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The premade problem

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The premade problem

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02.28.2016 , 12:39 AM | #1
I know there are hundreds of different forum threads on this subject, I just figured it was time to add my two-cents to it. Throughout my 3 years of playing swtor, i have been, addicted lets say, to pvp. I do it almost every day as a solo que player. In my time of pvping, i have run into my fair share of premades. More than a few of which has had me enraged to the point of just blind destruction. Now, its time for this issue is resolved. In my time, I have only done 1 single "premade" and by that I mean just myself and two friends grouped together for one wz. Now I get that it must be fun doing mega premades, I really do get it. But all your doing is just creating hatred and frustration for a lot of veteran players like myself who prefer solo ques and also some inexperienced players who go into wzs just looking for a good time, but they then get obliterated by a premade group. It has to end.

Many people on this subject say the best solution is to just outright ban premades. I cant blame them, I do think premades should be banned, but the banning should be based on the premade composition. If its a standard ops group of 2 tanks, 4 dps, and 2 healers, then that im fine with, but if your going up against a mega premade consisting of for example: 4 sages, 2 dps, 2 healer, a scoundrel healer, 2 vanguards, one tank spec, and a shadow, that is where the banning must be. A team like that destroys almost any pug group. And all it does is again create hatred and frustration among the enemy.

Now what is about to be said is a personal viewpoint so please dont take it personally

If your one of those people who do almost nothing but premades in PvP, then what are you really proving. You are not proving your own strength, your own skill. You are not willing to fight face to face with your enemy. You become cowards who rely too much on others to help you get the job done. You are not even close to those of us who solo que and we go head to head with about half of the enemy team without any assistance and defeat them. Until you actually go through that situation and you come out standing, do not, and I mean DO NOT think for one second you are better than someone who solo ques. Because your not, your afraid. You may not realize it, but you fear odds like those. You think "I will just wait for my teammates to help me". Until you do, dont even attempt PvP.

End of personal viewpoint

Now another issue that arises when you deal with premades, is the taunting and essentially bullying that pug groups receive from premades. Typically at the end of a match, one or more members of the premade start to insult the pug group and essentially turning them away from PvP due to the harsh treatment they receive from their opponents. Now many of you will say "they are just being butt hurt little babies". And that is along the lines of that bullying attitude. That is another thing that must end.

Potential Solution

Now, as I stated above, there are many who would say an outright ban to premades is the best solution. In a sense, that is a bit of a double edged sword. If you outright ban premades in PvP, you risk turning off a good chunk of the pvp community. Now there was a forum post that spoke of a separate que for pvp, dedicated to premade groups. Personally, I think that would be the best solution because it would allow pugs to go against pugs, and premades to go against premades. Now depending on the server, premades will undoubtedly run into longer que times. That can be alleviated via either cross server ques, or a mega server. Now will Bioware actually do that, my guess is no. But it is something to think about. And if you are a strictly premade pvp player, go on out and actually do pugs honestly, its better(in my opinion) than going into a premade because you never know what will happen in the match, and to me thats the best part, the unexpected twists of one hell of a pvp match

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02.28.2016 , 12:46 AM | #2
ha! found someone on this forum who likes the "sound of his own voice" more than me!
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02.28.2016 , 01:25 AM | #3
Probably the same QQ thats been posted 1000 times. Over it
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02.28.2016 , 01:31 AM | #4
I almost always run with a premade, except when I am playing assassin or operative dps, or if I am healing and no one else in my guild needs a group.

I don't Q with people so that we can roflstomp the other team (Though it does happen from time to time)

I do it so I don't get roflstomped

You see, when I Q solo, there are 7 available slots that are, for the most part, random. Which means 7 potential slots to get someone with less than 500 expertise who has no clue what they are doing.

And at the same time, Murphy's Law makes it so whenever I get idiots on my team (Or a team with no healer) The enemy team will get a nice set of 2-3 sage healers and a tank. Obviously this doesn't always happen, but it happens enough to frustrate me.

My solution is to group with others in my guild, so no matter what I have at least one competent healer on my team, while also reducing the 7 random slots to 4, which is a win win in my mind.

I understand that some guilds run 8-man premades sometimes just to stomp people into the ground (I've been apart of them occasionally, I usually avoid it because it takes too much work to set up) But long gone are the days when it was common to see a full Goof Troop or HVND premade on Harbinger come in and destroy everything.

Now, I do find that most games are a faceroll, one way or another, but I think they should fix the problem by:

-Class balancing. We need it, everyone wants it. Just do it.

-Very basic matchmaking: If there is one or more healers on one team, require the other team to have at least one healer.
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02.28.2016 , 07:38 AM | #5
so your "2 cents" couldn't have been posted in one of the billion other threads that say exactly what you just did

Everyone always thinks of this from the por pug'ers side, has anyone ever thought that it could be those very pug's with their 500 exp and their refusal to change that drive people to premades with actual competent teammates? and as for premade vs premade que how exactly would that work? you'll essentially have a "pug" premade with the exact same issues. how is it fair for four 2-man groups from different guilds to go against this supposed 8-man double premade group that supposedly runs rampant everywhere except for any wz I've ever happened to be in? (or maybe people are just exaggerating their asses off).
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02.28.2016 , 10:41 AM | #6
Does a group of 3 PT and sorc healer match your criteria, or is it ok?
So I guess I should be banned for running a couple of wzs today in such composition. Nevermind that we did worse than our previous - sin tank, sniper, mara and merc healer. I should be banned. Not these bots running around yavin and farming 10 mil a day. It is me who destroys the game. Nobody has friends or guildies to play with. Only me.
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02.28.2016 , 10:55 AM | #7
I group for group play. Chit chat, organized game play, just someone to talk with. Can't do it solo. I have guild voice Comms, my personal voice chat or end up on a buddies voice.

I don't group to win, pre made is not a guaranteed win. I've been in matches with double premades and failed, hard at times mostly due to lack of proper communication.

Is there a problem with grouping? Nope. It's your option. If you want to be carried and rely on others then solo queue. If you want to coordinate attacks, defenses, focus fire properly then group up. Make some friends. They don't have to be in your guild. I tend to solo a lot, I do group, when a spot is open. Or I'll group with 1 or 2
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02.28.2016 , 10:56 AM | #8
Let it be. That there is a PVE game. Neither Bioware nor the kiddies that play "PVP" have enough competence to address the issue at all.
I play here only "PVP" if I absolutely need Conquest points. Then I do not care how bad it is.
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02.28.2016 , 12:35 PM | #9
Well what the premade losers should ask themselves is why they need an optimized group setup to handle the solo content in the the game.

There is ranked for groups - anyone needing to group up for regs is a sad loser.

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02.28.2016 , 01:09 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Bobbafatter View Post
Well what the premade losers should ask themselves is why they need an optimized group setup to handle the solo content in the the game.

There is ranked for groups - anyone needing to group up for regs is a sad loser.
Maybe you should just ask yourself why you don't have any friends to play with? Is it because you kept calling them all losers? It is, isn't it?
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