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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback

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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback
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04.01.2016 , 03:22 PM | #11
Class: Assassin
Spec: Hatred
Gear level: 224 with 1 220 relic

Boss #1: Easy.
Boss #2: As easy as the first one.
Boss #3: No real difference in difficulty compared to the previous two.
Boss #4: Slight improvement but still easy.
Boss #5: Interesting fight but no difficulties.
Boss #6: An increase in difficulty but no real problems.
Boss #7: Easy fight just kill Drake Raven first and deal with the enraged Nocturno afterwards. Even with enrage on Nocturno didn't deal enough damage to be a serious threat.
Boss #8: Was a lot easier than I would have thought could use a damage buff in my opinion.
Boss #9: Solo version of Toborro's courtyard basically. Focus on adds when they spawn and everything goes well.
Boss #10: Not really a challenging fight could use some more mechanics.

Overall: I was a bit disappointed that even the last rounds were easy I expected a bit more challenging fights.
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04.01.2016 , 03:24 PM | #12
Wish I had enough space on my SSD to squeeze on the PTS

While I can't comment on the actual encounters, I'm a little bit worried that all the testing is being done with characters running better gear combinations than the rewards on offer.

I guess it's too late to have a vendor by the door with a set of entry level gear to offer a flat rate of testing, or are the player characters bolstered to a set level any way?

Not overly bothered about the level 50 companion, that's just a matter of dropping enough gifts on them.

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04.01.2016 , 03:28 PM | #13
So hereís my feedback so far.
Character: Shadow (Tank Spec), In 216/220 Token gear. Nico Okarr companion @ 31 Influence.

The first few bosses just flew by. But I agree with the other folks here on Boss 6. The separation mechanic is not clear and chaotic. I ended up having to just ďcheeseĒ it by having my healer companion heal me while I slowly drag everyone around the map. Kill one boss, then kill the other two slowly. It doesnít feel fun.

The fight with the rancor seemed interesting, mechanically. But for the late end bosses it felt weak, as you can avoid most of the mechanics easily. Same goes for the batman parodies. However, for a new player I feel this would be fun. So I guess for most of them I can say that the first five fights are easy. 7, 8, and 9 are fun but donít feel like youíre really punished if you get hit by a few of the mechanics. Fight #6 needs to be changed completely though, itís just not entertaining and feels out of place in terms of the difficulty scale.

Boss 10, However, is something Iím curious about. I may be Iím missing something, but the ďLaserĒ the walker shoots do insane amounts of damage. My healer companion could only heal so much and I was only able to survive using healer companion + Resilience. Otherwise, I would have died if I relied on only the heal stations and him. Iím not sure if many classes could survive that attack, or if thereís something Iím missing. Outside of that one attack it was challenging and something I canít wait to test with another character. Really fun.

Edit: Seems some folks had no problem at all with the laser, so it could of just been me being silly.

For the end rewards though: Is this stuff final? The gear rewards seem fine for a new player, since the stats are really close to 216 token minus the bonus. Yet for veterans the rewards Piij gives is kind of lackluster. I think there should be a better looking armor set that costs a lot trophies combined, so it gives incentive to run it again and more incentive to accomplish the achievements for all characters

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04.01.2016 , 03:47 PM | #14
Coming from a NiM Raider. (I did not use the info terminal as I did not want to make it easy)
Commando: Full 224 Healer gear speced to DPS, all datacrons, stim, and a level 50 comp speced to heal.

1- 6, 8, and 9 were easy. 7 and 10 were as well once you figured out what you had to do. For 7, killing the ranged DPS first then the tank through enrage while kiting. As for 10, it was figuring out that the circle in the middle was not actually a part of the electro attack in the rest of the room, but immune to it (only confusing part) The rest however was easy, and a nice mechanic was that 15 second channel doing 35k damage, just pop a CD or two and have your comp heal. I assume it will one shot people in less than 208 purple gear though, so they will learn in time.

Overall, some good mechanics were used, a shame however no interrupts were utilized as a majority of players need to learn how to use it and it would be a good addition to these bosses.

Reward wise, nothing appealing to myself, and likely not to anyone who has gear above 208. Just another legacy set that I won't get in my opinion.

My nitpicking: If the first few bosses are going to drop exotic mats, why not make them all drop it? I mean it's pretty sad to see some items of little market value drop for the easy bosses, and have no rewards for the ones after. Sure the rancor is there to appeal to people, but if it has a low drop rate like I imagine, not many are going to farm it before giving up.

Suggestions: Something else needs to drop to make people want to repeat it instead of doing it once for the achievements like myself. Legacy Offhands for tokens would be a really nice addition to this and would certainly have people farming this when the Gree event is not up as that is the only source for ones such as generators, shields, etc.. Maybe add a large list of decorations to it, and maybe some that tie in such as combat dummies for strongholds/ guild ships as it is a combat arena. The Heroic quest terminal, PvP/ Ops terminals, crew skill vendor, and some Zakuul themed decos would be nice as well.

It was fun for the first 20 minutes, then once I finished I had no reason to go back and redo them. However, if more rewards were added as mentioned above, it may give people a reason to play it over.
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04.01.2016 , 04:35 PM | #15
Class: Operative
Spec: Lethality
Gear: 220/216/208
Companion: Level 17 specced to heals.
Experience: Passable--Frequent PvPer; don't raid on the specific toon much.

Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable experience, each fight felt fairly unique, and they introduce a lot of mechanics that can help people learn ops.

