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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback

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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback
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DarthScruffy's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 03:18 PM | #101
For your target audience, 6 and 7 should be moved to 8 and 9. I would probably make 7 boss 8 and make 6 boss 9.

Boss 10 is a tad overtuned. Either the "Wildstar mechanic" (the electrified ring) should be disabled with an interrupt, there shouldn't be one (and yes, I did eventually beat it as is), or have it turned off after a time. Otherwise it becomes a DCD/ level 40+ healer burst fest. Anyone of your target demo would die in the overlapping aoes.

andiegirl's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 03:31 PM | #102
Class: Merc
Spec: Arsenal
Gear: 220+ with augs.
Companion: KīKrol influence 50 healer

round 6 adds could use a hp reduction.
only time i really needed the koltostations was when the comp healtanked boss and a add.

last boss doesnt appear to drop any loot,
no loot/lightbeam has been observered so far.

the laser channel on last boss could use a tone down ,
first time its ok with 25% dr cd, but second time its just urgh.

fun fights though, i got myself killed many times forgetting the anti-range circles.

trashy_spartan's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 03:59 PM | #103
I've done EC with all the toons I've run through Kotfe (PT, Guardian, Mara, sin, commando).
I used pvp gear, I even used 204 stock unaugmented gear on specs I never play and low rank comps (rank 16 max).

My opinions on the bosses are the following :
The 5 first bosses are meant to teach basic mechanics comprehension to new players. Somehow, it's a failure since you can just ignore them and the adds and burn the boss down.

The sixth round is the hardest and the longest fight of all. Being ranged or melee won't matter. However, having a lot of casts is a pain due to pushback. The reflection can be a problem when you have rotational AoEs because you can take a lot of damage from it. Managing the aggro of the beasts or the master can be problematic without a taunt and if you use the aggro dump as a DCD.

The seventh round may appear hard at first but in fact, it's quite simple and a straight forward fight. You focus Drake, stun Nocturno with the mines (btw, I love the invisible mines mechanic because it forces smart positioning of the mines and awareness of Nocturno's position). Once Drake is down, you pickup his belt and stunlock Nocturno to death. However, summoning the adds seems to be bugged.

I don't have much to say about the eighth and ninth rounds. They are rather simple tank and spank fights and shouldn't be in these positions. Adds aren't a threat and aren't a priority when they pop.

Tenth round is a bit disappointing. It's too easy while it's the final boss. You can easily ignore the probes and just focus the boss during the whole fight. The laser might be a little bit overtuned but having to use a DCD is a good thing otherwise they wouldn't be needed.

My opinions on EC if it goes live as it is :
I won't derp around in pvp gear with low rank comps. I will use my raid gear with my rank 50 comp, do the achievements and then I won't ever do it again.
The rewards aren't a reason to do it several times. I already have legacy gear on all my toons. The RNG mount and decos drop won't do much.
I think the 216 reward gear should have a different skin from the 208 gear because reusing the same old gear skin on two different tiers is just lame.

chinamike's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 05:03 PM | #104
Definitely don't interrupt shocking finale on last boss or he can't be killed. Light armor DPS or classes with few DCD's may find the last fight challenging.

GrandLordMenace's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 05:23 PM | #105
Most of the fights seemed fairly easy, died mostly to stupid mistakes and only needed kolto stations once or twice.

Video, will have more detailed feedback later after a few more playthroughs.
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Last Guardian DPS because dead game

trashy_spartan's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 05:23 PM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by chinamike View Post
Last boss laser is overtuned, rest of them are just mechanics or straight burn and very doable. Burned 2 DCD's just to survive the first laser and nothing left for other rounds. Level 50 comp can't begin to keep up in heals. Dropped from 100% to 0% health even though I used a medpac, hit 2 kolto stations and used 2 DCD's on the first laser channel - and laser still had 5s on it's cast. Anyone else experience this?
Maybe your gear need to be repaired?

