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Guide: Character Transfers

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05.18.2016 , 01:47 PM | #1
Thanks to the great and powerful SWTOR overlords who have graciously agreed to reduce the character server transfer price to 90 CC for a limited period it means the time has come to decide if you want to stay on your current server or move.

This post isn't here to convince you one way or the other, I wrote the following for my own guild Stroke my Wookies news post as we are moving from ToFN to TRE and I figured it can be useful for others.

When to transfer?
The discount runs from Thursday May 26th through to Sunday June 5th. In my guild we have events in the calendar all through that period to let guild members know which officers will be online that they can whisper for invites.

How much will it cost?
90 Cartel Coins per character. It is still 1500 to transfer between US<->EU regions.

How do you transfer?
When the time is right, click the golden "Start Character Transfer" button at the bottom of the SWTOR Transfer Page to begin and just follow the on-screen instructions. The transfer Q&A below this post should answer most of your questions but if not or if you notice an error then drop a comment and I'll do my best to sort it out.

How can you help?
Spread the word. Remember what happened last time. A massive amount of people did not even know the discount was ending. Let's make sure that does not happen again. Contact your old friends that went inactive, let them know to login and move with the rest of us if they want to. You never know, they might decide to stick around

In my guild we want to reach as many members as possible. We will be do a group email to all members past and present that still have an active website account so they know what is going on. We will also in-game mail everybodies main character and make sure that the news is displayed in the MoTD and in /g.

Additionally, I will be putting the following message in ToFN general chat, it would be great if some of you could post it on the other servers. Don't ram it down peoples throats, I'm only going to post it 2-3 times a night (so over about 6-8 hours). This is about letting people know the decision they have to make, not convincing them to stay or go.
Bioware are bringing back the ˘90 server transfers for a limited time starting this Thursday and ending Sunday June 5th ~ Now is the time to decide if you will stay or go ~ Read the guide:
Good luck and I will see you on the other side
~ Ula Vii ~
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Extra Transfer Information

Last Minute Check List
  • Empty legacy storage
  • Take all items off GTN
  • Take all items out of mail system
  • Stop all your companion crafting queues
  • Handle guild bank vaults
  • Handle guild bank credits
  • Take screenshots of friend panel comments
  • Move your character to fleet before transferring to avoid the black screen bug (Thanks TUXs & Co)
  • Alert all active & away guild members and friends via site mail, whatsapp and social media
  • Remember to say "Goodbye!" in general chat before you leave

Reserving Character Names
If you haven't already then you should login and try to create a new character on your destination server with the character name you want to use. If it is not available then unfortunately you will have to choose a new name. If the name was available then complete character creation and your name reservation is done. Just after you have transferred your real character over it will have a name of randomised characters like XHASGOHHGA. At this point you can delete the place holder character and rename your real one.

Reserving Guild Names
Your guild does not transfer, you have to recreate it on the destination server so if you haven't already then do it now to reserve your guild name. My guild did this a while ago and recreated all our ranks etc. We want our guild members to feel right at home as soon as they arrive.

Free Character Rename
If you want to rename your character for the destination server then create a place holder with the same name there before you transfer. Then when your real character arrives the system will prompt you to rename it. Thanks to CrazyCT for this tip.

Transferring Items
Items in your Inventory, Collections and green Cargo Bays transfer without you having to do anything. There is currently a Cartel Market 53% discount on "Additional Cargo Bay" so they cost 225 CC. Sale ends May 24th.

Legacy Stronghold Storage
  • Items in yellow Legacy Stronghold Storage do not transfer
  • You have to empty them out into your inventory/green Cargo Bay
  • If you activated the additional bays with CC then they will already be unlocked on the new server
  • If you activated the additional bays with credits then you have to pay the unlock fee again

Crystals & Commendations
  • All your Crystals, Commendations and PvP Tokens transfer over

Achievements, Legacy & Reputation
  • All your achievements transfer including those that are in progress i.e. 200/500 kills
  • Your legacies get merged if you already had characters on the destination server
  • The most unlocked of each achievement take precedence
  • You keep the highest legacy level from the two servers
  • Your reputation points do transfer
  • Your legacy name is set to the one on the destination server
  • If the characters you had on the destination server had no legacy name then the ones you transfer there will have none either, they lose the one they had previously
    • When you try to access the legacy panel you instead get the "Choose your legacy name" popup
    • You lose perks like mount while moving until you pick a legacy name (I haven't picked a new one yet so not sure if perks get restored, will update when I know)
  • The Legendary Status does transfer over. I had full legendary status on one server and nothing except a freshly made placeholder on the destination. After transferring a single character I then had full legendary status on the new server.

