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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback

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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback
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03.31.2016 , 03:21 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey folks,

Please use this thread to leave feedback on the Eternal Championship. Feel free to leave any feedback you want, but here are some questions to get you started"
  • Did you feel the encounter difficulty scaled at a fun and fair pace?
  • Are there any specific encounters that you felt were difficult solely because of your Class or Role?
  • Were there any encounters/mechanics which you particularly enjoyed, or were frustrated by?
When posting feedback please be very specific about your Class, Role, gear level, and which encounter you are referring too, where applicable.

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03.31.2016 , 03:44 PM | #2
First thing: Can you clarify, exactly, what you as the Devs view as the target player audience for this? (e.g. what level gear should players have at boss 1, 6, and 10?)

Class: Commando
Spec: Gunnery
Gear level: 216/220 mix
Experience: Decent, most HMs/NiM Ops cleared sans Ravager/Temple.

  • Boss #1: Good starter, nothing fancy.
  • Boss #2: Another good starter.
  • Boss #3: When he pulls you in, it really likes to bug out and rubber band you slowing your ability to get out of the fire.
  • Boss #4: This one was fun. I didn't pay attention and killed the dude first, and the worm beating me over the head nearly to death was a surprise.
  • Boss #5: Also enjoyed this one too. The different Skytrooper roles are a good spot for new players to learn to differentiate.
  • Boss #6: Really bad fight as it stands currently. This is a stupidly difficult step up from the previous boss. I'm over 216 geared and my companion was rank 50 and we still nearly died over and over. The scouting says to separate them, NOT an intuitive fight at all. Once you start running away they jump and give you a chance to separate them, but it's not going to be something players will have any idea to do.
  • Boss #7: TOO. MUCH. ENRAGE. DAMAGE. Seriously annoying fight with the melee boss' enrage.. In 216/220 gear it's pretty damn stupid. He enraged no matter what tactic I took.
  • Boss #8: Fun rancor fight reminiscent of Bonethrasher. It's going to be slightly overwhelming with the very large number of mechanics to worry about for one boss (rancor who does smash, cleave, slam, a toss, and stuns; an apprentice trainer that deploys bogwings too; not to mention traps that we're supposed to move companions out of, but they deploy WAY too quickly for companions to respond to a call).
  • Boss #9: Fun fight. Only bad thing here is it REALLY sucks for channel/casting people. So much movement to avoid attacks that constantly stuns. Either tone down the number of attacks or remove the stun from some.
  • Boss #10: Potential to be a very good fight here. I LOVE the small addition that his fire bomb can destroy the med stations (good circle placement training). The main issue I see here is that it is really a maddening fight with the constant movement. The focus laser is ridiculously powerful and I was not able to avoid it at all. The fight is very reminiscent of Kephess (which is very nice), but I'd suggest removing 2-3 of the support droids from each spawn. Too many things at once. It should just be the walker and the boss, ideally.

Overall? I really do like the concept. A lot! However, it is too quick of a jump from boss 5 to 6 in terms of difficulty. It's like going from the last boss of a SM Op to the mid boss of a NiM Op. It is NOT a channel/casting friendly series of fights - a few make sense for training purposes, but most require constant movement. Frankly, all bosses above 6 need toned down on the damage. It's incredibly high for people in 204-208s (IF that is the target player audience). At this point, I'd never run this constantly - why would you? Just run a SM Op and you'll get a piece of gear from far, far, far less effort in its current stance.

Additional Notes:
  • Weekly: Defeat Supreme Vindicator Lanos - One suggestion would be to have a grant of, say, 5 additional Common Data Crystals for those that have zero need of the 204 gear (which will be a LOT of people).
  • Things need to be interruptible. Not to make it easier, but if we constantly have problems with players not interrupting things, this would be a VERY GOOD PLACE TO GET THEM TO START.

Note: For other players testing - if you're in 220/224 and breezing through, great! Just remember, people that would supposedly be this wouldn't be anywhere near that, particularly since the reward is just a 216 unmoddable gear piece. Now, if they change the targeted player audience to those in 220/224, great! Make it tougher then, but the rewards need upping majorly in that case.

EDIT: Updating with melee DPS, healer, and tank roles tonight.

