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The premade problem

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The premade problem

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02.28.2016 , 03:20 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Anzel View Post
The solution here is so stupid easy.

1.) Remove ranked PvP. It's so stupid and NOBODY cares about it.
2.) Have one queue for SINGLE players
3.) Have one queue for GROUPED players

Wanna play an MMO with your friends? Sweet. Then play against another group of 'friends' instead of a random group of idiots.
Please if YOU don't care about ranked pvp don't speak for EVERYONE.
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02.28.2016 , 03:30 PM | #23
I have to agree with OP overall. Time and again I solo queue in Regs and see this one guild on our server (Shadowlands). I think they came from Harbinger but I am not certain of that. They only play with premade groups, usually tank + healer + 2 DPS. Sometimes they get a double premade going and you will end up with 20+ people in the other team due to so many leaving. They don't care how much damage they are doing to PvP in SWTOR. They "just want to play with our friends!" (translation: "we want to stomp every pug we can and win, that is all that matters to us. we don't want a real challenge.")

This is NOT good for PvP. It drives away people who might have actually played on a regular basis if they'd had any chance at all.

When not facing a premade we see bizarre matchmaking. For instance, a Voidstar I played the other day with 3 healers, 2 tanks, and 3 DPS on one team. The other team had NO healers, 3 tanks, and 5 DPS. With proper matchmaking this would not happen.

So, we need two things for PvP. We need proper Matchmaking, and we need Solo Queue. I personally don't care if a premade has to wait for hours for a queue to pop. A solo queue would pop constantly!

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02.28.2016 , 03:34 PM | #24
I would love to see groups queued up again groups only and solo queued up again solo only but this will never happen.

im sorry but premade groups being put in same wz as people that q solo is not great way to promote people to want to pvp it drives them away. yes premade can be defeat by team entirely made of solo q but that rare, do to fact that premade group is probably using TS to communicate. which solo q people dont have.

And no the answer to this i not make your own group, just add to issue. alternatively they can add TS/Vent into games client and put everone in same wz in the same voice chat channel. which would sorta fix this issue in that atest everone have access to ts/vent. then again the degerate into piss match blaming each other threw voice chat but that proably wont happen either.

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02.28.2016 , 03:36 PM | #25
no this is something i've never read before
OP is surely playing an Operative and needs a nerf

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02.28.2016 , 03:41 PM | #26
These threads seem mimic our current political landscape with the extreme polar opposites!

The discussion shouldn't be a. Premades are great!!!!! or b. Ban Premades!!!!

It is obvious that the current system has many lopsided matches. I think (almost) all of us know that. However, it is also obvious that many people like to play together and this is a good thing. Furthermore, it should be obvious that with the current pvp population that requiring 4 full premades to start a match is a little much.

So we should be able to realize that something needs to be done but this something shouldn't be as severe as banning premades or completely splitting the Q.

What can and should be done is to add a basic matchmaking system that when a premade q's up the system waits up to at least a few minutes to try to place a premade on the other team. This has be done in other games and works well. It is more fun for everyone since the amount of even matches increases. This definitely doesn't make all matches even but it is an improvement.

Also, once a system like this is in place then in the future more matchmaking options can be taken into consideration.

Lets not all be like the idiot dems and pubs and instead think about what is best for most of us.

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02.28.2016 , 04:15 PM | #27
Basic matchmaking. Premades aren't inherently more skilled than pug groups, but the fact they can enter each wz with a balanced team composition(tank, heals, dps) ensures an advantage over a large % of pug groups because healers are more rare than dps, and having a tank is more rare yet. Yet, these roles make a phenomenal difference in the outcome of a match.

If the system would wait a certain period of time before the match starts to try to balance the team composition, then pug groups would start to put up much more of a fight, and probably find themselves having (gasp!) fun playing against most premades.

Also, giving each player a hidden rating as others have mentioned would be nice as well.

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02.28.2016 , 04:17 PM | #28
Anytime I solo que and see im up against a stacked premade, the outcome is so obvious in the first 20 seconds . I just leave the warzone. I probably leave over half the warzones I que in. Im not going to waste me time getting farmed. Why would anybody? Sadly the people I usually play with have left the game due to its many issues, so im forced to que solo. Next stop for me is leaving the game also.

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02.28.2016 , 10:15 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by foxmob View Post
I'm like...yeah. you're 3-4 bad pvpers and you chose to GROUP together. so now there's a guaranteed concentration of sh^t in every WZ you play.
lol... I see certain guild groups, in fact.... me and a pal ended up with 6 (SIX!!!!!) of the same guild, and they were AWFUL. I just wonder if they grinding conquest, companions, I have no idea... But it was bad.

I realized if I ever seen 3-4 of them or god forbid 6 of them in one wz, I am leaving. It's so strange to me to see an entire group that probably queue synced be so bad and uncoordinated.

Anyway, I always wondered what it was like for them, now I know. They even are in voip too. Complaining probably about how bad we are losing. I bet me and my pal got blamed for the loss too.
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02.28.2016 , 10:17 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by foxmob View Post
very few guilds are composed of radically different skilled players. there's always the token carry friend or something. but generally, if you're in the same guild, you're in the same ball park in skill.

the funny thing, though, and the reason I felt compelled to reply, is that I stayed in my origin server guild (casual pve) until recently with at least some of my imp toons. they started q-syncing, which annoyed me on a ethics level. before that, however, they would grp up together to pvp. I purposefully avoided grping with them. they just weren't good. it's like a 4-man of <guild> was a cancer-laced anchor in every WZ. and then you'd get into mumble and they'd be complaining about getting wrecked. I'm like...yeah. you're 3-4 bad pvpers and you chose to GROUP together. so now there's a guaranteed concentration of sh^t in every WZ you play.

it's not just about the better players usually grping together. this whole "make friends" "go premade yourself" rhetoric is moronic. it would be silly to ban premades from the queue. and the population is too small to split the queue. so any sane person would have to acknowledge that hey, you gotta compromise a bit here. there are less radical things to do.

but yeah...I just thought it was funny that the premade issue is super common. but it's not just there's all those great 4-mans running around. it's that it preloads the team with a bunch of players of similar skill together with no regard for the skill of the other team....or the role, but that's a bit different issue.
You're getting into ratings in regs territory at that point, and on a per class basis. There doesn't seem to be much point discussing this atm though, just about everyone posting in this kind of thread now is "we're losing, it must be a premades fault, ban premades, split the que, make everybodys que times 3 hours long, i demand it!!"
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