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Forget Me, Remember Voss (spoilers ensue)

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Forget Me, Remember Voss (spoilers ensue)

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06.21.2016 , 12:57 PM | #1
So, this is my first foray into story telling. I have long been intrigued by Voss and yep, one of my fem agents actually went all the way for the marriage. The conversations may be trite, the love scenes a bit risqué but not graphic and the imagery a bit lacking. But I hope you enjoy the read anyway. Thanks to Lunafox for the encouragement. Criticisms are welcome, but please be constructive, if not kind. Ok, holding breath, taking the plunge.

Forget me, Remember Voss

Scene I

Phi-ton sat in a corner of the tea house deep in thought. He had the dream again last night and he could not get it out of his head. She was there again, she was always there and the image haunted him more than he could express.

"Why did you have to come to my world? Why did you have to make me love you? Why did you leave and where are you now?", he muttered under his breath.

He did not notice his sister Yana-ton walk over to his table until she reached out to refill his cup.

"What troubles you Phi-ton? Is it the dream again?"

He slowly nodded his head lowering his eyes as if he could not bear to look at her.

"The dream is not a Mystic's dream, Phi, nor is it a vision and it has no meaning. It cannot be interpreted and does not serve Voss. It is merely a remnant of something best forgotten. Can you not let it and her go?"

He raised his eyes finally to look at her. "I would rip this memory from my mind if I could. But it is not just of the mind. My hands remember, my lips remember, my whole body remembers. You know how this works with us, Yana. It was a feeling so profound and intense that I wanted to weep. It binds us forever, me to her and her to me. I fear that I will never feel that way again in my lifetime."

Phi-ton again lowered his gaze.

"We Voss, are taught responsibility first. Responsibility to Voss, to family to tradition and faith. We are taught to retain dignity in all situations and to suppress our passions until the rite of Ardor after marriage. She released those passions in me as no woman of Voss ever could," he said almost bitterly.

Yana-ton asked carefully, "How can you be sure?" You have never been with a woman of Voss."

"I just know," he sighed. "I just know."

"You could request the Mystics break the marriage. You could go to the shrine and ask for the healing. Perhaps you would be free to have another wife and maybe children? Surely this is something you would desire, is it not, Phi?" Yana inquired.

Phi-ton countered, "and what? Lose the special dispensation given to the family by the Three? Upon her request, I might add. Uncle would no longer be able to teach, you would no longer be able to greet and converse with outsiders. Our family has been elevated to a better station due to our union. We would revert to lowly tea house owners again. I could never do that to you or Uncle Therod. Besides, there is no guarantee that the healing would even work. Not for her, not for me. I desire only her, always her so the battle is already lost."

He shoved himself up from the table, almost knocking over the tea cup. "I have to get some air. I feel like I am suffocating."

He turned to Yana-ton slowly as he walked toward the door, "It has already begun. The bond is there, she now dreams of me. I can feel it."

Rey’elle stood gazing out the front window of the cockpit, her back rigid and expression blank, deep in her own counsel. Vector Hyluss walked up behind her quietly and wrapped his arms around her waist, laying his chin on the top of her head. She briefly started then leaned back into his body with a heavy sigh.

“Where are your thoughts, my love? You seem so far away of late. Tell us what troubles you so that we may share your burden,” he said softly.

She turned to face him, never breaking the circle of his embrace and raised her face to place a soft kiss on his mouth. She pulled back slightly to stare into his eyes, his wonderfully bottomless eyes and suddenly saw a myriad of orange and red and yellow swirls whirling so fast it made her dizzy. She closed her eyes and felt his strength steady her until the spinning stopped and her hammering heart had time to slow. She breathed deeply and leaned against his chest.

“Your aura changes now, we notice a slight dimming around the edges and we are concerned. We have never seen you affected in this way. We will stand with you no matter what but require understanding as to this odd malady. We know about the dreams that wake you up in the night and that they are coming more frequently. We sometimes feel that we are losing some part of you that we will never get back. Please, let us help”, he implored.

Rey’ells thoughts churned in her head:

How could she tell him that she had not been the same since sharing Ardor with Phi-ton on Voss? The marriage was necessary to complete the mission, Vector even encouraged it. Seduction had been part of her training, sex was just another tool to be used until she met Vector. Love changed all that. She had not even looked at another man until that night on Voss. Vector knew she would use all the tools at her disposal and this was necessary. The mission was too important. She was the first outsider to bed a Voss as far as she knew and she had selfishly wanted the experience. She could have said no, but it was only one night, what was the harm? If anything Vector had only seemed curious and jealousy was unheard of in the nest. But this was not something she could share with him, not now, not ever. It felt too much like a betrayal. This was a mistake she could never undo and it was tearing her apart.

