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New Mode for GSF - Suggestions to devs

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New Mode for GSF - Suggestions to devs

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02.03.2016 , 03:57 PM | #1
Hi all,

I started playing the game about 5-6 months ago and have been really enjoying GSF even joined a guild that does it 24/7. I did wonder a few times why we don't have a space battle were the point would be to destroy the enemies cruiser / cruisers. This could be fun and bring some new players to the scene.

Many of us will remember the battlefront 2 space battles where we had to take out the enemy cruiser , that concept would be great. While I have heard the devs don't care about GSF anymore, I hoped that they would change their mind and add some stuff atleast once per year ...

Also adding a few extra quest would be cool such as : kill x amount of bombers or get x amount of kills in a match could be a nice way to get more people into it.

Hihi hope Bioware brings something new soon

Best regards,

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02.03.2016 , 05:26 PM | #2
Hey, dunno if you have already done the basic swtor space missions, but i wish they did one gsf game mode like the "Far Cradle Strike" (Empire) or "Regnant Station Assault' (Republic) .

In this mission you have to assault a station but first destroy a few defensive lines of satellite then kill an communications array then a shield generator and to end the fight the command bridge, everything protected by turret.

Could work with a cruiser or ... whatever.

I think it could feet to the gsf gameplay, both team defend/attack in 2 round, very similar to the voidstar warzone and it feel "very star wars dogfight movies".

ongeburz's Avatar

02.04.2016 , 12:29 AM | #3
Exactly, I was actually talking to a friend after I posted this and we were saying the same thing
Wanted to update my post, but fell asleep hihi

A new map should not take that long to make I think and adding a few extra quest would be great.
Even though I was hoping that we would get some Pve content for our Star fighters which I think would be amazing , I do have to say that just getting a new map even if it is once per year would make me very happy

PS: I saw a few days in a row now a player with the new Kywi in starfighter ! I am a big fan

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

02.04.2016 , 02:53 AM | #4
Excellent idea. A few moving asteroids, and moving (closing?) Capital ships, with fly-through hangars for small heals and re-arms. - With shootable heal (repair) stations inside the hangars for the enemy to aim for....

Cripple the enemy capital ship before they do it to you. It could be awesome....

So long as you couldn't camp in the hangar and snipe with a GS that is. - Maybe make the exits face away from one another. or make 'em longitudinal.
-Storm Cutter.
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02.04.2016 , 03:09 AM | #5

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02.04.2016 , 09:18 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by ALaggyGrunt View Post
Matchmaking is active, but doesn't work well with small populations.

Players are filtered by:
- Games played on character
- Ship with the highest upgrade progress on the bar

Also, the matchmaker prefers premades.

Due to low population problems arise.
- If there are just barely enough players for one game, the matchmaker will start the game instead of keeping people waiting. People of different skill will be thrown together.
- If there's just a bit more population than necessary for one game, the characters with the most games played get skipped.

To counter being skipped all the time, veterans usually fly as a group. And because experience and practice are extremely important in GSF, just two veterans is enough to make an otherwise balanced game one-sided (or turn an one sided into a balanced game).