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Cybertech & Artifice Question

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Cybertech & Artifice Question

Amethrayne's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 04:33 AM | #1
How many blue recipes are there for each green for the mods, barrels, hilts, crystals, and other mods? I'm so used to finding three blues for each green with Armormech, but since the blues I've found so far for my mods have the same name as the green I wasn't sure if that's the only blue associated with that green or not.

Thanks for any help!

WillySWTOR's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 04:45 AM | #2
It looks like there's just one blue and then on a rare occasion, you'll unlock a purple version of the various levels of mods, like Might Armor Mod 3 (green, blue, purple). I haven't seen any modified with the critical modifiers like Armortech etc.

I've made so few of the first tier of ship parts, (blue quality) I'm not sure if they can be REed up to purple quality. And, the first available mount at 150 can't be reverse engineered so I'm guessing it also can't have a critical upgraded version.

One thing I wasn't aware of (and I can't find the design logic behind the decision) is that all of the Cybertech crafted mounts are Bind on Pickup, therefore you're not able to sell them or share them with friends and alts. That was a major disappointment to me (avid mount collector in that other game that shall not be named). So if your main is a mount collector, you'll have to take Cybertech as your crafting profession.

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