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So the Rewards for completing the EC

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So the Rewards for completing the EC

MiloUto's Avatar

04.03.2016 , 08:50 PM | #1
Ok, so I admit I'm a bit late in starting the EC but I have been putting multiple LvL 65 EGC (End Game Content) rated toons thru their various paces in the EC. So while I have found the overall play to be enjoyable, the only toons I have enjoyed the experience on have been extremely well geared (read mostly 216/ some 220 gear) or decently well geared (208/ but more 216) toons, and they have high influence companions. Meaning the ones not as well geared and with lower level influence companions the game play is over the top, considering the rewards. As I have been banging thru I find that only my high end gear toons have an enjoyable experience, and this then equates to the rewards for my struggles to be extremely lacking.

All of the gear sets are not only ugly as hell, but they are also reskins of gear found around levels 16 to 35 ish. Also the crystal payouts are so underwhelming as 90% are useless to the toons that can complete the various weeklys. It leaves me saddened as I know I will go thru just enough times to unlock all of the achievements then I will NEVER return to the EC. There is absolutely zero reason to do so. I have spent more in repairs than I have gained, I do not need 204 anything as I have the 204 PvP stuff (relics) or better. Also the credit payout is so low fiscally it isn't worth multiple runs.
So I guess either lower the DPS checks, or do a balance pass on the whole thing. I feel the more casual players will not be able to adequately gain from this and will just get tired of slamming their heads against the wall, and the veterans will not really need the rewards as they are above and beyond the rewards. I love the concept of the EC but the actual play ability is extremely limited.

I hope this makes sense.

Edit: Went and played some more and realized I was off about the repair bills, but that being said it isn't really worth the time for the credits made.

Vhaegrant's Avatar

04.04.2016 , 01:48 AM | #2
I think you highlight one of the issues of gaming. The need for devs to bribe players to play the game.
In most cases a gamer will fall to the easiest content that returns the best in terms of credits/comms. Unfortunately this means for many gamers they end up burning out running tedious content because that's the more 'efficient' way of earning in-game currencies.

I actually like the idea of having some solo content that starts to bring in elements of OPs mechanics beyond don't stand in the circle.

It's a shame that the more interesting fights in the game have been playable once per character as they were tied to non-repeatable class content (the end of chapter boss fights, although with level sync many of these have since been trivialized) or the two mini-bosses in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel (only on Imperial side and again made easier over time).

I think looking at the feedback so far I'm not sure the people that jump onto the PTS are necessarily the ones that EC is aimed at (they are keen consumers of new content and mostly end game configured).

FireFoxed's Avatar

04.11.2016 , 10:31 PM | #3
Aren't there supposed to be cosmetic rewards from this thing too? If legacy offhands can be added as a Zotar drop that would help as well.