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06.20.2016 , 02:39 PM | #11
That took my breath away. Kinda dark but in the good sense though, compelling and a nice opening into Marr's life.

Great job Luna though what else is new? You really are a genius!
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06.20.2016 , 11:09 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by JennyFlynn View Post
That took my breath away. Kinda dark but in the good sense though, compelling and a nice opening into Marr's life.

Great job Luna though what else is new? You really are a genius!
*blush* I'm glad it finally worked out, I think I pulled a few tufts of hair out with the 1st person omniscient lol. It's a bit weird for a pov. Thank you again for the nice compliments, it means a lot and it made my day! ^^ I'm glad the you're back around, cause like Ava I'm eagerly waiting for more of Defiant Devotion too. ^^

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06.24.2016 , 09:22 PM | #13

Star Wars: The Old Republic

~Chapter Two~

It is during childhood we create our first masks—forged not of metal but of lies. We make them to impress, to frighten, and to protect, but most of all to hide our truest self—only then can we make others believe whatever we need them to believe.

The veil separating us thickened and Scourge was gone. In the fleeting moment that I saw him, I felt alive again. Through him, I saw my daughter once more—her eyes and her boldness—her passion and her defiance. His vision of her fuelled his spirit and drove his actions for the centuries to come—no—those centuries had already passed, I reminded myself. In life, I was seldom plagued by confusion, but here, in this place, I’m loath to admit it occurs all too often.

Time exists differently within the Force…it moves with a tidal fluidity in which I am the only constant. To explain in simpler terms—the past is the shore—solid and unyielding and easiest to navigate; the present is my awareness of this moment—ephemeral as sunlight splitting the clouds, and the future is as the undulating sea—ever-changing and always in motion.

I would not fade quietly into the solace I found so alluring in life—it was my nature to do battle then and I had no intention of resigning myself to death or the will of the Force now.

But to fight, I needed to learn to navigate the Force from within. I was not a prisoner, but I lacked the skill to move across time and space at will—a skill I had yet to master, as so many others had before me. I learned quickly that becoming a Force ghost was no small task. I longed to see my daughter again, and I would need to find a way.

Existence within the Force demanded that I abandon the conventions I’d grown accustomed to in life. I was an acolyte again, struggling to reconcile my current reality with all I’d learned before. I’d grown comfortable in my role as an immovable force, and now I was expected to become mutable.

When I attempted to move beyond the present and its confines, I grew disoriented, but I wouldn’t be deterred. If I could not move forward, I would move back. I chose to relive my last moment with her.

United, we stood before him—Tenebrae, Vitiate, Valkorion—these names didn’t matter, they only differentiated between his chosen vessels. He was one; he was all—destroyer, creator, ruler. The only name that mattered was the one the Force imparted to me at the moment of my death: Izax, the Ultimate Devourer.

Liatrix had defied Valkorion as I had but she was not here, nor was she among the living.

Troubled by this realization, I sought Scourge through the Force. Knowing the Force would prevent me from moving beyond the present, I forged my connection to him in the past.

The tether binding him to life remained inviolable, but his mind churned with memories and visions—there were no glimpses into the present or thoughts of the future—a state I knew was common among those who lay in a coma.

Scourge’s mind lingered on a vision he’d experienced years ago on Coruscant. The vision, though vague at first, suggested a sinister future, but every moment he dedicated to refining that vision, yielded more clarity until there was no doubt of what it could mean: Liatrix was the marked as the next chosen vessel of Izax.

~Walk the path of Vitiate~

In the vision, he saw her standing amid dark clouds, and when they thinned, a city came into view—a city I recognized as Zakuul’s capitol. Bound by inky bands of flawless hatred, she drained all life within her reach. I sensed she was not alone in this half-life. There was another with her—goading her…twisting her mind.

From the darkness, a man extended his hand in invitation. I sensed his power over her—a dark charisma and eloquence which concerned me. Valkorion—the previous vessel. The demon, Izax, spoke through him.

“Walk with me,” he said. “There is greatness in you. All that is mine…could be yours. I will share it with you.”

Before she could respond, the vision ended. Wrenched from the connection I shared with Scourge, I found myself returned to the Force tide. I sensed the less than subtle demand that I submit to its will and I refused. Something in me railed against it, just as it had the night of my birth. I would not surrender…to do so would mean the end of all things—and so began my campaign against the Force, and with it a new goal—to warn my daughter of the doom that had marked her as its own.

