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Origin Account Suppressed/Double Orders

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Origin Account Suppressed/Double Orders

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12.13.2011 , 03:50 PM | #1
The purpose of this post is to find information from other players who may have experienced or are experiencing the same problem as I am. I hope that perhaps I may be able to acquire additional information from another player's experience, information that I have been unsuccessful in obtaining from ORIGIN support (via email, phone and forums). This is in no way a gripe, threat, QQ, or anger related to predominate issues on this board, I am just attempting to exhaust all possible avenues for information and assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read my dilemma and hopefully I can resolve this before I am forced to enter a sku/code on December 20th, 2011.

On August 7th 2011 I placed an order for Star Wars Digital Deluxe. Interim to this order my issuing bank issued new credit cards for my account. Due to the previous order no longer having a valid credit card attached to it I was advised by Bioware and EA staff that I will need to cancel my order and replace it. There was no option to cancel my order online so I spoke to a CSR to do so. He cancelled my order and replaced it on December 8th 2011.

I then received an email stating my second order that was placed on the phone with ORIGIN staff was cancelled, not of my consent. Upon contacting Origin support I was notified that my account was suppressed. I went over the information with this CSR and I see that the person who placed my reorder did not enter my billing information in correctly. For example: Instead of writing my street address as 123 Elm Street he wrote one-hundred twenty three Elm Street. As someone who worked as a CSR for a dotcom in the billing/fraud department I know that credit card information will not match if integers are used in this fashion.

I attempted to reorder the Star Wars Digital Deluxe with the CSR but at the final part of the check out it stated Payment Authorization Failed. The CSR told me to contact my credit card company and when I spoke to them, they stated that the FULL amount for the order was authorized/held (not just the $5, and my replacement order was still cancelled) and they had not received notification from the merchant to release the hold. Please do not tell this is not possible as I have the authorization number from my issuing bank which is absolute proof of this hold. My issuing bank also stated that my account with them was in great standing, is not locked from purchases, is not compromised and I have more then enough credit to cover the costs of this order. In addition my credit card company stated to me that they did not see ANY further attempts to charge my card. This means that for each time I attempted to reorder Star Wars Digital Deluxe with the ORIGIN CSR after my second order was cancelled, no request from the merchant was sent to my issuing bank to charge my card. This proves that my credit card is not the problem and the issue lies with my account or the ORIGIN ordering system.

I contacted EAOrigin again and this time I was informed that my account was suppressed because I can only order Star Wars twice on one account (game counts physical copies as well). Even though BOTH of my orders were cancelled and therefore, as it stands I technically do not own or are reserving a copy of Star Wars Digital Deluxe my account is flagged as though I own TWO copies. The CSR told me that I should create a new account with EA/ORIGIN and replace my order. I informed her this is UNACCEPTABLE as I will lose the advantages of pre-ordering the game, have the hassle of creating a new email account and Origin account for this ONE game, and that EA/ORIGIN is penalizing an long standing and faithful customer for an error on their part which is no fault of my own. Apparently, a ORIGIN expert and EA Corporate is supposed to contact me but, I have yet to receive a response.

TLDR: My account is locked from re-ordering Star Wars TOR because, of ORIGIN's error and cancelled orders being held as game counts (max 2) against my account. Anyone experience this too?

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12.13.2011 , 03:52 PM | #2
OMG so long.

All I know is origin is having login server issues today. I'd suggest you post on their forums.

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12.13.2011 , 03:55 PM | #3
I have already contacted ORIGIN support via phone, email and on their forums. I understand they are having issues with their ORIGIN client and specifically BF3 asking for password resets upon each login. As I stated above, I am attempting to exhaust ALL possible avenues, hence, posting on SWTOR forums where another player may be having these issues. Thank you for your advice though.

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12.13.2011 , 05:52 PM | #4
Well, I've contacted Origin twice today and after being put on hold for over 25 minutes on the first call and being hung up on, the second gentleman just hung up on me as well. I am not irate, raising my voice on the phone. I repeatedly told the man I was not angry at him, I am only looking for a resolution.. How can I get assistance if they are just hanging up the phone, not answering emails or forum requests for support? I am flabbergasted at the treatment I am receiving trying to GIVE them my money. Absolutely, deplorable. I will continue to squeak until I get some grease.

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12.13.2011 , 07:37 PM | #5
After waiting 25minutes just to speak with someone, then spending over an hour on the phone I have been told this.

You are only allowed ONE Star Wars game per account (digital or physical), per the floor supervisor and CSR. They are going to attempt to flush my cancelled orders and push something through but it is not a guarantee. I am being told I have to wait until December 20th to know if it worked, terrible business practices. They also stated if it did not work I would have to go out to the store and physically buy a copy. I don't see buying a physical copy as an option as I wanted the Digital Deluxe and don't want to hop from one store to the other to find a physical copy of the game. Also if I buy the physical copy there is no guarantee I can apply it to this account, thus putting me back in the situation of creating a second email account. I want the Digital Deluxe, not a physical copy with disks to worry about. I understand that this is not the employees fault but I do blame BIOWARE and EAORIGIN as a whole for these despicable business practices.