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04.01.2016 , 01:10 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by ZeridanShear View Post
Biggest thing right off the bat is the lack of any loot for the first several bosses. 3k credits is not enough. At least have them drop 1 common data crystal :P
They are not supposed to drop crystals, you get those from quest rewards.
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04.01.2016 , 01:39 PM | #4
Class: Mercenary
Spec: Arsenal
Gear level: 224
Companion Level: 50
Skill level with toon: High (have beaten Revan HM, though only a week ago lol)


Class: Operative
Spec: Medicine
Gear level: 220
Companion Level: 50
Skill level with toon: Pretty high (have done most hm stuff with it)


So general thoughts:
In general, the fights are honestly quite good. 6 may need to be tuned a little bit so there is not quite as much a jump from 5, but not too much.

That being said, the rewards for doing this definitely need to be considered a little more. While some of the armor looks cool (I'm looking at you headgear pieces) enough for me to want to get, after getting them on one or two toons, there won't be a big incentive for me to run this anymore. The legacy armor is meh, especially as we all have more than enough legacy armor already from running heroics. While being able to buy the exotic isotopes from this is good, I'd probably get more from doing plenty of other things instead. Putting in some decos, mounts, or other such sundry goods would be quite nice (legacy mhs/ohs would be awesome too). The weekly reward is ok, 42 basic comms is quite a bit compared to other things, but still seems a bit underwhelming all things considered.

Bugs/QoL updates:
1. The Solo mission shows up in terminal twice, though after we grab the first one, the second disappears
Edit: I see that the second option is "Solo+" for a group, so nvm here.
2. If you are logged out for inactivity, you need to reset the quest. A lot of us may get pulled away for one reason or another, and having to redo every fight is a pain if we forget to take an intermission (or can't, for whatever reason).
3. After killing the second boss, the announcer said "and another falls to Grah and his.... things" even though I won.
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04.01.2016 , 01:41 PM | #5
This isn't necessarily about the encounters... but once you've heard the announcers voice over once, if you die and click the terminal to try again, it should jump straight to the fight and not have us hear the voice over all over again...

Not like we're gonna get annoyed by listening to it when doing this weekly anyway
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04.01.2016 , 01:46 PM | #6
Pretty much echoing post one here.

Class: Agent
Spec: Concealment
Gear level: 220/224 mix

Boss #1: Easy start
Boss #2: Hint tells you to let pets get hit by grenade but it didn't really feel like you needed too, could just clobber boss.
Boss #3: Pretty easy to get out of the fire, seemed simple enough
Boss #4: Kill them both at the same time mechanic is fine.
Boss #5: Not a bad one, if you don't kill the mobs coming in you'll get overwhelmed pretty easily. Teaches you to kill adds.
Boss #6: Terrible fight, as concealment one of my main abilities is to hit the back of an enemy which I can't do in this fight. Too much HP on the two adds leads to long slog of fight and your companion gets beaten to death as it doesn't move much. Didn't get past it. Think this fight needs tweaking a lot.

Achievements all fired correctly for me, so that's good.

Overall: I'm not normally a negative player but my honest review is it's a bit meh so far and I can't really understand why it's taken so long. What is point of it offering lowbie equipment rewards if you're going to need to be kitted in that gear or better anyway to progress in it?

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04.01.2016 , 02:03 PM | #7
The Ortolan in the cantina sells lame legacy champion gear!

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04.01.2016 , 02:54 PM | #8
i have a complete level 216 gear with full 208 agements, sith warrior Juggernaut that is set for tanking. I could not get past number 4 or 5. This to me is set up for a max ops gear. for some one like me who dose not do ops this is a complete bet down. I would like to see you scale it up or down to gear level. this is not something i would do but once just to get the companion

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04.01.2016 , 02:54 PM | #9
I actually love eternal championship
220/ 216 mix
sith shadow dec
fight 1 good easy start
fight 2 I like the fight, easy
fight 3 stay out of fire t will be easy
fight 4 I like the mechanic
fight 5 gets challenging I like it and I like challenges outside of ops
fight 6 really hard mechanic but again I love challenges. But when scouting not clear enough and I think that why people are having problems. it does not need nerf down
fight 7 hard fight, kill raven first then fallen knight rages, so go back and forth attacking them
I think the gear should be better 216 or 220
I edit when I get further

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04.01.2016 , 02:55 PM | #10
Spec Heal
Gear 220 mix
Companion Level 50 Influence
The first few bosses were not that hard made you change tactics. Stuck on Lanos can get him down to 2-10% but after that get swarmed and unable to out heal damage. With Lanos wait till his shields drop and take out his guards and adds then work on him. But at the end just to overwhelmed and died. Donít know about rest canít get Past Lanos.