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[EU]An Old Guild Leader looking for a Guild!

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01.10.2016 , 12:21 PM | #1

I am one of many who played the game back at launch and lost interest over the months due to there being a lack of content from launch.

I was the Guild Leader for "The Legion" on the Chunndar server (may it RIP). I am back into the game and looking for a PvE guild to do some Operations/HM Flashpoints. I am currently on Freedon Nadd but considering switching to Red Eclipse due to it being a PvE server.

In my previous guild we raided 3 times a week and I was tanking then with a Sith Assassin. I have neglected that character and currently playing a Jedi Sentinel which is averaging with around 212 gear augmented. I have 2 level 65 healers but the gear isn't up to operation requirements.

I am mainly looking for an established guild but for the right people willing to join and help establish one.

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01.13.2016 , 09:20 AM | #2
Hit up <Against All Odds> yeah i know its a phil collins song but they an active in 8 man and 16 man ops and have cleared tos and rav 10/10 on hm. They also do pvp fps etc so hit them up on tofn server if you like
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