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What's your legacy surname?

_Psi_'s Avatar

08.03.2014 , 06:42 PM | #1021
A bit complicated, but mine is Skyban

It has a mixed origin. Back in SWG, I played a character by the name of Sandre. Can't remember her original last name, for the life of me.

She's a character I've used in a few other games since then. But one game required a last name, so in homage to Star Wars, I used Skyban. (You know, sort of like Skywalker, only not as catchy.) I didn't think it would ever get back to a Star Wars game so I ran with it. It literally became her surname. Has a nice ring to it as well, I think. Sandre Skyban

Anyway, when I got into SWTOR and had to pick a legacy name, I knew there was only once choice. Even if it sounded like a Star Wars name, I figured... the worst that could happen was being called a little unoriginal. Meh.

And thus, The Skyban Legacy was born.

CrownofGold's Avatar

08.03.2014 , 07:04 PM | #1022
I have 22 characters (btw the MAX you can have on one server, screw you Bioware!) and the largest class I play is Inquisitor so I chose Kallig as my Legacy Name, which would have been unthinkable prior to when they started allowing us to have which ever Legacy name we wanted since it did no longer need to be unique.

PS, the most creative I have seen was a Bounty Hunter whose name was NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM Legacy Name NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM and his Title was Grand Champion of the Great Hunt.

So when he ran around Fleet or a Warzone you saw his name a mile away it looked like this:


Nox Kallig, Madness Sorcerer Baroniss, Innovative Ordinance Mercenary Darkniss, Darkness Assassin Toxic Medic, Operative Medicine Ra'vij, Carnage Marauder

LostInReverie's Avatar

08.04.2014 , 12:05 PM | #1023
I play on two servers (Ebon Hawk and Jedi Covenant), because I'm addicted to alts. So I have two legacies. My level 50 legacy on JC is Callisto. The other is Solaris.

Callisto is one of the moons of Jupiter. Also, in Greek mythology, Callisto was a nymph who was "set among the stars." Solaris is Latin, meaning "of the sun."

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08.04.2014 , 12:52 PM | #1024
Quote: Originally Posted by Soulmatey View Post
I keep seeing surnames like Immortal, Godlike, Starshaper, Starseeker, Godshater, the Killer or duplicating their own name (Lord Beavis Beavis; Lord Lord Lord).

My face is already hurting from the facepalms, so I'm hoping to see something original!

P.S. Still didn't come up with my own! Trying to remember some favourite literature characters.
Ha! MY legacy name is "Immortal".....however there IS a reason I chose this. All my characters are named after the members of the rap group I've been a part of since 95.

Mr Sche & Immortal Lowlife (it's pronounced like "Ski" btw) Thus. ...the IMMORTAL LEGACY
"There is no Light Side...There is no Dark Side...there is only The Force..."

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