What happens to in-progress missions/raids?
  • If you killed 250/500 for a class mission then you will still have 250/500 on the new server
  • Raid lockouts are carried over so if you are 4/5 on Terror from Beyond now, you still will be after transferring

Friend/Ignore Lists
Strongholds & Decorations
  • If you activated the stronghold with CC then you can unlock it for free on the new server
  • If you activated the stronghold with credits then you have to pay the initial fee again
  • All the rooms you previously unlocked are open already after the stronghold is re-activated
  • Your stronghold will be empty and you will have to re-decorate it
  • You don't lose any decorations but you will have to place them again
  • You don't have to manually pick up the decorations from your old stronghold
  • You might want to screenshot your strongholds so you can remember how they were setup

Guild Ship & Guild Bank
  • We have to buy and unlock new ones
  • Now is the time to start advertising you want to buy/sell guild ships in-game and in the server forums
  • We lose all the donated decorations and trophies
  • I'll make a post about how you can help with credit & decoration donations nearer the time
  • Have to transfer guild bank items to inventory/personal storage
  • On the plus side, if they do merges in the future you get 2 guild ships which is a fleet so you become an admiral!

Outfit Designer
  • Outfits don't transfer but you will still have the outfit slot (even if you bought it with credits)
  • You still have your first outfit, the one that uses your main character panel slots
  • If you want to keep the same outfits then you will have to find the gear pieces to stamp them again

Ignore the trolls
It's a real shame to have to mention this at all but as several of you saw in the petition thread there are a lot of trolls out there whose sole purpose is to spoil your enjoyment of the game. Those of us coming from the "quiet" servers have had the luxury of avoiding most of their antics but now we're moving to busy servers I'm sure their numbers will shock a lot of you. Remember that even though there are more loud mouthed time wasting trolls on the busier servers, there will also be more ace people to play with. Just ignore the trolls and be thankful that you have an empty Ignore list to start populating

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05.18.2016 , 01:55 PM | #2
Awesome guide! Thank you for putting this together.

The only thing I would add is that I believe it's safest to transfer from Fleet - not a guild ship/stronghold or a personal stronghold. So just before you logout to do your transfer, do a quick fleet pass first.

I've never encountered an issue doing it this way, but I've seen several from not doing it this way.
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05.18.2016 , 02:50 PM | #3
Oh that's interesting, I'll add it to the guide. What problems have you heard happening from being on a guild ship for the transfer?

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05.18.2016 , 03:03 PM | #4
Yeah, some people get stuck with a black screen if they try to transfer from their guildship. Guessing it's because that guildship doesn't exist on the new server.

Also, if you want to use the opportunity to change names while moving to the new server, make a character with the exact same name, and you'll get to rename the transferred character, once you have transferred - the same process as you would use to reserve your name, you just leave the throwaway character there till after the transfer. Tthe old character should have a name in red, all CAPS, made up of random letters. When you go to play, you will be asked to rename the character.
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05.18.2016 , 03:06 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Oh that's interesting, I'll add it to the guide. What problems have you heard happening from being on a guild ship for the transfer?
A friend stayed on his Coruscant Stronghold at TOFN, he moved his char to TRE (He didnt have one there), and then when he wanted to log with that char on TRE the screen log was always black, I don't remember if he solved it, but the best you can do is to be in the fleet or a planet, don't stay in a stronghold or at the guild flagship (sorry if I write something wrong xD)

PS: Good guide, see you on TRE (probably )
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05.18.2016 , 03:15 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Oh that's interesting, I'll add it to the guide. What problems have you heard happening from being on a guild ship for the transfer?
Exactly what the others have said - players characters will be unavailable to them. As Crazy said, I think it has a lot to do with the location where they were, not existing on the new server (ship, stronghold). I don't know if that's a fact or not, but I know characters can be "lost" for days if they have a problem...better to be safe than sorry.
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05.18.2016 , 03:38 PM | #7
Updated, I added your rename tip as well CrazyCT, thanks

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05.19.2016 , 08:39 AM | #8
Very good guide and checklist Though I am already on TRE I can see this being very helpful for those that are.
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05.19.2016 , 09:14 AM | #9
I just added this one as well:

Friend/Ignore Lists
  • Take screenshots of friend panel comments if you are starting fresh

I figure it's worth the 20s it will take for me to do the screenshots and I can manually add back the few I want to keep. The previously suggested workaround is only good if they have the same name on the destination server and I know several people on my list will be renaming.

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05.19.2016 , 10:02 AM | #10
Very helpful guide - thanks
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