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Lost Tales Of The Old Republic – Chapter Four: “Hunters or Hunted?”, Part III

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Lost Tales Of The Old Republic – Chapter Four: “Hunters or Hunted?”, Part III

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12.26.2011 , 02:44 PM | #1
Lost Tales of the Old Republic is a weekly fan fiction story, written by’s very own Tim Bertram. Tim is an aspiring author, with one completed novel already under his belt. Each and every Monday, Tim will give you a fresh installment in the Lost Tales of the Old Republic series. Enjoy!

Chapter Four: “Hunters or Hunted?”, Part III

Written by: Timothy E. Bertram

Rein held a hand out at the fallen men and a golden glow illuminated around their bodies for a moment, and a moment was all he had to use his benevolence. A red blade of light struck down at Blaster’s head, only to be skillfully blocked by Rein. Although he was not able to fully restore the injuries to Gage and Blaster, he did manage to help them enough to bring them back into semi-consciousness. Rein did not want to fight in the confines of the hall and with a swat of his arm he propelled the broken door into the sorcerer that was engaging him. The young Jedi then leaped into the room to engage his opponent.

The Sith sorcerer Humark lay on his back, but even from that position he was a dangerous opponent. Humark sprung to his feet into a full summersault and as he landed a powerful wave of energy burst out from him knocking Rein to the ground and shattering almost every glass object in the room, and knocking the General from his bed. Humark leapt forward striking down at Rein, but Rein deflected his blow and from that vertical position on his back, whirled up and to his feet as if an unseen blast of air had blown him from the floor.

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