I laughed at the sheer madness of it—the neophyte ghost of a mortal man engaging in a battle of wills against an omnipotent and all-knowing power.

For a time, I sensed it ignoring me as if doing so would provoke me to pursue it and beg for its acknowledgment. I refused to lower myself. The Force would receive no such satisfaction from me. I folded my arms and with a single-minded determination, I stood unyielding in its wake.

The war between us raged, rife with silence and tenacity on both sides…for how long…I do not know. I indulged in the belief that I was winning and then, without warning I was ripped from the darkness and plunged into the past once more. I recognized the day as one from my childhood. I struggled to remember what set this day apart from the others and then, I remembered.

Eight years had passed since our escape from Ziost. I’d forgotten my home world and my birth parents alike. I was the son of Lish and Ailan Marr. We lived on Krayiss Two. My father worked as a labourer for the Imperial Reclamation Service and my mother worked at home sewing and mending for the workmen.

Our home was little more than a tent. We lived like nomads, moving from dig site to dig site and the latest held special interest for my father. The tip of a colossal obelisk had been uncovered and he was certain it would yield the answers he was looking for. There was talk of a library, centuries old and filled with ghosts. The legends excited him.

Sometimes I overheard my parents discussing a promise he’d made, and that working for the Reclamation Service was the best chance at keeping that promise.

I sat on my cot and watched the tent walls breathe in and out. The antiseptic my mother had applied to my cuts still smarted and a thriving crop of new bruises covered the old ones.

The tip of my tongue nudged one of my lower teeth and I tasted blood. A dark shadow hovered above my cheek, making it difficult to shut my left eye.

My father dropped his tools by the entrance and I imagined the exchange of knowing looks between them and the helplessness that followed. I canted my head to listen.

“It happened again?”

“It’s been happening every day for almost a year, Ailan. Something has to be done before they kill him. Today, they hit him in the head with a rock. He crawled home. He had blood in his eyes and mouth. He wouldn’t fight back, so they called him nothing.”

“Maker help us…”

“He’s not going back to that school tomorrow. If you don’t do something…I swear I’ll go there myself and tell that foreman what his precious son and his friends are doing. They’re savages.”

“They’re Sith…but…I’ll talk to him.”

“Talking isn’t enough. I won’t put our boy through this another day.”

“Lish, we don’t have the money to leave, and we won’t get another chance like this again. I have to find out who this…Tulak Hord is. Do you want to go back to what we were?”

“I’d rather be a slave and know my boy is safe…”

“I’ll think of something.”

“That’s not good enough!” She huffed and stalked out of the tent.

“Lish…wait! Where are you going?”

She didn’t answer and the tent was silent for a long time before my father came in and sat beside me. “I suppose you heard what your mother said.”

I nodded, but couldn’t find words to say to him.

“Why don’t you ever defend yourself? Hit them back? I showed you how.”

“Because…” I dropped my gaze to the floor. “Because you need the job.”

Tears filled his eyes and he pulled me close. “My boy.” He rocked me against him. “My precious boy. Your mother is right. We’re leaving.”

“But I want to help you find him.”

“Find who?”

“Tulak…Hord. You always say that a man is worth only as much as his word—you promised somebody…and if it’s important to you, I want to help.”

He blinked rapidly and looked away, feigning fatigue to hide his tears, but he couldn’t keep them from me.

“It was the dying wish of a very important man. He was always good to us.” He sighed deeply. “There is something…I want to show you.”

He left my room and returned with a box.

“These things…belonged to that man and he wanted you to have them when you’re old enough.” He opened it with a fearful reverence and turned it towards me so that I could better see its contents.

“This was his mask…he never went to battle without it and he fought in many battles—won most of them too.”

I traced the scoring with my fingertips. There was a familiarity to it I couldn’t account for.

“He was…a Sith lord?”

“Yes. Fearsome, powerful…but just. He served to protect his people…and the Empire.”

“Was that his lightsaber?”


“Can I hold it?”

He glanced around nervously. “All right—but don’t tell your mother.” He balanced the weapon across his palm.
“That end…points away from you. That button there…I think that’s what activates it. But don’t press it. The blade will come out and if you’re close to someone, you could hurt them.”

He set the hilt into my hands. The metal was cold enough that my flesh stuck to it briefly even though it was warm inside. It weighed less than I imagined and the pommel was a sharp fang tooth from some predator. It came with a wrist holster and my face hurt when I grinned.

