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New public taxi on Nar Shaddaa - Story

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New public taxi on Nar Shaddaa - Story

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05.10.2016 , 12:43 PM | #1
So I was running about on Nar shaddaa and I saw this odd looking thing on my map on the Lower Promenade. It's not that I just hang around there, but it still seemed like an odd thing, that I couldn't figure out what was. As you can see from this picture of the map, there is a sort of door way, so I went there to explore.
Once you get there, you see this new Public Taxi droid, and it seems a bit out of place, and hard to determine the prupose of it. However, when you hover over it, it shows a conversation starter, so you... *clicked*. The ocnversation started, but it was only one line, but is looked like one of the new conversations from KOTFE, rather than the other normal conversations on Nar Shadda. And it indicated a point of traveling. the conversation stopped after that one line though, since I had no specific travel points, didn't even give an option.

But it leaves me with the question "What is the purpose of this droid, and what do you think it'll do?"
when you click the little entry way on the map you get the following, which shows a specific apartment, and the layout of it. Here's the layout of the apartment. Let me know what you think.
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05.10.2016 , 01:43 PM | #2
Maybe the Shiny Jedi Man got a cool arse pad.
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