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East Coast PVP SERVERs - So you think you're the best.. Why?

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East Coast PVP SERVERs - So you think you're the best.. Why?

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12.26.2011 , 03:43 PM | #1
So picking a US East PVP Server seems to be harder than I imagined, and im thinking-- with the holidays out of the way. We may have another burst of new players joining the SWTOR community, who perhaps couldn't play before because of silly things like "spending quality time with the family" getting in the way. Making a decision on a PVP server is pretty important, not only will it be the place you invest many hours into, but you don't want what happened to WoW to happen to you. (Super faction imbalances, server's population eventually melting basicly forcing you to transfer in order to keep a enjoying the social / community aspects of the game. etc etc. )

So, Why is your server the best?

What makes it so you stand out?

Is it your faction balance?

Your ever-growing popularity? (Population.)

Perhaps it's a particular guild you are fond of, and would just like to promote yourselves here? Go ahead.. let us know why.

Or is it you just think you're better than everyone else?

and last but not least.. What makes it so you think your server will continue to be great months down the line, when the "Oooh Shiny !!" runs out?

I welcome everything from serious answers, to trolls. (Why? Competition is great, and I think people should be able to express themselves anyway they feel. So burn yourselves back and forth :])

Thanks in advance, i'll try and keep this thread as successful and fresh as possible.

I like the cut of your jib, TOR community.