IslanderRebel's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 05:53 PM | #107
Is one of the first 5 rounds kind of bugged as far as kolto stations go?
I can't remember which one but either the boss can knock them out so you can't use them or they bugged out on me?
Any body else encounter this bug?
Also, devs, can you fix it where We don't have to keep buying our inventory bays and legacy bays back again?
I had to repurchase my last Inventory bays and legacy cargo bays.
It may be the PTS but still, seriously?
Rounds 1 thru 5 were just doing the mechanics and making the boss wax his adds butts for laughs.
But the rewards are not so great to me.

chinamike's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 06:29 PM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by Blurch View Post
Spec Heal
Gear 220 mix
Companion Level 50 Influence
The first few bosses were not that hard made you change tactics. Stuck on Lanos can get him down to 2-10% but after that get swarmed and unable to out heal damage. With Lanos wait till his shields drop and take out his guards and adds then work on him. But at the end just to overwhelmed and died. Donít know about rest canít get Past Lanos.
Yeah you get completely overwhelmed with adds within about 15s into this fight with your comp on either tank (he just tanks main boss, doesn't collect adds) or dps (too much micromanaging targets). Not seeing many posts from people who cleared it on scoundrel heals yet, please post if you do.

mastersdr's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 07:39 PM | #109
the more that I think about it. The difficulty seems okay, this will teach players how to do the mechanics properly, even though some of the mechanics are lackluster on 1-4. just up the rewards to make it worthwhile to run it each week.

MeNaCe-NZ's Avatar

04.02.2016 , 08:21 PM | #110
All done, pretty fun but don't see much reason for replayability in it's current state due to rewards etc. - would need some sort of decent carrot for this to be of interest to current players for more than a month I feel.

as a deception sin with 220/224 gear ...

1-5 pretty no troubles.

6 - seemed really simple, would just kite one of beasts away from the rest and my level 50 healer comp did the rest. I even stuffed it up and thought the tip said all melee damage was reflected for the monster i was attacking and thus endeavoured to attack from range as best I could with melee ... did this for quite some time and still didn't come close to dieing ( healer comp helps a lot of course ). Once I realised my mistake this fight was super easy.

7 - Probably the toughest fight I found due to the enrage mechanic and at first I didn't notice the drop from Drake. Once I had the belt it was pretty simple to finish off Nocturno. Good fight, good mechanics, more like this would be nice.

8. with a level 50 healer comp this was a tad too easy and the damage I was taking just wasn't bothering me at all, didn't bother too much with the mechanics on the floor ( to the point I still don't know how they work ). Found the adds that heal the rancor a wee bit annoying but in time I easily won this fight.

9. Simple again, avoid laser and level 50 comp seemed to be able to self heal through the laser anyway. Adds no problem and not sure what the mechanic with the electricity in the middle was meant to do but pretty obvious to just kill the droids and nothing ever came of it.

10. Probably the second toughest fight but only because I read the electricity thing wrong and stepped outside. Second time was simple. I found the adds just plain annoying at how often they popped up - again a levle 50 comp has no trouble healing through all this.

Bugs I noted ... no marking for the mines on fight 7 ( though I actually liked the extra challenge it brought ), no drop from the final boss and the solo mode achievements or what not don't seem to work as I did it solo but got no credit for it? Maybe I was supposed to cash in a quest before I quit though as I only went to the terminal *shrug*

I think it's great for achieving the purpose of getting players who aren't used to operation difficulty clued up on it, few tweaks and changes would be nice to help there like more insta death mechancs but otherwise pretty good.
I think anyone running lower gear or leveled comps is going to really struggle on some of the fights too and I believe those kolto station are 1 use for the entire 10 fights? Not sure if intended.

The rewards though are crap even for newer players, being able to buy non moddable gear is just not enticing at all so no replayability for anyone currently doing ops already and I doubt anyone else will really need to repeat it either.
If this were to pay off long term you'd need better rewards and some sort of new bosses every month ( 1-2 a month for subs or something would entice people nicely I believe ).

Hopefully you are putting this in place because there are new operations in the works and you want to maximise on the uptake of people doing said content by having more people trained to do it otherwise I don't see the point of this
with it having limited replayability.