“Can I try it? Please? I’ll be careful.”

“Not in here. Come.” He led me out of the tent to a clearing behind a dense thicket of saplings. He cast a nervous glance toward the camp and then back at me.

“Can I do it now, Father?”

“I’ll stand behind you. Remember it’ll slice or burn through anything. And once that happens, there’s no fixing it. Don’t cut anything off. Your mother will kill me.”

We laughed and I beamed up at him.

“Well go on then…light it up,” he said.

My stomach felt like it was full of flewts, their wings vibrating in a nervous pitch that matched my excitement. Crops of goose pimples sprang up my arms and I pressed my thumb to the button.

A thick blade of growling red light extended from the hilt. Words defied me and I said the only thing I could articulate then. “Whoah…”

I swished the blade left and right. Bright red streaks marked where it had been last like firefly trails. My heart thundered, and in that moment, I felt as fully alive as I ever had been. My palm tingled against the hilt and it smelled like the air after a thunderstorm.

Few occasions in my life would rival this one. There was a joy that came in holding the lightsaber—better than the rush of a speeder in the open country and better than my favorite food.

Everything that seemed impossible only a few hours ago was made possible. The galaxy was alive with opportunity and there was nothing I couldn’t do if I set my sights upon it.

Best of all, I was no longer nothing. I was holding a lightsaber. My lightsaber.

And then something occurred to me and I extinguished the blade.

“Ares…what’s the matter?”

“Why would a Sith lord want me to have his things?”

He bowed his head. “I always knew this day would come…I’ve been dreading it…but I suppose you’re old enough now to know the truth.”

I stared at him and didn’t move.

“That Sith lord…was your real father.”

“No—you are. You’re my father.”

“You’re my son in all the ways that matter, but I want you to listen to me, it’s important you know the truth, but equally important that you never tell anyone else. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father…but why?”

He spent the next half hour telling me all that I’d forgotten and all I needed to know. My birth father had enemies, but in being ignorant of who they were, we were not to trust anyone but each other. I would always be Ares Marr…never Ares Tacitus. There was a weight that came with the truth, and I knew it would take a long time before I fully accepted it.

“Are you all right, Ares?”

“Yes, father.”

“Good. Never forget—you were everything to your birth parents and you’re everything to us too. We love you and we always will.”

“I love you and mother too.”

“We’ll find this Tulak Hord…and he’ll help you…far more than we ever could.”



“Even if we don’t find him, it won’t change anything. You’re my parents.”

“A part of me was afraid…once you knew the truth you wouldn’t want us.”

“Don’t be afraid, Father.”

“I’ll do my best, but I’m not a Sith.”

“You don’t have to be Sith to be brave.”

He squeezed my shoulder and swiped the tears from his eyes. “We’d better go back…I’m worried about your mother.”

The walk back to the tent seemed longer than leaving it. The second moon broke the horizon and was close enough that we could see its fissures and craters with the naked eye. The first moon rose hours ago but was dappled with dark clouds.

The tall grass was wet with evening dew and dampened our boots. When we arrived at the tent, I stowed my new things under my cot and my mother having returned, served our supper.

She pushed a parcel of premium kolto at me. “Drink this before bed…understand?”

I stared at the package. She may as well have pushed a solid aurodium bar at me. “Where did you get that?” I whispered.

“The foreman gave it to me—to heal you…along with his apologies. His son and his friends won’t bother you anymore.”

My father paled. “You confronted Lord Corsin about this?”

Something had to be done.”

“Ares…take your medicine and what’s left of your supper with you and go to your room.”

“Why? I can still hear you in there.”

“Ares, do as you’re told. I wish to speak to your mother alone.”

“Yes, father.” I slunk to the rear corner of the tent. I picked at my food and listened to them argue.

“Lish…do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“Yes. I solved the problem. It’s gone on long enough. Too long. I asked you and asked you and you did nothing.”

“Because it would only make things worse, that’s why.”


“You made us look weak. Sith don’t respect weakness. The boys won’t respect him…not after you ran in to fight his battles for him.”

“I did no such thing. If anyone made us look weak it’s you. A man protects his family.”

“If you were a man, you’d be dead now.”

“I don’t believe that. Lord Corsin was very gracious to me.”

