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Best utilities for sorcerer pvp?

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Best utilities for sorcerer pvp?

taxidermis's Avatar

06.26.2016 , 04:06 PM | #1
What are the best ones to pick? Besides the obvious like force speed cleansing roots and slows, root on overload, and bubble stun. Should I spec instant whirlwind? What about bubble heal or should I spec mobile cast for force leach
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Volxen's Avatar

06.26.2016 , 05:08 PM | #2
Even bubble mez (not really sure why it's called bubble "stun" when it's not a hard stun) is debatable at best. As a sage healer the two heroic utilities I take are 1) the one that allows you to cast healing trance on the move and 2) the one that reduces the cooldown of force barrier by 30 seconds (so it has a 2 minute and 30 seconds cooldown). Both of those utilities are, in my opinion, much more useful than bubble mez, considering how many people accidentally break your mezzes in this game. And with phasewalk on such a short cooldown, the ability to mez people for 3 seconds to get away isn't really all that important: if your truly being focused hard by, say, 3 or more strong DPS players, bubble mez is really just going to delay them for a bit, it's not going to stop them altogether. It's more efficient to just phasewalk out of battle, heal up, and then come back in. And then if you get focused hard again while phasewalk is still on cooldown, use your force barrier, and after using barrier phasewalk will be available again, so you need to go and reset it. Rinse and repeat until the warzone is over.

The main components to sage/sorc survivability are phasewalk and force barrirer (the former more so than the latter because it has a much higher uptime). The most important thing is to always remember to reset your phasewalk after you use it (once it comes off cooldown of course).

Nikitko's Avatar

06.26.2016 , 05:56 PM | #3
for ranked take: skillful-3,5,6 masterful-3,5 heroic-1,6.
for normals take: skillful-3,5,6 masterful-3,5 (also can be taken 3,4) heroic-5,6
it's for madness mostly. for ligthing for normals u can run with the same utilities like for mad's ranked.
and yea, make sure to take corrupted barrier utility for both dd specs for sure.
and if you would like to play as healer on dulffy there is a best healer guide with all that you need to know.

Romeugues's Avatar

06.26.2016 , 07:15 PM | #4
Corrupted Barrier, possibly shapeless spirit for the 30% DR while stunned.

LadyDarkkitten's Avatar

06.27.2016 , 03:54 PM | #5
I seen to many sorcs survive thanks to bubble mez to right it off. That said I can't live without the 30% stun DR or the heal to force barrier. Number of times they save me...
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QuiveringPotato's Avatar

06.27.2016 , 04:02 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyDarkkitten View Post
I seen to many sorcs survive thanks to bubble mez to right it off. That said I can't live without the 30% stun DR or the heal to force barrier. Number of times they save me...
Bubblestun will prolong the sorc's life for the short time of the CC, that's about it, though.

I'm still convinced it exists solely to piss enemy players off.
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