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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback

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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback
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04.01.2016 , 05:55 PM | #21
Class: Sentinel
Spec: Watchman/Combat
Gear: 224
Opinion on the fights
First: trivial but does a nice job of introducing add prioritization
Second: Again trivial, poison gas AOE is a nice "stay out of stupid" mechanic
Third: Also quite easy, Zildrogs' judgment is another nice "stay out of stupid"
Fourth: interesting fight when you leave the slug to enrage, nice job with the healing adds, but with enough dps you can make the slug go immune the nuke the boss. Dps check much
Fifth: fun encounter, shielding adds could use interrupt and stun immunity, can also see the root leap from exploding skytroopers being annoying for some people
Sixth: holy anti-ranged batman!! Nice touch with the Bestia add proximity enrage, but can get a bit annoying to constantly have to reset stacks from Thades
Seventh: by far my favorite fight, have killed both bosses last and Drake is very challenging, but you can easily heal through Nocturno's enrage sadly
Eighth: fight is much easier than previous, mostly due to the fact that all the mechanics don't seem to have much consequence for ignoring them, could see the room segmenting with AOEs to be much more dangerous as well as the buffing add
Ninth: again pretty easy like previous fight but can see the fourth adds at the last phase being a slight dos check
Last: relatively challenging, love how fury mortar can destroy the adds AND the kolto tanks(nice touch). The barrier when Zotar seems to be bugged though, since I've been able to interrupt it and it seems to break the fight

Overall it's a fun and slightly challenging to an experienced player, but I can see it being nice for smoothing players into ops mechanics. Have been trying it on other classes and specs and I have to say I'm impressed by the detail in the mechanics. And as a final note...last boss loot, where you is? :,(
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04.01.2016 , 05:59 PM | #22
Just completed all rounds as an Operative healer with influence 50 DPS companion. I was in all augmented 208 PVP gear. Overall I thought the difficulty was really good. I died a few times figuring out certain mechanics but not so much that it got frustrating.

My only major annoyance was on the Raven? fight. The one with the like superhero duo or whatever sorry I can't remember names at all. You pick up the guys utility belt that brings up the extra action bar but how am I supposed to have time to read the abilities? They're like a paragraph long each. I mean I know they were the same abilities he was using but it was still confusing, and once someone releases a guide I guess they can read those abilities there. I still don't understand why I wanted to use the abduction ability though. It always used it on my companion. Shouldn't it use it on the enemy when I'm the one using it?

One fight I didn't care for was the guy with the two beasts that enraged. To be honest my companion died early and I just kited them around slowly killing them, so maybe I should try it again. I probably should have switched to a melee DPS companion. Oops. I didn't think there was anything terribly fun about those mechanics though.

The rest of it was pretty fun and I thought the difficulty ramped up well. I was using a max influence companion though, so that probably helped.

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04.01.2016 , 06:01 PM | #23
Class: Scrapper Scoundrel
Gear: Full 224 Scoundrel Healer
Experience: Completed all content in game
Companion: Rank 23 Blizz (tank)

1. Ez
2. Easy... circle mechanic was weird though
3. Easiest one yet imo... good basic get out of circle mechanic to teach new players... a lot of lag resistance though when getting out.
4. Thought it would be a good idea to take the guy with higher health out first... i was wrong . Extremely easy when u take the slug out first, then the beast master.
5. Good old DF droids... my companion died here since neither of us were healing... can see a step up in difficulty... a lot going on at once... still easy if experienced
6. Scrapper Spec and tank comp was completely useless here... Blizz died as i tried to figure out how to work the fight and i had to solo it while frontal facing... did it without to much issue but took a long time.
7. Saw companions would be ignored... set blizz to heals. Fight mechanics with the circle lead me to think to kill the knight first... tried it the other way next time and was extremely easy to complete. Also: mines become invisible when circle goes away but is still active if u walk over it unexpectedly... not game breaking but wondering if bug or intended.
8. Uhm... was this even a fight? Seriously like the 1 dude stealths and is never seen for the rest of the fight while u take down the rancor easily. (forgot to set blizz back to tank... will do it for next fight)
9. TC reborn... tank comp was able to survive all frontal attacks until the end with minor heals from myself. Again... easy fight
10. Respeced ruffian cause I got tired of not being able to use backblast... Interesting fight... once u figure it out it is easy

To conclude, tank comps are pretty useless overall scoundrel dps is not optimal but can be used... some fights are outright easy... a few once u see it and figure it out will also be easy... I dont see much replay value besides gearing up.

