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The Zakuul armour/weapon stand problem

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The Zakuul armour/weapon stand problem

ceciltaru's Avatar

11.16.2015 , 09:49 AM | #21
I also got the sun machine reactors this weekend, to find they only could be used on starship hooks, instead of centerpiece which it looks like it could fit on.

And as someone else mentioned the new Rakata deco's are cool, but some of them have ridiculous hook assignments, that makes it impossible to create a cool looking SH with them. No Bioware, I don't want to put my Rakata computer terminal in the middle of the room, I want to put it on a wall, like you did all over Belsavis!!!

XiamaraSimi's Avatar

11.16.2015 , 06:06 PM | #22
Agreed to all the above!

DocMorgan's Avatar

11.22.2015 , 04:07 PM | #23
Please do this immediately!

It wouldn't take much and would make these decorations easily become some of the best out there! As they are now, they're relatively useless, and look completely out of place, regardless of where you put them. Even with being able to move them a whole 20 slots in any direction, they still cannot rest flush against a wall.

Please make the hooks for these decorations more reasonable!

Ktull's Avatar

11.28.2015 , 03:18 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post
There are a lot of nice armor and weapon stands from the Zakuul range, however they can only be put on large hooks...

But these stands would be great to be able to put along walls or back to back in the middle of a room. This isn't possible unless they can be placed on at least medium hooks as well.

Can you please allow them to be placed on medium hooks, because like this they don't have much use.

Model Star Fortress ( from Achievements) > even if it's a "model" it is either a too small decoration for that kind of hook (smaller than Planetary Holo Map (Ilum) = Floor Large hook ) or the hook (Centerpiece) is far over-sized :
I 've been realy desapointed after killing the last Knight and run to my SH to put it on ...

Quote: Originally Posted by Rantank View Post
Would also be a good idea to make it someone's job to check this kind of silliness before it goes live. It can't be that hard surely.... the hard work would be in the artwork, not the hook selection; an artwork that no-one will ever see as a porridge brained simian decided a cute little display cupboard need to go onto a space ship sized hook.....
/signed (send my resume to apply?)

Tarrip's Avatar

12.02.2015 , 12:26 PM | #25
Having read all of the responses, I agree. This needs to be fixed.

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12.02.2015 , 02:03 PM | #26
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Please fix the Zabrak skin tone bug!

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12.09.2015 , 04:51 PM | #27
Bumping this - also Fix the minefield markers and now after the most recent patch the server monitors please. If you could stop breaking decos with new patches that would be great.

SithEmpress's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 11:39 PM | #28
I'm with all of you, this need to be fixed. They need to stop putting so many decoration on large hooks, not only are they not large in size, but the house have a very limited number of large hooks. The same goes for centerpieces, they keep releasing so many large centerpieces items but these are even more limited then the large hooks. Since I can only have four house, I have limited reason to buy them very often. Well that my little vent, I just wish they'd put more things on medium/small hooks.
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Highborne's Avatar

12.11.2015 , 04:12 AM | #29
/signed, for all the good it will do. Bioware's track record of listening to people (*coughMassEffect3cough*) isn't that great in recent years.

ZanyaCross's Avatar

12.15.2015 , 03:59 PM | #30
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was a problem.