“Dammit Lish! How can you be so naïve?” I heard him pace the plank wood floor. “There’s nothing to be done about it now. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

The wall dividing the tent shivered when he passed by and after he doused the lamp, I could hear sobbing.

I crept out of my room and peered around the corner, my empty plate like a shield against my chest. Mother had buried her face in her arms, but when the floor creaked she looked up at me, and like Father, she pretended that nothing was wrong.

“Did you have enough to eat?” She forced a smile.


“Was it good? I hope it was good.”

“I ate it all. See?” I held up my plate.

Her lower lip quivered.

“Ma…are you all right?”

She sobbed as she spoke. “I only wanted to protect you…I couldn’t stand it…what they were doing to you.”

“I’ll be all right now. Don’t cry.” I sat next to her and put my head against her shoulder. “You don’t like it here, do you?”

“Ares, it’s not about what I like…”

“If we sold that kolto…could we go somewhere else?”

“No…It’s for you. I want you to use it to get well.”

“But if you could go anywhere in the galaxy…where would you go?”

She smiled through her tears. “I don’t know. Somewhere warm and sunny. But it doesn’t matter, we can’t leave. Your father won’t…”

“I know. He promised Lord Tacitus…I said I’d help him.”

“How do you know about him?”

“Father told me. He told me everything.”

“I thought it better to wait until you’re older…”

“No. I’m grown enough now.”

“You’re eight…” She pulled me close and held me. “To me, you will always be eight. And you are up past your bedtime.” She took my hand and walked me to my room. “Drink your medicine.”

She waited until I finished it, and settled me onto my cot and kissed my forehead. “Now sleep.”

The next morning, I woke feeling as if I’d slept for a year. I held out my arms—every cut, every bruise gone—even the newest ones had healed. My scars had faded and the loose tooth had re-rooted and stood solidly with the others. The black bruise under my eye had vanished too. Over the course of one night, the kolto had restored me.

I washed and started to dress. I hadn’t finished hooking the toggles on my tunic when I heard Mother cry out. I dove under my bed and seized my lightsaber. I strapped it to my right wrist and crept out of my room.

((to be continued…))

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06.24.2016 , 09:45 PM | #14
I have been waiting for this Luna. Such imagery and it is wonderful to glimpse into the past of Marr, one of my favorites. The weaving back and forth between the ghost realm of the present and his past life is genius. Looking forward to more as I always do with your stories.


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06.25.2016 , 08:07 AM | #15
Very nice read. You have me captivated by each story post. It sure is a trial waiting for the next one I tell you. Keep up the fantastic work.

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06.25.2016 , 03:53 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by MishaCantu View Post
I have been waiting for this Luna. Such imagery and it is wonderful to glimpse into the past of Marr, one of my favorites. The weaving back and forth between the ghost realm of the present and his past life is genius. Looking forward to more as I always do with your stories.

Well thank you so much. ^^ It's truly a labour of love for me, Darth Marr has always been my favorite, and this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I hope I can live up to what I'd like this to be. ^^

Quote: Originally Posted by Yami_no_Kami View Post
Very nice read. You have me captivated by each story post. It sure is a trial waiting for the next one I tell you. Keep up the fantastic work.
Thanks! I appreciate the kind comments, and I'll do my very best to keep on! ^^

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06.25.2016 , 04:43 PM | #17
I had already read this on a fan fiction site. LOVE IT! I am a big fan. Thanks to you, I've stayed up much too late reading on more than one occasion.

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06.26.2016 , 01:54 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by DjinniGenie View Post
I had already read this on a fan fiction site. LOVE IT! I am a big fan. Thanks to you, I've stayed up much too late reading on more than one occasion.
Thanks so much for letting me know! I appreciate the kind feedback, it means a lot. I'm happy to know I'm responsible for any sleep delinquency lol.

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06.27.2016 , 01:44 AM | #19
I'm following this on another fanfic site but finding it here is awesome!

You deserve all the exposure you can get, your writing skills are excellent and you give Marr justice, bringing him back to life, so to speak!

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06.27.2016 , 12:26 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Daennika View Post
I'm following this on another fanfic site but finding it here is awesome!

You deserve all the exposure you can get, your writing skills are excellent and you give Marr justice, bringing him back to life, so to speak!
I remember seeing you at AO3 Thank you again so much for your kindness! I hope I can do the man's life justice, he's always been a favorite, and I'm not ready to let him go, no matter what the game says.