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Problem with game

Fistandamus's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 10:56 PM | #1
Hi all!

I have a Pentium 4 Core 2 Duo 2,16GHz, 4 Gb RAM, ATI RADEON HD 4850 se, windows vista 32bits.

I have 2 issues:

1 A very frapped game... the worst part on warzones.

2 Im doing a flashpoint with my brother, when he put the explosives, appear 4 enemies. At this point he could do the quest but my game frezee, i couldnt even move... a few secons latter the game close and let me on windows.

I have all drives updated (video card, directX, windows)

Could anyone tell me why i couldnt play normaly when i pass the minimum requirements?

I appreciate all the help you could gave me ^.^

Amazing game

PS: My english is so bad excuse me for the mistakes.

PS2: I could play in this PC SKIRYM and AC:revelations.

A hug for all! c('.'c)