“It is just the old nightmares about Watcher-X and all the mind control. Sometimes I can see Hunter’s face again, or hear Watcher-X’s voice. They will fade in time I am sure, do not concern yourself, this is a demon I must fight on my own,” she said softly.

“You will tell us when you are ready. We offer support and love until this passes. But know that the frost is less crisp now and the spices are slightly bitter. We are yours, always,” he whispered against her hair as he held her close.

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06.21.2016 , 01:47 PM | #2
Oh Gods, this is a disease. I can't stop writing. For good, bad or indifferent, here is the next installment. Warning: risqué ahead. This will be the only semi steamy scene in the story. But it was necessary for setup. My apologies in advance if it is too much. And yes there is face punching and blaster fire later on.

Scene II

She was talking to Vector about something and he suddenly swept her into his arms and carried her to their bed. He undressed her tenderly, fingers lingering deliciously, lips touching skin and then he slowly started to change. His hair faded away to become stripes of teal and blue, white and orange against a bare scalp. His eyes changed from deep black to multiple lenses of red, orange and yellow. The tongue licking his lips changed from pink to deep blue. And then the sound, she felt the sound hammering against her flesh, surrounding her body, entering her, cradling her as she fell. She never wanted to stop falling.

Rey’elle awoke with such a jolt she sat upright in bed. She shivered from the chill of the sweat against her skin. She glanced sideways at Vector who was still breathing deeply in sleep. She slipped on her robe and padded barefoot down the hallway to the cockpit. She wanted to see the stars, she had to see the stars and think and remember.

The mission had sent her to Voss as part of the ongoing hunt for the Star Cabal. Her contact was the owner of a tea house in Voss-ka named Bas-ton. She found out on the day of their meeting that he was an imperial agent surgically and genetically altered to insert into an unaware Voss society. The original Bas-ton’s body had likely turned to dust in an unmarked grave and his son Phi-ton and daughter Yana-ton were unaware of the imposter in their midst.

Bas-ton had assisted her in her investigation into the Shining Man. Bas-ton gave his life in this endeavor. This diverted her mission to enter the Nightmare Lands which necessitated the viewing of some sacred carvings. The rub? Only Voss could see the carvings and she had to become Voss. The only way was via marriage into a Voss family. Therod-ton offered his nephew Phi-ton as husband, and that is where it all started to go wrong.

She had not intended the marriage to go beyond the initial ceremony, but being a spy, her curiosity got the better of her judgement and she agreed to complete the ceremony with the Rite of Ardor. Voss passions are suppressed until marriage when passions are awakened and intensified. An understatement in hindsight.

The marriage ceremony had been quite simple. An exchange of vows, scrolls thrown into a sacred flame the usual stuff. She remembered Vector was at the ceremony, standing like a sentinel, listening to the words. He seemed unaffected when she agreed to complete the Rite of Ardor. She had no idea what she was in store for and now it was too late.

As she and Phi-ton walked back to the tea house from the temple she recalled the wedding kiss and she had to bring up the problem of his breath. It truly was awful due to some spice they used for cooking, Bas-ton had been correct in that observation.

“Phi-ton, this is a bit embarrassing, but you really must sweeten your mouth before we continue. I find the odor overwhelming and unpleasant and want this night to be perfect for both of us,” she said

Phi-ton appeared to take no offense and went briefly off the path and returned with a small sprig of greenish gray leaves. “Many outsiders have said the same if they sit close to us. This is entat-vameer,” he said. “Or in your language, wind sorrow. It is not appealing to Voss, but for your sake I will chew some of the leaves.” He put a couple of the leaves into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully as they continued walking. And when he bent to kiss her just outside the tea house door, she could have drowned in that scent. It was rain washed breezes and clean clear brooks and just a hint of cinnamon.

“Better?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied as she pulled his head down for another kiss.

The bedroom above the tea house was small and intimate. A single light flickered on a table set against the left wall. There was a small desk and chair to the right and in the middle of the room a single narrow bed. It seemed small and somehow inadequate but the floor was littered with various throw rugs in case they needed more room. She could tell that Phi-ton was nervous as she led him gently to the bed and removed his boots and then his shirt. Her fingers traced the blue, teal and orange stripes that adorned his chest and back. He shivered slightly under each touch. She pulled him to his feet and undid the fasteners of his trousers and pulled them slowly down to his ankles lifting each leg so he could step out of them. He had worn no undergarments under his wedding attire and all she could do was marvel at the pure wonder of his body. “You are beautiful,” she said breathlessly.

She started to undress herself until he took her hands in his and simply said, “please allow me. If this is our only night together, I want to enjoy every nuance, every movement, every touch, taste and smell.” He was gentle, pausing to press his lips against her shoulders, the nape of her neck the swell of her thigh. They stood there for a time and simply explored each other. And when he finally lowered her to the narrow bed and settled himself on top of her, the sound began.

