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Females never given flirt options?

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Females never given flirt options?

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03.21.2012 , 02:59 PM | #291
and as far as my agent being the top she-stud in the galaxy

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03.21.2012 , 03:27 PM | #292
Quote: Originally Posted by kalarigamerchic View Post
Good luck with your endeavors on that Im currently leveling a Female Knight Sentinel and I can tell you unless I a missing things currently the only person sniffing around me constantly is Doc. Its like I have the plague and I know my knight is a cutie so dunno.

As to the person who worried about people being up in arms about women portrayed as ***** its damned if you do damned if you dont so I would think they would just do and handle whatever comes their way. As another wise poster put it its not about being ***** its about feeling empowered. I don't understand why in this day and age still people hold on to antiquated Victorian era logic when it comes to women. We do embrace our sexuality easier now then years ago we are freer to do so as well so I do not understand the feelings that our senses would be over whelmed by being able to flirt a bit more and use our wiles as characters in a video game.

I do remember a time where being a female even playing video games was a big deal but now not so much at least to me. Game companies really need to get on the ball and start realizing the diversity of their play base. They could have even more paying customers if they did.
Doc is a frelling horndog. If you're male, and have Kira as your partner when you talk to him, he hits on her instead. Seriously, if they'd had Bruce Campbell doing his voice, he would be far less annoying. lol
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03.21.2012 , 07:10 PM | #293
Hehe I do admit there are times I want to smack him he can be very womanizing and ugh found out how bad he can be with the ladies on some of his personal quests. But compared to the boring ride my poor sage went on since the companion I wish to romance isn't and option I figured what the hay and its been fun for me so far. To me hes far less creepier then Tharan. For some reason him hitting on me with Holiday right there put me off many times.
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03.22.2012 , 02:31 AM | #294
Quote: Originally Posted by Guildrum View Post
Then, there's the fact that they are made up of a bunch of guys. They know how guys think, guys flirt, guys react... Less so for women. They need to be careful how they do female flirting, or else, as I have said, they will have some group all over them for it.
It's a little late for that. I know of a few people who think the female agent's flirts for Vector are terrible, myself included. The lines are over the top, and when you add in Vector's responses, the whole situation feels awkward and unnatural.

In contrast, the female warrior's flirts with Quinn are also very aggressive, but how he reacts makes it work well. They're often quite humorous.

As for non-companion flirts, I've pretty much given up on caring about them. The only fun to be had is making Corso get jealous.

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03.22.2012 , 03:06 AM | #295

I've played three characters to 50 (Smuggler, Consular, Inquisitor), with only two or three flirt options that never go anywhere; aside from the brief companion interludes. This is an exception to my Smuggler, who did have the option to hook up with her main story quest giver, as well as an Alderaanian noble, much to Corso's dismay. My SI also gets to sleep with an Alderaanian.

I'm currently working on an Imperial Agent and Sith Warrior. While my Agent had an opportunity to sleep with someone to maintain her cover, my warrior has still yet to even get a flirt option.

This is rather disappointing, as male Jedi Knights get several opportunities to flirt before even leaving Tython, the Smuggler hits on nearly everything that walks, and my friend's inquisitor that I leveled with, also had numerous opportunities for dalliances.

It WOULD be nice to have had those options for female players. Women do enjoy a good bit of flirting, why on earth would it have not been considered? Let alone repressed?

I mean, I know games cater to the male demographic, and further acknowledge that most females in game are still men in real life -- and thus maybe Bioware wished to spare them a bombardment of opportunities to flirt with male NPCs? Still... this is one small way games continue to alienate female players.

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03.22.2012 , 03:13 AM | #296
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyImOkko View Post
It's all about the class. Jedis are too noble and Troopers are about their work. That's it.
The male jedi can flirt with a padawan @ the jedi temple, and sleep with a twi'lek before they even leave tython. And those are just the instances I KNOW about, from watching a level 1-5 beta walkthrough before the game's release.