I would like to note that consumers are STILL advised to cancel and replace orders per the SWTOR FAQ, this in fact has locked my account in replacing my order. Also noted is the statement that I am allowed 3 Digital copies and ten physical copies where ORIGIN has flat out told me I am only allowed ONE. Please note that in this Pre Order FAQ it states the following:

"How many launch editions of Star Wars: The Old Republic can I purchase?
The number of copies of the Game that you will be allowed to purchase at launch will be determined by each individual retailer.
For purchases made through, each EA/Origin account is permitted to purchase up to ten physical copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic. At this time only consumers located in the US can order physical copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic from In addition, each account is permitted to purchase up to three digital download copies of the Game."

as well as

My credit card is no longer valid or available to me. Can I change the card charged on my order with

No. Please make sure that you enter your credit card information carefully when pre-ordering via, as it cannot be changed after the order is submitted. If you’ve mistakenly entered the wrong information, or your credit card is no longer valid or available to you, please contact Help to cancel your order. You may then place a new pre-order via, while supplies last.

I want the digital deluxe version on my account, ordered and ready to be paid for by myself on December 20th 2011 as was assured by your site and ORIGIN staff. I will not accept interruptions in my game-play or inconvenience myself attempting to purchase a physical copy of this game on December 20th. Honestly, I would also like a response from BIOWARE in regards to this issue. You chose EA to be the publisher of this game and the experience has been atrocious. Spending several hours on the phone (a good portion of it being on hold) and then being basically told I am being penalized for your mistakes is unacceptable. Simply abominable.


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12.13.2011 , 07:43 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Strenif View Post
OMG so long.

All I know is origin is having login server issues today. I'd suggest you post on their forums.
Many many people were having pre-order woe's regarding key redemption

It doesn't suprise me.

To the OP... that is the stupidest thing I've heard from a software vendor before.

Out of morbid curiosity have you tried to establish the game, with a new account, and a different card for payment?

I would try this as a work around.

Or give the money to a family member and have them order it for you.

There's always work arounds... no need to stress about it.

Though I can understand your frustration.

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12.13.2011 , 07:51 PM | #7
11.02.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Early Game Access: Ready to patch
08.27.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order
I apologize if this question has been posed before, this is a rather hefty pair of threads to sift through. I was just wondering which one of those dates reflects my place in line for Early Access? I can't recall when I entered the preorder code.

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12.13.2011 , 09:16 PM | #8
Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, if I create a new account and order the game I will lose ALL BENEFITS of preordering the game. Instead of having early access I will probably start the game on December 20th, 2011 if I was to place a new order now.

Due to the fact that I would lose all benefits of preordering the game I feel that this is not a suitable solution. It is in fact a penalization when through the fault of BIOWARE and EAORIGIN, I was advised to cancel and replace my order when IN FACT, I should have NEVER followed the official FAQ and just have let my original order decline.

I understand that ToS and regulations can change but, when the SWTOR FAQ still erroneously states that I can have THREE digital copies on my account and explicitly advises me to cancel and replace my order, the company, by law they must abide. In addition, no new ToS has been submitted and agreed by me, so BIOWARe and EAORIGIN must still abide by the current one set in place.

If these policies have changed then they should be reflected on the website. Again, as it stands now, I will be able to play the game until December 20th, 2001 because I preorderd the game. In the event, that they can not rectify this situation then I should be offered appeasement due to their mistakes. Creating another email account and another Origin account, losing all my pre order benefits (in addition to levels gained during early access) is not an appeasement, it's a total cop out. I will be filing an official complaint against BIOWARE and EAORIGIN with the Federal Trade Commission Bureau and the Better Business Bureau if a suitable solution is not found. I don't expect or want to receive compensation from FTC or BBB or enter litigation against these companies but, I feel it is important for the government and BBB to be aware of the current business practices of BIOWARE and EAORIGIN.


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12.13.2011 , 10:15 PM | #9
I would like to add that on EAORIGIN help site in regards to Star Wars at the bottom it states this

For the latest and most complete information, please visit .

This is not the latest and most complete information if EAORIGIN has stated to me on the phone that you are only allowed ONE copy of SWTOR and that you SHOULD NOT cancel and replace your order if you are having a problem with your payment information. I am still awaiting an official response to this as are the people in this thread


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12.14.2011 , 04:23 AM | #10
Good luck. It's a targeted attack on people in the red zone.
There are legitimate Chinese players who aren't gold farmers.