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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

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Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

Gelious's Avatar

03.26.2017 , 08:06 AM | #61
I am not sure if this belongs here on in the Weird thread, but since it was a good experience, I am leaving it here.

During my quest for Weekly Tactical, i ended up in Manaan in progress. Naturally they were at Ortuno. The group included me (70 mara in Tier 1-2 gear), a low sniper somewhere around 20, a 70 healer, and someone else (maybe a low lever jug or mara) Anyway, I had to tank Ortuno. Having quckly realized, that standing in puddles is way too painful for me to handle, I try to kite Ortuno and dps him when not in water.

We wipe. Everyone leaves but me and a sniper and he puts us back in GF. I pull out my Pierce who has the biggest influence due to me doing occasional WZ and think of trying again. Before I am able to do anything, we get new group - 70 PT and a sorc around 50. I tell PT to tank, because at least he has heavy armor. But apparently he doesnt know about not staying in puddles so he dies. I try tanking again, we wipe.

I explain PT about not standing there. We try again. We get Ortuno to about half of his HP when PT dies. I once again tanking. We manage to kill Ortuno! There is nothing more to say really, last boss was not a problem. But dealing with Ortuno was extremely fun and challanging at the same time.

I want to thank the sniper for not giving up as well as the PT for listening to me.
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psandak's Avatar

03.27.2017 , 11:05 AM | #62
Firstly, Gelious your post is in the right place. This thread is intended to express gratitude for players like the ones you encountered: the sniper who refused to quit and the PT who understands that FPs can be a learning process/experience are perfect examples of "Great and Awesome people..."

Secondly, a couple of experiences of my own from this weekend, both were basically one guy left and the rest of us finished the FP.

Both were veteran/tactical FPs.

The first was cademimu, three 70s and 15. So we get to the first boss and we all know what we are doing so we kill it easy. The 70s go to the shortcut transport and the 15 goes to the "normal" transport. We inform him that he went the wrong way, he dies and leaves. I break out my rank 50 companion and we finish the run, no muss no fuss.

The other was battle of rishi. The player left as soon as they saw what the FP was. Gotta be honest, even HM BoR ain't bad, yes the last boss can bug but based on the experiences with this FP recently (no bugs), they fixed it. Anyway, the rest of us had a laugh at the quitters expense and we blew through BoR perfectly.
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bluehufsa's Avatar

03.30.2017 , 08:40 AM | #63
I really need to say "thanks" to some AWESOME players i've met in flashpoints :

the sorcerer BLACKSPIDER - you rock! and you look stunning in that Revan armor <3
the Rep players LUTETSA and DEKARA, wish there were more like you, girls!

Kaldron_Fell's Avatar

04.02.2017 , 03:36 PM | #64
Ok not really GF but still absolutely worth of mention, imho:

Rakghoul tunnels, epicenter. Nowhere in the galaxy will you find a more friendly and helpful hive of wonderful people.

People staying around after finishing their H4 Fungal Corruption JUST to help others finish, too? Check.
People helping even people from the other faction? Check.
People always thanking you for helping them in a super friendly, almost over the top way? Check.

I love this place and I love the people coming their. Apparently the worst kind of infection brings out the best in people <3
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JediAkemi's Avatar

04.03.2017 , 06:57 AM | #65
Had an interesting one last night.
Queued for HFPs on my Operative healer. Got the pop - Assassin tank and a pair of dps Mercs, all level 70. Mercs and I accepted almost straight away but the Assassin let the timer expire.
A few minutes later, groupfinder popped again and it was the exact same people. This time everyone accepted and we got Directive 7... but the Assassin vanished while I was still loading in.
One of the Mercs had a Rank 50 Blizz so we set him to tank mode and got on with it while queuing for a replacement.
Tore through pretty much everything with no issues until Mentor, where we wiped twice (once with Blizz tanking, once with him dpsing).
No recriminations or anything. We were coming up with a new plan when a replacement finally arrived - the same Assassin tank who had vanished at the start. Took her a few minutes to actually respond to us, but once she was with us we kicked Mentor's mechanical butt on the second attempt.

But yeah, those Mercs were really nice guys

eriha's Avatar

04.08.2017 , 12:55 PM | #66
Two good experiences today on Prog (both were vets)

Queued on my Sage healer, my boyfriend on his Sentinel. Red Reaper pops and it was one of the faster runs I ever had (15/20min maybe?), with a Scoundrel DPS and a Guardian Tank. The only bad part was when in the middle of the fight with Ikoral the tank got DC'd We killed Ikoral anyway and while my boyfriend quit the group, the Scoundrel and I were waiting for the tank to come back Good thing it wasnt too long and the kill counted (I was worried it glitched for him or something :S) Anyway, good group, kudos to these guys!

