dogs that barks real loud but turns tail whenever my girl slants him a look sideways, basically.

That's me, then. I never claimed to be normal, lol.
"Why can't things be easy? Just once!"
-- Gaibriel Duncan, Sawbones Scoundrel
Phyreblade, Co-Leader Covenant of the Phoenix

Mindelmatrix's Avatar

09.04.2017 , 09:03 AM | #173
If Skadge isn't the worst, he's recruited in the worst way. But I don't think of too many as bad companions. The ones I dislike would fall into the territory of being forgettable.
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Ioue's Avatar

09.17.2017 , 03:21 PM | #174
For smuggler, I found Akaavi the blandest and boring. I don't really have an opinion on her other than I figured her out as an aimless once-Mandalorian who wants a purpose. Heck, Guss eventually grew on me even though he came in late to the party with the whole "I am a bumbling fool who still doesn't know what to do in life but I'm trying!"

I've only done Sith Inquisitor and Warrior so far, and there's that one companion that is just blah. Like Boommark and Xalek. Both come in around Ch 3 and doesn't have time for a build up.