For a new player I think these fights are attuned properly, makes them think about what to do and teaches them basic mechanics. My suggestion is to add different modes in the future specifically for tanking dpsing and healing so people can practice specific thinks in their role (holding aggro, hps/dps checks, cleansing) while practicing other mechanics.

Only bug Ive seen so far (ive mentioned it a few times in here) is the mines becoming invisible in fight 7)

EDIT: Here is my 2nd run through: was trying to go for no deaths but I am trash and stepped in 1 to many invisible mines on one of the fights I guess.... None the less this shows the basic mechanics of the 10 fights in the encounter.
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04.01.2016 , 06:06 PM | #24
I'm feeling a bit puny today, so my apologies for the rambling of my notes.

{From my bug report) If your intent is to make each station only usable once per attempt (that is, each time you start with boss #1) you should design a unique kolto station. As it is, the assumption is that each station should be usable for every boss fight. In fact, they should respawn during the boss fight. The would make these stations work in exactly the same manner as they do in Flashpoints.

If you kill the boss, despawn any remaining adds. You've won so why make us clean up the area? ^_^

The daily rewards should accrue after each boss fight automatically. I shouldn't have to 'cash out' to get my daily rewards. I chose the exit arena option using the intermission terminal to leave -- which I suspect many will do -- and found I was back at boss #1 when I came back. You should always be able to start back where you left off without being forced to clear bosses you've already defeated for the day. That said, if you have beaten a boss, it would be good to have the option to start with your choice of a boss if you want to practice. If you want to work on boss 5 you shouldn't have to constantly beat bosses 1 - 4 to hone your skills on 5.

When you have a new boss, you should reset all the player's cooldowns. Otherwise people are just going to sit around and wait for their cooldowns to come up before they try a new boss. I can see not resetting the cooldowns if you get defeated because learning how to time your cooldowns on a boss is a part of learning a fight. Having to wait a bit on the current boss is a reasonable penalty for a mistake.

Red circles need to act the same! The red circle for boss #5 and boss #7 should work exactly the same in the EC. Please consider changing the look of anything that has different mechanics. People are going to be confused when something that works one way on a boss doesn't work the same way on another boss. "Why does this thing snap back to the boss now? Is that important? How do I use that in the fight?" are all questions new people will have which should be able learned during the course of the fight easily. I'm a raider so "dirty tricks" doesn't phase me, but if you want to pull in people that haven't done many endgame group content you're going to need to make sure everything is very clear.

Boss #5 needs one obvious mob per mob-type that needs to be interrupted. With the long interrupt cooldowns it isn't clear if you need to interrupt all of them or just the one and then kill them. If you want to teach people to interrupt things you, again, need to make it obvious to new-to-endgame players what they should be focussing on. For example, if two droids have shields and you only need to interrupt one, either color the one you ought to focus one differently or have both droids drop their shields as soon as one is interrupted.

Clarity, clarity, clarity. Experienced endgame folks, whether PvP or PvE, are used to figuring this stuff out on the fly through trial and error. The important thing is to highlight the areas you want new-to-endgame players to be focused on. Help them build the survival skills that make it easier for them to participate in all the endgame activities without being quite so frustrated.
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04.01.2016 , 06:30 PM | #25
Just a few things, nothing really to do with the encounter:

I'd like to see each boss drop an eternal championship token, currently the only way to get them is the weeklies.
Myself and a few others were talking about the lack of weapons on the gear vendors in exchange for tokens. Maybe main/offhand could get added to these vendors?
It'd be pretty cool if each boss dropped a special token akin to the ones you get from your Alliance specialists upon reaching rank 20, where you can get a rare item from each of the bosses, such as Lanos's helmet or other vanity items.
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04.01.2016 , 06:30 PM | #26
Did on 220 geared Commando with lvl 50-influence companion and still died a few. For 208/216 gear rewards this is appropirately tuned for sure and will require effort from new players, those that ain't heavily experienced in Ops or undergeared alts. Later bosses have some pretty mandatory tacs so u gotta pay attention. It's basically solo-Ops bootcamp, something like this should've been in the game from start.

Needs way more rewards. Where are the decorations? More armors etc. Like Star Fortress had.

Also, add the Mission with Transport Token to Odessen terminal and Fleet, otherwise you're just asking for this decent piece of repeatable and fun content to go underutilized. Going to cantina each time after first introductionary mission ain't gonna happen.

