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Bug with Installer from Retail CD

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Bug with Installer from Retail CD

lilbuns's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 08:57 AM | #1
Hi Folks.

Just had a bug with the installer, which I can get around, but was a bit frustrating.

If you have 2 DVD drives, and like me, decide to put Disc 1 in the first drive, and Disc 2 in the second, it happily recognises the second drive, and starts reading from that when it needs to. It then asks for the 3rd disc, which I put in replacement to Disc 2, leaving Disc 1 in the first. It carries on with the install until it gets to installing "customer service.url", and then in hangs, with the Hard Drive lit constantly, and won't go any further. Left it for 10 mins, still nothing.

The problem is, it's actually looking for Disc 1 again, but in the second drive, it doesn't recognise that it's in the first. Moving Disc 1 to the second drive woke it up and it completed the intstall.