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The Bastion Status as a Server

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The Bastion Status as a Server

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01.08.2017 , 12:16 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Therapsida View Post
Interesting ideas here, but what do you all think is actually most likely to happen?

I see only 3 possibilities.

1. Server merge (best scenario) all legacies and items stay intact.

2. Free character transfer tokens for every Bastion character. Suck that you have to clear out your legacy vault and move everything to cargo holds, and buy strongholds from scratch if you used credits to buy them before... but still you keep a lot of stuff like legacy and REPUTATION and fleet comms (I hope...)

3. They just shut down the server without warning and screw us, delete all chars. Doubtful, as I've never heard of this happening with any EA game or SWTOR server but I've heard of it happening in other MMOs and there are some paranoid ppl out there spouting this sort of nonsense on the net everytime a game or server gets low pop.

Based on what you guys have seen with other dead servers and other MMO's, what seems the most likely scenario?
1 They just move everyone to the preorganised location or allow one off free transfer of your toon beforea certain date like they did to the apac server. They would not merge the apac servers into one server so why would you think they would do it for the US west coast server.. basically your bastion friends screwed you and fled. Its only when a new expansion comes out that the servers fill with players. So the Harbringer players are going to come back when any new expansion comes out so moving to a standard server will only mean that it will be high when any expansion comes out.

With the apac merge there was something about Guilds, like you would be kicked out of the guild if your not the GM and you had to rejoin. When all you need to do is get back the players who went to Harbringer and have their server go dead and leave the trolls to suffer and die over there.

Therapsida's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 12:14 PM | #22
Why would the harbinger players come back to bastion with each new expansion?

They are already established on harbinger now.

And if there is going to be a free transfer before server merge, how would we hear about it?

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01.28.2017 , 10:56 AM | #23
IM sorry ive been with the sever for so long since About 6 mouths before shadow of reavan, but I have to leave,ill miss the sever but now, its time for me to leave, thank you Ruination for being a awesome guild.

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03.28.2017 , 05:41 PM | #24
I decided to play again after being away awhile, moved to The Harbinger server. There was 150 people on the republic fleet and 30 people on the odessen site area. While having to pay to transfer the characters was a little bit of a slap in the face, and lost some of the dyes/character looks because those aren't transferable if you're looking to play with other people you might as well bite the bullet and move to that server. Started playing off and on two years ago approximately and have never seen those number counts on the Bastion. When i initially logged into the Bastion there was like 1 other person this time around....

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04.19.2017 , 07:31 PM | #25
Yep I transferred off Bastion to Harbinger last year. I hope with Keith taking the reigns we will see server mergers later this year.

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04.26.2017 , 02:53 PM | #26
I've been away from the game since September 2016 and this thread definitely explains why the game feels under-populated.

I will stick things out until I max out the level for my first two characters before deciding to jump servers.

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05.03.2017 , 08:38 PM | #27
Server merges seem in order to be honest, I "think" Harbinger, JC and Shadowlands keep up decent populations but everything else....

wenderyboy's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 05:32 PM | #28
they wont do that because of server transfar no point in it if they did only thing they should do is cross server some of the west and east to make for pvp and other stuff in the LFG but mainly for pvp they should but i'm sure they wont but who knows

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05.13.2017 , 08:54 AM | #29
Fact is this isn't wrong. I've got multiple 70s spread across multiple servers just to compare activity to Bastion. (Which is my main server currently holding practically all of my toons.) And it truly is embarrassing.

I think the annoying thing about this situation is that there are other servers with relatively the same activity, and/or they have a little more activity. If a server merge happened it wouldn't be a bad thing, as it could create a second super server, with the first being Harbinger.

However, I don't think SWTOR intends on doing this. For what reasons is beyond me, as most Guilds/Players would take the move if they could keep their items and credits, and ditch their Guild Ships/Strongholds. Who know though I guess.

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07.10.2017 , 02:12 PM | #30
Status of the Bastion - July 10, 2017

My son and I took a 3 month break returning to the game early May. We returned to a ghost town. We also returned to the news that a well known player we had done PUG OPs with many times had passed away in April - his guild basically abandoned.
  • No other guilds running operations was maintaining the GOPs channel.
  • Warzones weren't popping beyond 4 v 4.
  • Pickup Group SM OPs were not being advertised, formed or run.
  • No pops at all were occurring for Galactic Starfighter.
  • People were reporting waits of up to 4 hours for an FP queue pop.
  • The frequency of people having apparently "fallen asleep" when an FP queue did pop was very high.
  • My own guild Insane Force was down to 30 active accounts.
  • One particular guild was declaring that they had the only members doing OPs, and that you had to be with them if YOU wanted to do operations.

Since returning I've been religiously carrying out the following:
  • Reminding veteran players that they should be in GOPs.
  • Reminding veteran players that THEY should be putting new players interested in group content into GOPs.
  • Advertising to new players of the availability of server-wide chat for group content efforts - GOPs.
  • Advertising in Fleet Chat and GOPs and forming PUG SM OPs for which all are welcome to join
  • Have run about 10-11 PUG SM OPs open to everyone - including a 16 man EV SM - on our July 3, 2017 OPs Marathon Day.
  • Have done 3 PUG World Boss runs open to everyone - 3-4 bosses each.
  • Advertising my guild and increasing membership.
  • Popping the FP queue upwards of 30-40 times per day the past two weeks as a result of my guild activity. (Thanks guys!)
  • Popping at least 3 8 v 8 Reg Warzones for 2 other guilds via my own guild activity (Thanks guys!).
  • Popping at least 2 Galactic Starfighter matches via my guild activity (Thanks guys!)

I've received a ton of criticism from other guilds, and trolls on fleet of territorial or vitriolic nature.. But I'm proud to say that my efforts, and the efforts of all those who have joined Insane Force AND the efforts of a few from other guilds has resulted in a rather nice pickup in group content activity @ The Bastion on the Empire side.

So everyone else out there on a "SWTOR" vacation...hop on in. Stuff is happening @ The Bastion!


GM - Insane Force