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04.01.2016 , 07:06 PM | #27
Just some general feedback for now. BiS 224 player on a Scoundrel DPS, switching between a DPS and heal companion rank 50.
I enjoyed EC very much, it was much more challenging than I expected, and it has a ton of mechanics to watch out for. This really demands a lot of raid awareness, and is a good way to prepare for raid night in my opinion. Running through all 10 waves shortly before raid night starts will make you ready for raiding because your mind is focused.
It took me a while to learn the mechanics and I did die a few times. But now, I can get through all ten rounds with at most 1-2 deaths, which is about what I expected. Hope to get it down to zero deaths soon.

However, I am concerned that EC may be too difficult for players with no gear and no MMO experience. That is not that big of a problem, however it is a problem when EC is so frustrating players will just give up instead of trying to improve.
A Dulfy guide would probably help most players when they can read up what all the boss abilitiies do and what the best strategies are. Without such a guide, I don't expect players to learn from trial & error alone.
My suggestion would be to disable repair costs in EC. If players rack in a 100k+ repair bill, they'll quickly be demotivated from trying again. Just treat it like a PvP zone where you never lose durability from dying.
One more thing to make EC more attractive would be to increase the loot. Specifically, the credit reward from the weekly quests. My suggestion would be:
  • 5 rounds weekly: award 50k credits
  • 7 rounds weekly: award 100k credits
  • 10 rounds weekly: award 200k credits
That would make EC on-par with running heroics for credits, and since it is a weekly, players won't be able to use it to farm tons of credits, but it would cause players to run through EC more often.
Also, please add a decoration as a reward in addition to the mount and pet. A decoration that can be unlocked 9999 times and is BoP so it can't be sold on the GTN is a much longer-lasting reward than what you have currently. Thanks for selling Exotic Stabilizers for Arena Tokens, that was a great idea and will give players like me something to spend the tokens on.

Seems like the Kolto stations can bug out, see here for more information:

Now onto the 10 challenges. Sadly, I didn't see much of a learning curve:
  • First three bosses were very easy. I killed them before they did their main mechanics. Please increase their HP or add some phases where they are immune. Specifically the third boss should be immune while he casts his fire; I killed him during the attack.
  • The boss #6 with the two rancors was the least fun fight of them all. It's very difficult to separate the adds, which means they are buffed most of the time, and they had too much HP which meant the fight took very long. Maybe it's easier on classes with a lot of AoE damage?
  • The 7th boss has a bug, I believe. The stun grenades turn invisible shortly after they activate, yet it seems like they will continue to stun the player and boss. Please ensure that the grenades remain visible.
  • Bosses 8 and 9 felt very easy compared to boss 7. In fact, I did boss 9 with a DPS companion because the DtPS is so low. The difficulties should increase which each boss, yet now it feels like boss 7 is a content blocker and 8 and 9 are free loot. The bosses are a lot of fun and I don't think they should be reworked, so maybe you just need to move the order around?
  • It's possible to bug the final boss #10 by interrupting his Shocking Finale, then he won't lose his shield and cannot be killed. Please make him immune during that cast or have him cast this ability more often, so that he will always lose his shield.
Like I said, just some general feedback for now. Hope to post some more detailed feedback if I find time for it.

Video of my playthrough:

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04.01.2016 , 07:09 PM | #28
Carnage Marauder:
Deathless Champion first play through
Firstly the spotlight seems to remove the option to use force camo. Not a big thing usless this is tied to the marauders only ability to cleanse.

Overall it felt more like a gear/luck check than tactical learning curve or introducing people to mechanics. I can see what the design team were trying to achieve only the combat engine doesn't seem to mix well with this. I found some of the fights were more about exploding ground circles and hoping to hell my companion wasn't caught by one than anything to do with my tactics. The option to put them on passive mode to get them to move as you may wish is just too awkward to be a viable option.

Melee Dps. I don't know how the ranged guys found it but for melee there seems to be a lot of fights where red circles are dropped at your feet. (Damage, stuns etc) this means if you are in melee range of the boss it often drops at his feet to, so you have to pull back and wait for the red to finish. Lots of down time on dps cause of this. Where as if I were standing at even 10 meters I could just move round a bit and keep the dps up. Makes a big difference in the balance of the fights.

