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Titans Fallen

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07.08.2016 , 02:47 PM | #1

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Titans Fallen

Mya Kanon

The dark, starless midnight sky hung overhead, among the light-polluted Nar Shaddaa, the glitz, and glamor of this illustrious, and infamous world. People come from the farthest reaches beyond the stars, to test their luck. This is home to the most magnificent, and exclusive casinos the galaxy has ever seen. Likewise, the Cantinas here, the drinks are always flowing. This is a city that doesn’t sleep. Slavery – since done away on most worlds – is in full swing. Behind the veil, the one place the trade can operate its oppression. Everywhere I look; I can see the evidence, the stories, surrounding this world. Some of these tell a tale of fable, of riches, and glory. Then there are the anecdotes, whispers, of the dark, murky depths of the criminal underworld, the whispers, of my world.

Everyone knows about the nightlife, the parties, and grand celebrations of this world. There might even be some that know of its wretched underbelly. As I make my way, head down, my steps quick and nimble, pushing through the throng, of the abandoned, and the forgotten. I understand more than most, what the true face of this treacherous world holds.

There’s a light beeping sound, I felt the vibration in my pocket. I pull out the holo-communicator and hear the voice of my best friend, and partner in crime, Kitaddik.

A series of growls came over the holo-communicator. They were Kit’s native tongue of Kashyyyk. My time spent in captivity, on the harsh world of Korriban taught me to understand the Wookie I can now call a pal.

‘You’re sure’, I repeat after my friend. ‘He’s on the move which means so am I’. I continue to tell Kit.

I hear one last growl, he asked if I was up to the task before me. Laughing, I put on an offended tone, ‘relax, buddy, I have this it’s just like we always do’.

The mission was simple. We spied an SIS kid a few days back and came upon the conclusion he made the perfect mark. Kit and I were practically servants of the people. We took what we wanted, but only from the rich, and gave to the poor. Mostly, we gave to other kids that grew up on the streets, like me. We fed them, gave them as much food and drink as we could. We made sure they had creds in their hands.

I came out of the crowd, as my mark left the Cantina. I watch as he said his good-byes to his friends, I assumed also were SIS. He turns, then heads in the opposite direction toward me. I wait a minute longer, to make my move.

I head toward him, I pretended not to watch where I walked, and smacked straight into his chest. I fell onto my seat, as I knocked him down also.

‘Oh man, oh jeeze, I’m really sorry Miss. I didn’t see you, are you alright?’ He cried, as I shook my head, and waved the apology away.

He collected himself, and I did the same. We regarded one another on our knees. I made a show, an attempt to act the clumsy little girl. As I do this my hand, deft as it was swiped inside his pocket to pull what few credits he had on his person.

‘Relax, pal’, I reassured him and stood up to my feet. ‘There’s really no harm done, you’re fine, and so am I’. That’s when I pressed onto my toes to give him a peck on his cheek. This was done to confuse, and to startle him just enough to make my escape. I wave over my shoulder and called, ‘I'll see you around, pal, bump into you again real soon!’

I walk away, my steps quick, but slow enough so I didn't draw attention. I kept my head down, but my eyes forward, as I made my way to rendezvous with Kit. It wasn’t long after that I heard a shout, a call from behind, someone trying to catch my attention.

‘Miss, hold it. Miss, stop where you are, don’t make me chase you’. The hesitant, voice grew nearer with each step. I knew the boy was unnerved by my presence. ‘Rookie’, I snorted under my breath.

I shoved the old man dawdling in front of me out of the way. He hits the ground, as I bolt down the street. My arms pumped back and forth. They urge me on. The kid doesn’t stand a chance as I leapt clean, over a rail, my limbs twisting, they turn, my head tucking. I came down gliding my shoulder, all without breaking my stride. I sprint onward.

Two large, long limbs, reach out of the alleyway and pull, they yank me into the safety of their comforting warmth. The shaggy arms wrap around me, as we watch the kid run pass.

‘Easy there, buddy, it was no sweat'. My tone was flippant, as I told Kit how easy it was to lose the kid.

Kit moaned, a short deriding laugh. I flip a credit chip over in my hand as we walk in the opposite direction of the boy.

As we walked and laugh, we teased one another giggling down the street, a man walked up to us. He wore a brown jacket with his collar popped up. Beige trousers, and he had slick dark hair. He had brown eyes, and a jaw line that made the girls weak.

‘That was quite the performance', the man folded his arms across his chest, and stood lazily. He placed his shoulder against a light pole.

Somehow, this relaxed posture made him seem more attractive; I didn’t think was possible. My heart speeds up, staring with a blank expression. It takes Kit to slap me across the head, to break me from my stupor. I thought I was a pretty smooth, silver-tongued talker. I could con even the most guarded out of their credits. I was but the bumbling teenage girl, in front of this man, with that stupid skewed smile that made my knees weak.

‘Even if he was a kid that you just took advantage of.’ The man shrugged. ‘You have skills, talents that my people are very interested in.’

‘What’s it to you?’ I snapped, I hated his type.

‘You might have heard, but there’s this alliance -’ I didn’t give the man a chance to finish.

‘Can’t say that I have', I deadpanned.

‘Well,’ he continued, although he sounded shocked that I had not heard about his alliance. ‘You might have heard about the blockade above Nar…’ Again, I didn’t let him finish.


He sighed, I had obviously started to irritate him by my attitude. A small crooked smile tugged at one corner of my lips.

‘As I was saying,’ and he paused expecting that I would stop him. I waved my hand nonchalant, a small motion to tell him to continue. He waited for a second longer, and that made me smirk. ‘As I was saying, we’re at war, both the Republic and Empire are shells, of what they once were amidst the rising Eternal Empire.’

‘The outlander…’

‘Cute name, but what’s this have to do with numero uno?’

‘The outlander,’ the man sighed and pushed through his growing frustration, ‘is fighting, to put a stop this threat, and so am I.’

‘I’m being drafted. That’s really what this is about.’

Kit growled, and made his own opinion known, and I laughed. ‘I know buddy, the big guys and their faceless propaganda want little old me.’

‘Look, I’ll admit you have skills that are wasted on petty theft.’

‘No, you have no idea what I can do!’ He interrupts me, before I can finish.

‘You seem like the girl that drew a bad lot, in life, and you try to compensate with a bad attitude, and by helping other kids. Nefarious, as your means might be. I can offer you a greater role.

‘Listen, pal, we’re not interested. The military life doesn’t agree with me, and I don’t care to take orders from some faceless enigma.

‘We have you surrounded, and you have just committed a crime.’

‘So what, are you going to arrest me,’ I challenged, ‘just think what the people would think?’ I wave my hands, as if conjuring up a dream. ‘I can see the headline now: SIS apprehends teen.’ A paused, to create dramatic effect. ‘Sounds like a mess you don't want to me involved with, if you ask me.’

‘I’m just asking for you to come with me, to see the work we’re doing. You don’t need to decide now, but I think you will like what we are doing.’

I rolled my eyes, ‘I’ll come, but this doesn’t mean I agree to anything, pal.’
'You killed someone, Mya, you stole a life away from another'.
'I did it for you, Jett, I did it for us. They were just an Imp'.
'Who are you to decide that?'
'I love you, Jett!' // 'I just don't like who you're becoming'. // Continue reading