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03.22.2012 , 03:22 AM | #297
Quote: Originally Posted by Adelaine View Post
This is something I noticed as well on my trooper but I'm not too bothered. I played a Sith inquisitor for a bit as well before and found them much more enjoyable so there does seem to be some variations to it. That said I'm completly convinced that male characters will always have more no matter in the end. I also noticed that several classes seems to have two female love interests but I yet to hear of a class that has two male ones.

Not only that but Bioware managed to outdo themselves in their utterly horrible choices for female LI's. Small spoiler ahead about the identity of the Imperial agent LI so be warned. At any rate I thought LI's with cute voices but horrible races that just don't mix with humans (Turian, Mass effect) was the worst possibly combination of a loving personality stuck in the wrong body they could come up with but they made one better for this game. The Imperial agent's LI is a human connected to the Killik hive mind! It's pretty much a damn insect and we are suppose to flirt with this thing?!
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03.22.2012 , 03:24 AM | #298
Quote: Originally Posted by Darthmoriquendi View Post
With my female sith warrior i do have 2 options for love interest. Malavai quinn and LT. Peirce Not sure on any others as i have not played any other professions that high level yet.
You can hook up with pierce, much like the consular can hook up once with theran, but it isn't necessarily a love interest like that of the Smuggler male or Sith Warrior Male, in which they actually have two romanceable companions, and after the ensuing love triangle, get to choose which one they want. Female characters are stuck with whomever was designed for them.

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03.22.2012 , 03:37 AM | #299
Quote: Originally Posted by Erevan_Kindelar View Post
I have not collected definitive flirt counts, but from what I can remember of each of the characters, my female characters have generally seen as many flirt options as the men, if not more. Breakdown below:

My female IA Operative is half way through Hoth, and even before she got to that planet she had been given enough flirt options that she decided she might as well walk around naked to save time, as she basically bed-hopped her way around the Galaxy. ON Hoth, it seems as though every man she talks to has a flirt option.
My male IA Sniper seems to be a monk, and his ********s seem to have fallen off due to lack of use.

My female smuggler Scoundrel is still on Coruscant and she has had a few flirts, but no sex yet because she wants to get her own ship back damnit!
I cannot comment on a male smuggler, because he is still level 2 and stuck on Ord Mantell.

My female Consular Sage has been given 2 or 3 flirt options on each planet in Act 1, while the male Consular Shadow seems to be invisible to the ladies.

My male Inquisitor Sage has had a couple of flirt options on Korriban, but nothing serious - one died almost immediately, and the other was a trooper. However, he still only has eyes for Zash (he has not completed Act 1 yet, so the poor guy is in for a shock).
Same for the female Inquisitor Assassin - 2 flirt options, but they came a little later than the male ones.

My female Trooper Commando has not had any flirts yet that I can recall (just started Taris), but she does not take ***** from anyone and would Mortar Volley anyone who tried.
The male Trooper Vanguard has had 2 flirt options, but as he has not yet met Jaxo I suspect the count will rise somewhat.

My female BH Merc has had a few flirts and mercilessly teased the male receptionist of one of her class quest givers in what could have been an aggressive flirt, but iirc it was not marked as a flirt option.
My male BH Powertech has had a couple of flirts but seems to think that his body odor problem is putting the ladies off.

My male Knight Guardian had a chance at a one-night stand on Tython but turned it down (he does not like Twi'Leks, but Kira will test his resolve, I am sure).
I have not yet played a female Knight, but that is my next project - a female Sentinel.
Nay, I've done every quest and taken every flirt option. Your numbers for the consular are incorrect. And at level 30, my IA has only had the opportunity to actually flirt two or three times; one black out scene on hutta, to maintain her cover.

I've played in groups with male characters, and they receive a significantly higher number of opportunities to flirt, as well as sleep with, NPCs.

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03.22.2012 , 06:47 AM | #300
I always play with female toons and have discovered the same thing. Bounty hunter lady could've had something going on with Torian but he's a tool and likes Mako anyways (and Mako her) so didnt wanna go there.
But now with my jugg and her companion Quinn I'm finding all out about in-game flirting and making out refreshing I'd say
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