The rewards don't seem to tally with what this was said to be. If this is the stepping stone between solo play and group play it leads into flashpoints, which give worse gear than can be got from this. So I play through the EC get my fixed stat 216 gear then jump into a flashpoint and get 208 gear? Firstly doesn't this over power me for the flashpoint? And secondly given the general lack of difficult in Kotfe might a smart player figure 216 is good enough for that, the reward for pugging SM ops is only 216 gear and is a little bit of tweaking really worth the effort. Thereby making ops less appealing (unless that is the plan).

Bosses 1 to 5 - Easy, as many others have said, though I consider if they are to encourage 200 gear new players with an influence 7 companion perhaps too difficult. I didn't feel that the mechanics were well designed to encourage tactical play. The arena set up seems to add so very little to the combat, its an open space with some running around but ultimately you couldn't come up with a more boring area. I had thought we would see some pillars or line of sight options but it seems to be more about rotation and perhaps moving out of the bad areas or aoe attacking adds.

Boss 6 - The jump in difficulty seems too steep given the previous fights. Once again who is it aimed at. I can see this being a rage quit boss for people that think this is the steping stone between finishing Kofte with the gear it rewards and the wider galaxy. Having to be kept a part cause the main guy has a stacking debuff increases the damage you take. This has to be the biggest annoyance for melee as to beat on him you have to be close and yet you also want to be able to control their placement which is hard if you have to be close to him. There maybe a buff that requires you be close to damage them I can't recall so it might be annoying for everyone equally

Boss 7 - Fairly easy though obviously stun mines for melee is more annoying than on my BH or so who can move and shot.

Boss 8 - cant really remember this boss.

Boss 9 - Seemed very familiar. Felt a bit lazy but all in all a fair fight. Some mechanics to look out for. While I didn't get caught myself, I must admit to a certain loathing for instant death mechanics.That they are resorted to is a little cheap as it removes options, you do it this way or you die, the end. Likewise the exploding droids seem to be a really problem for your companion, I suspect once again range may have a slightly easier time as you can be further away from the droid and still damage it so can position yourself a long way from your companion and still engage ready for when the droids focus on you.

Boss 10 seemed right, though as always always depends on who you are aiming at.

I don't know what state the EC was in at the start of the year to have it postponed so many times but I'm not sure I see the replay value. The people that need the gear will probably find it excessively difficult and weighing it all up figure its not worth it. After all I don't need 216 gear to play the chapters.

While the people that don't need the gear will likely play it once, complete it relatively quickly and find the format somewhat dull. I appreciate there is only so much that can be done with an arena setup which some what makes the choice to implement this style of mini game odd. There are enough post apocalyptic movies with ideas for death match sports to take inspiration. Even the thunderdome had to add some form of mechanic to stop the audience getting bored. While the EC seems to have mechanics that you can't do a great deal about other than run around or perhaps use an interupt/stun. With the later often reliant on cool downs and the former being a very uninspired mechanic, should some form of roll or dodge or something have been an option this would have greatly added to the experience. As it stands a gentle combat speed run from the big read is hardly the edge of your seat entertainment.

So as it stands it likely has limited replay value (unless the reward/time ratio is better than heroics) and I'm really not sure how engaging the combat mechanics are. I've played through once and I can't say I'm eager to get back and experience the ride all over again, it seems to have a greater capacity of frustration than responsive edge of your seat combat.

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04.01.2016 , 07:10 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianDavion View Post
keep in mind this isn't designed to be a super hard challange so much as just eneugh of one to get people used to fight mechanics etc.
Which in a way is a shame ... maybe they could tack on a few "progression" style rounds after 10 that rely on you getting better gear that you get from doing the 10+ rounds ... issue of course becomes gear balance then since apparently it can't give out better/same gear than operations give... personally I think I'm over that concept and if it means adding in more fun and enduring content then I'm all for getting top end content from this solo style play.

People should be wanting to do the group content because it's challenging and fun to do the group content, not because it's the only place to get X gear that is only useful in the same content since everything else is soo easy it doesn't require it.

Currently copying a PTS char over then will give this a shot, looks like fun but from what I'm reading rewards are crap and if/when I getp ast this on PTS there is probably no reason to do so on live since I don't care about achievements etc. - just doing enjoyable things ( sop hopefully there is some sort of replay enjoyment here ).

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04.01.2016 , 07:39 PM | #30
Rewards are the key. NiM players are running group heroics because there's a reason to do it. People farmed Star Fortress for tons of decorations and boxes. More/better rewards