It started as just a soft rumble in his chest and a low humming in his throat. The edges of his body seemed to blur and the stripes began to ripple and move in time to the rhythmic thrumming. He was dispersing and coalescing, expanding and contracting perfectly timed with the primal music emanating from deep inside. His back arched, his muscles tightened and still he undulated to the sound. His eyes turned into whirling kaleidoscopes of orange, red and yellow. He was holding her with his hands, lifting her with his arms, entering and surrounding her with his essence, melting into her. The vibrating sound engulfed her, filled her, caressed her, brought her to ecstasy, ebbed and flowed, crescendoed, and when she thought she could endure no more, started over again. They gorged on each other through the night until there was no more to give or take and the sound ebbed and died and his body was still and whole and she was completely sated and at peace.

“It will be daybreak soon,” he said in a low, slightly hoarse voice.

“I know”, she replied.

“Do you love the black eyed man?”, he asked.

“Yes. He is my home.” she answered.

He remained silent after that and she lay quietly in his arms until dawn broke through the open window. She watched him dress in the morning light. Watched sunbeams dance along the lines of his form and play along the colors of his skin. He was a prism of absolute beauty. When he was clothed he stood by the door and watched her, not saying a word, his face and eyes expressionless.

Vector was sitting downstairs talking with Yana-ton and Therod-ton as she and Phi-ton came down the stairs. He looked up at her quizzically but said nothing except “good morning.”

The good byes were genial, formal if not a bit strained but she shrugged it off until Phi-ton grabbed her and kissed her deeply and she felt the smallest of rumbles begin in his chest.

“Remember”, he whispered in her ear.

She never spoke of any of this with Vector or even Kaliyo who probably would have understood better than anyone.

What had that damnable Voss done to her? She was like a spice addict wanting the next fix. The dreams would not leave her alone, the memories would not leave her alone, the longing would not go away. What the hell was she going to do?

She sat, hugging her knees, staring out at the stars and reliving it all over and over again. She never knew that Vector had been standing in the doorway watching and finally going back to lie awake in their bed.

Perhaps Lokin will know what to do, thought Vector.

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06.21.2016 , 03:15 PM | #3
My god Misha, that was breathtaking! So beautifully written. I loved it. Your Vector was amazing. And though I personally hated the Voss, the way you wrote them...with such gave them a humanity I always felt they lacked. They seemed so much like real people you could relate to, unlike the way I found them to be in the game. Though to be fair, the Voss in the agent story were more interesting to me than the others I encountered. I'm worried for Vector and for Rey'elle. Your so charming. *gushes*

Very nicely done, just lovely. I look forward to the next parts. I'm really happy that you took my encouragement to heart. Thank you ^^.
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omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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06.21.2016 , 10:02 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
My god Misha, that was breathtaking! So beautifully written. I loved it. Your Vector was amazing. And though I personally hated the Voss, the way you wrote them...with such gave them a humanity I always felt they lacked. They seemed so much like real people you could relate to, unlike the way I found them to be in the game. Though to be fair, the Voss in the agent story were more interesting to me than the others I encountered. I'm worried for Vector and for Rey'elle. Your so charming. *gushes*

Very nicely done, just lovely. I look forward to the next parts. I'm really happy that you took my encouragement to heart. Thank you ^^.
Oh wow. I never expected a response so soon, especially a good review from such a popular writer such as yourself. I am inspired now to keep on adding to the story. Thank you so very much. I still have a lot to learn such as time bridging and such, but I think that will come with practice. Also, the Voss have always been such an enigma to me and so alien that I could take some liberties in areas that have not been explored, such as their personal lives. I figured there had to be more to them, so I took it there. Thanks again for your very kind words.

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06.22.2016 , 03:19 PM | #5
Filler chapter but the conversation had to happen.

Scene III

Dr. Eckard Lokin sat at his computer terminal totally engrossed by the readouts flowing across the screen. He was unaware that Vector had entered until he heard someone clear their throat behind him.

“We require a few moments of your time, Dr. Lokin. It is important.”

“Of course my boy, come in. I was just running some simulations and I can check the data later. So, what can I do for you?”

Vector walked further into the med bay and closed the door behind him.

“It is about Rey’elle. We have noticed changes in her in the past few months and are concerned. She is distracted, she hardly eats and she has dreams that awaken her night after night. She is not being truthful with us. Something is going on that she refuses to share and we are at a loss as to what we can do.”

“Hmm, yes I see. I have noticed some changes as well, but attributed them to what she has been through. The mind control, the torture, the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence and becoming a free agent. None of us know for sure if she still works solely for the Empire or if her loyalties are divided. It can be a stressful lifestyle.”

Vector frowned, “Her loyalties are not in question here Dr. Lokin. No. This goes beyond the profession or the state secrets she keeps. There is something gnawing away at her very essence. We see subtle changes in her aura. The edges are fraying and it is less bright. She functions, she works, she goes about her daily routine but it is like she is sleepwalking much of the time.”

