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Why Bother PvPing as Republic?

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Why Bother PvPing as Republic?

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12.26.2011 , 03:06 PM | #41
yea i know what you mean i played 70 war-zones games valor rank 30 or so now, only won i think 10 game of 70. that to me is very wrong for a game that somehow called it self balance. the bug with trooper class and jedi Consular dont help with the pvp combat. i so mad with pvp beaning lvl 50 vanguard and losing so much i nearly delete my character in rage of it.
I also sick of server republic to empire radio for dark reaper it i think 1 republic to 9 empire radio , so 100 republic there be 900 empire player on that server.I believe there need the warhammer system that show if it was (low/med/high) republic or empire. so it not one side has more then the other.
also i wrote this after losing 7 games in a row, so i little mad right now.