As everyone has mentioned, the first few bosses are pretty ho-hum, which is good. The 6th boss I didn't find as bad as others were saying, I simply didn't attack one of the beasts and let my healer tank that one while I took the boss and the other beast. After that beast died, on to the next one, and then finally the boss. Seemed fairly easy, though if someone accidentally built up a ton of aggro on both beasts, I could see it being an issue.

The boss I found to be by far the hardest was the 7th. The fight is very anti-melee with the frequent stun mines that either must be placed away from the boss (loss of DPS getting out of range), or must be danced around while DPSing. The fact they are invisible when planted makes it worse. I'm sure this would also hugely impair channeling classes, and would be even harder on "true" melee classes such as sentinel, which only have 4 m range on most major abilities (Leth has about half the rotation at 10m.) The cooldown really needs to be increased so the boss can't just spam it out. Other than that, the fight provides an interesting challenge, particularly the picking up the utility belt, which I found very interesting.

The 8th and 9th bosses were pretty easy, despite the fact that leth has absolutely awful target swapping for the adds. It is more challenging then it would be on, say, a commando, but the fights are forgiving enough that it's not debilitating.

10th boss was a fun challenge, but once again I found it to be very anti-melee. Allowing the boss's circles of doom to destroy droids and med stations is a good idea, but melee are going to have a lot harder time keeping up DPS while trying to place the circles to destroy droids. Without being able to destroy the droids with the circle, adds became a serious issue for my spec, since leth has arguably the worst target swapping in the game. Focused laser also hits pretty hard, but with cooldowns, roll, and med stations I was able to stay alive. I also have a low level comp, and I think this kind of HPS/DtPS check for the final champion is fine.

Overall, very solid idea and an enjoyable experience that I will probably try on a few other classes. Other than lengthening the cooldown of the 7th bosses stun mine, I think the balance is pretty solid, even if it does disadvantage melee.
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04.01.2016 , 05:30 PM | #16
Casual player here
though i have done some flashpoints and operations.
Gear: Mostly 216 and a few pieces of 220
Companions: Rank 50 (nexu)

Boss 1 - A good fight
Boss 2- Was a bit difficult for me until I switch my companion to heals, which is not what I normally do on this toon as I am a healer. Mainly due to the fact that the creatures keep coming. Maybe tune the creatures coming down a bit.

boss 3- Fire not a problem but overwhelmed with the adds if you don't take them down and with one person and a companion can be a little overwhelming.

But so far nice maybe a little improvmement but again my opinion.

Now I fully expect people to jump on me and tell me to learn to play since that is what most will do.
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04.01.2016 , 05:31 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by RonAllen View Post
i have a complete level 216 gear with full 208 agements, sith warrior Juggernaut that is set for tanking. I could not get past number 4 or 5. This to me is set up for a max ops gear. for some one like me who dose not do ops this is a complete bet down. I would like to see you scale it up or down to gear level. this is not something i would do but once just to get the companion
I went back and tried it on my Jedi Knight Guardian tank with 200 gear and 200 agments, I could not get past the 2 second fight lot alone the first (completed that one with lest then 1% Health left.) AS i stated in my first post if one has run ops and has max ops gear they will be fine anything less and all it is, Is a bet down.

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04.01.2016 , 05:33 PM | #18
Class: Watchman Sentinel
Gear: 5/6 set bonus, 220 mh/off, mix of 216-224 armorings/mods/enhancements, 220 relic/212 relic 216 implants, 224 ear (typically dummy parse 6k-6.2k)
Comp: Kira (Influence 31)
Experience: HM Ops capable player, played since launch

Rounds 1-5: WIll be really good for casual players. Mechanics aren't too easy but definitely not hard, as long as you follow the fight, bosses go down fast. Really good starting point.

Round 6: Like another poster said, the jump in difficulty was rather surprising, tbh. It took me 3 pulls before I figured out how to do it, and even then it was difficult. Might be a bit much for some of the less experienced players or players in weaker gear. Overall though, I loved the mechanics and how difficult it was. Really interesting setup in this round.

Round 7: This is where I stopped on my first play through. I think this fight is very good, I wiped 3 times on it before calling it quits for a bit to think about it, lol. I just don't understand the mechanics, which is fine because that's something I personally enjoy. Figuring out how the fight is supposed to go. I can see people getting very frustrated with it though, partly because the scouting report really doesn't offer any kind of useful information on their tactics/mechanics. Not sure if that's by design or not, but it really should offer some kind of insight on what they do.

I'll end up going back in and testing this again, either tomorrow or later tonight to try to get through rounds 7-10.

Overall though, from what I've seen, Eternal Championship is looking very good. Once I get through it on my mdps i'm going to transfer over a rdps, heals and tank to test it out as well.

**EDIT: I've also got a video of my play through as well, if any of the devs would like to watch it, shoot me a pm and I can upload it and share the link.**
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04.01.2016 , 05:39 PM | #19
Class/spec : PT tank
Gear : 208 pvp gear (full high endurance crit/alacrity build fully augmented with endurance augments)
Partner : Pierce rank 14 healer and/or dps

I'll write my comments as I finish the rounds.


TL;DR : So overall, even in pvp gear and with a low rank partner, the fights aren't challenging. I'll stay with soloing HM FP or trying to do so if I want some challenge. But anyway, I'll try the EC with others class/specs.

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04.01.2016 , 05:54 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by trashy_spartan View Post

TL;DR : So overall, even in pvp gear and with a low rank partner, the fights aren't challenging. I'll stay with soloing HM FP or trying to do so if I want some challenge. But anyway, I'll try the EC with others class/specs.
keep in mind this isn't designed to be a super hard challange so much as just eneugh of one to get people used to fight mechanics etc.
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