“I see. Not to be intrusive, but what about your intimate moments?”

Vector seemed hesitant to reply at first but finally responded with a resigned sigh, “she is, hmm, how can we say this, engaged when we make love. We…. I, have learned where she likes to be touched, kissed and know her moods whether playful, spontaneous or serious. Although, in truth, the playful or spontaneous encounters have become almost nonexistent. Sometimes it is so intense, she is so intense it is like she is trying to devour us and always there is the feeling that she is waiting for something. We, do not know what it could be.”

Dr. Lokin rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “and when would you say this all began? Was it after Corellia and her capture and torture? That could explain some things. Or perhaps earlier when she discovered and finally broke the mind control? Perhaps some residual effect of having Watcher-X in her mind? Or maybe after she confronted that Jedi, Arden Kothe? Could be some sort of new mind trick, I wouldn’t put it past a Jedi.”

Vector gave pause to think and finally said, “It was before Corellia. And during the time of her mind control we were just starting to become close. We had only shared a kiss or two. We do not believe it was the confrontation with Arden Kothe, although she let him live and we believe he does contact her from time to time. Hmph, loyalties indeed, now that we think on it, but that is beside the point. We stand at her side no matter what. No, it was Voss, definitely Voss. She changed during the search there for information on the Shining Man.”

Vector continued, recounting what transpired on Voss. “We journeyed into the Nightmare Lands and into the Dark Heart. We confronted a Gormak, but it was before that.”

His eyes widened with the realization that it was after the marriage. “It was after she spent the night with that thrice damned Phi-ton. He did something to her. Drugged her, something. We don’t know.”

For the first time since the joining, Vector felt such a rush of anger and jealousy that he lost all sense of control. He slammed his fist down on one of the experiment tables so hard that he felt the pain reverberate up his arm. He heard the instruments metallic clank as they fell back into place. His chest was so tight he could hardly breathe, like he was drowning in some dark morass. He felt the hive recoil at this strong, new emotion and fought his way back to calmness. He could not lose the hive and he would not lose her.

“We are Dawn Herald”, he chanted over and over again until at last his vision cleared and he could take deep breaths. He reached out again to the hive and they were there with reassurance and comfort. His sense of relief and gratitude was immeasurable.

“So now you know. What do you intend to do about it?” Lokin queried.

“We are not sure, but it is a starting place. We need time to digest this revelation. We must move with care or run the risk of losing her entirely. That is something we could not bear, it would destroy us. For the first time….. I consider murder but I fear that would only fuel her destruction and mine. Thank you, my friend. Your counsel, as always, is invaluable and we can count on your discretion, yes?”

“Rest assured, my boy. And my assistance is at your disposal should you require it.”

The med bay door slid open and Kaliyo Djannis entered just as Vector rushed past her.

“Hey Vector. You look like you just swallowed a bug,” she jibed.

“Wow Lokie, I thought you were gonna have to go all rakghoul on his arse for a moment there. What’s with all the clatter and look at the size of that dent in your table.”

“What is it Kaliyo? I have some data to collate.”

“I just thought that you and bug boy would want to know that the Agent just got a private holo vid and she is hell bent on something. Yep, we just jumped into hyperspace and I have no idea where we are going. Whatever is going on, she’s not sharing, with any of us, including her bed bug. She really has been off lately. Come on, spill what you know."

"I wish I did know, Kaliyo. I truly wish I did"

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06.22.2016 , 06:31 PM | #6
Mmmm, the intrigue builds. And angry Vector...I like it It was nice seeing that burst of jealous passion there. Keep it up. ^^
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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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06.22.2016 , 11:12 PM | #7
Misha, I just have to tell you, you have gotten me hooked! I will be eagerly awaiting more of this story, as well as anything else you decide to post here in the future, so please keep up the great work!!!

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06.23.2016 , 06:24 AM | #8
What a fascinating and wonderful take on the agent class story! I love it! I'm eagerly awaiting the next post. Keep up the great work.
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06.23.2016 , 07:55 PM | #9
Thank you Kfab and Firefoxrose. I did try to put a bit of a twist on things. Some stuff will be very predictable, one of the foibles of a newbie writer, some stuff will not, at least I hope. I hope you stick with it until the end, through the good and the bad.

And thank you too Lunafox, I wanted to show a side to Vector that shouldn't be there, but I expected always existed beneath the surface. He did, after all, have to regain or relearn some of his humanity to even fall in love with the IA in the first place.

In any case all of your comments are heartening and very much appreciated.

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06.23.2016 , 10:52 PM | #10
This is great! While admittedly it is noticeable that you aren't that much of an experienced writer (though I can't pin down why it is noticeable) your texts are nicely long, you chose a great plot point and your characters are well written
Keep it up!