Second run after Red Reaper, we got Hammer Station (this time, with a Shadow tank and a Sage DPS). Also another very fast run, even the other Sage had the time to type something along the lines of "a good group in this FP!". Fast and smooth run, kudos to them too!

Nice runs make me happy ^^
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pivcelin's Avatar

04.10.2017 , 08:39 AM | #67
Had a blast last week. Qued for HM FP on my sorc healer, got a pop for Czerka core meltdown. Zoned in just to catch sin apologizing and confessing he is not a tank, that's some good manners right there .
The following quick check revealed mix of lvl 56ish dps gear with pvp intro relics. Other dps are mara powerhouse who clearly knows what he's doing and a jugg, both of whom were wonderful with the use of their dcds.
Trash melted, and we went to 1st boss, the one that smashes generators. Sin tried to tank briefly but jugg took the reigns beautifully and saved the day. Honestly, that guy tanked whole FP like a pro. The only time we wiped was my fault because I got aggro on 2nd boss in time the adds showed up and I was too slow to hit god-bubble. Second try there I got a guard and we pulled through, albeit resorting to b-rez on mara. Nothing interesting on last boss.
Overall great experience, got a nice workout, and met fantastic dps jugg who tanked superbly, and the other dps who were incredibly helpful and considerate. Thank you for not quitting. (I am also glad i finished manaan chievos earlier and therefore didn't que for it, would've been more stressful for sure)

Red_Penny's Avatar

04.15.2017 , 11:36 AM | #68
Last night on Harbinger:

After a couple of "group member has declined the invitation" false pops, i got a real pop for ... Master Mode Battle of Rishi. I thought well this won't take long, probably one or more people will insta-quit, but there we all were standing on the dock. I was on my Serenity Shadow; we had a 70 Guardian DPS, a 70 Sage healer, and a level 50 Vanguard tank.


Anyway, we were apparently all there to play, so we dove right in.

Things went fine for the first while (the "easy" part of the flashpoint): the trash was fine, the first boss fight was fine, i stealthed the three bunkers just fine. The second boss fight was a little less fine, the tank was tunneling Lord Vodd, and since i was DOT spreading to and from Master Obai, he was glued on me for the whole first half of the fight. I died just as Vodd went down, got rezzed, and we finished ok.

Then on to the last boss. I've done this FP enough times (with guildies and PUGs) that i was not optimistic. But my personal policy is never to out-loud rain on the parade and ruin the mood.

And everyone seemed to have a fantastic attitude. After a handful of wipes, no-one complained or made any noise at all about quitting. The tank asked if either of us DPS could switch to tank, since at level 50 they didn't have all their good tanking abilities yet. It so happens i'm equally happy to tank or DPS on a shadow, so i said sure, and the both of us respecced...

...And proceeded to down the boss on the next attempt.

It was the first time clearing that FP for at least two of the group including the healer, who did a great job.

It's not every group that will even stay together for a Battle of Rishi pop, let alone keep a can-do attitude and go on to finally clear it.

Those are some of my favourite and most memorable runs, where we can all have a good attitude and have fun and overcome adversity!

Haooll's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 06:07 PM | #69
This one deserves a mention ... just finished a vet Depths of Manaan fp run with me (tank lvl70 jugg), lvl 70 dps operative another lvl 70 ranged dps (not sure of class) and a lvl 17 powertech. cleared trash to ortunno wothput problem, then lost lvl 17 and lv 70 other ranged dps to first flow. Was then thinking this'll be a wipe and reset but no.

Much kudos to the operative, we 2 manned ortunno to death rarely going below 50% health through good use of kolto's. that guy was awesome. After ortunno is sleeping with the fishes (sorry had to be said), the other ranged dps quit and we proceeded to finish fp with comp without further issues.

thnx and kudos to both remaining compadres.

Gelious's Avatar

04.27.2017 , 05:37 AM | #70
Yet another Manaan story. The group is 20 level PT, 70 level operative DPS, another mdps 50 level and me (mara 70 level in 246-248 gear)

I had my doubts because I literally just returned from a disastrous run of Manaan (see the Weird thread for details)
but it was actully awesone, No wipes, just PT died on trash once (and who could blame him - 20 level, no healer in group)
Ortuno fight nearly went wrong, because somebody ripped aggro from me (or maybe somebody taunted him, i dunno). I quckly wrote in chat to leave boss to me and they listened, because it never happened again. Before the fight I also said PT to be on colto duty and he agreed, so the healing was good.

All in all, the run was awesome, especially compared to the travesty of the one just before it.
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