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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs

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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs
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10.28.2015 , 10:45 AM | #11
Why no Bronze / Silver / Gold packs for Color Crystals and Weapons?

The items themselves are tagged as such, why do they just have Grand packs? There's 221 Weapons and 146 Color Crystals. Putting all of those into ONE pack is just... silly. At least do Bronze and Silver, since there are only a few tagged as Gold.

A fair pricing, imo, would be Bronze 100cc, Silver 300cc for the Color Crystals, Bronze 75, Silver 200cc for the Weapons. Would be much better than just the Grand packs.

Psychopyro's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:46 AM | #12
Let me break it down... And compare to other games that have lottery box systems that I know:

  • Keys cost roughly $1.25 each (can get as low as $.90 each on sale)
  • Boxes have minimum 2 items.
  • 1 item if you save it up, you can buy some pretty useful top end stuff
  • 2nd item is also usually really useful.
  • Has some very awesome jackpot items
  • Loot table and rates are posted with each box.
  • Only 1 item in box is bound, everything else can be sold right away.

  • Keys cost $1.00 each (as low as $.83 on sale)
  • Usually has 2 items in it
  • Has cosmetics/boosts/etc
  • Some stuff is marginally useful. Even if you don't want it, someone else might if not bound.
  • Can have some really good stuff in it. Usually not anything with a huge WOW factor, but ok.
  • Drop rates not posted
  • Bound items are 50/50. If item does not bind, can be sold right away.

  • Boxes cost $2.00 each (twice as much)
  • Has 2 items in it
  • 1 item is practically useless (companion gift). Once you hit max, it is worthless. Market is saturated with these things, they don't even sell well for credits. And you may not be able to use it with your companion.
  • 2nd item is hit or miss, either you want it, or don't. If you don't want it, most people don't want it. no real WOW items usually.
  • Drop rates are not posted.
  • Items bind for almost 2 days. Cannot sell them right away if you don't want it.

Also you are stuffing the armor/mount/dye boxes with too much stuff. Why would I pay for a chance at something when the box can drop 30 things? Especially if there is only 1 of those things I want. I'd rather just buy it. Plus what you guys think is cool or should be cool, actually sucks. And things you guys think that sucks, actually ends up kinda cool.

The biggest problem here is price IMO. I live in Vegas, and I would not gamble with the odds you all have on those boxes at the cost you all charge.
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10.28.2015 , 10:47 AM | #13
I felt like they cost to much for what you get. I opened a couple and got an armor set that you could just bought from the CM for the same price of the pack . As for the alliance pack I felt cheated with them costing the same as they did before but got way less out of it.

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10.28.2015 , 10:49 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by TobyMcCall View Post
Hi everyone,

Iím Toby McCall, a designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic and a member of the Cartel Market Design Team. Iíve asked community to set up this thread so we can discuss the changes that the 4.0 expansion brings to the Cartel Market. My hope for this post is to create a place where we can answer some of your questions and clear up any confusion surrounding the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs in Fallen Empire. We would like to focus this thread specifically around the new Armor, Mount, Decoration, and other Category packs (Crystals, Dyes, Weapons, etc), all of which have been packaged into Bronze, Silver, and Gold varieties. If you have thoughts on the new Underworld Alliance pack design, I invite you to join the discussion in a separate thread, found here.
  • How do the new Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packs feel? Do you feel they are worth their cost? What suggestions do you have?
  • What are your thoughts on the new Category packs? Do you enjoy opening them? If so, what do you enjoy most? If not, what do you like least?
  • Are you more or less likely to purchase packs from the Market and why?
  • Can you share any experiences or first impressions youíve had with the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category packs?
As always, letís try to keep the posts constructive and on point. If you havenít had a chance to read the blog post about the 4.0 changes to the Cartel Market, you can find that here.
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10.28.2015 , 11:14 AM | #15
I don't gamble with my money so I will never buy the RNG packs.

Simple as that.
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PavSalco's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 11:22 AM | #16
Those packs are a great addition to the shop. They resemble what other games have. The only problem with them is that they are too expensive when it comes to the gold tier. It's just too high cost to try my luck. The chance of getting my desired gear is perhaps at ratio 1:80. I don't know the exact number of all gold armors in the game but it's definitely high. This ratio becomes worse each time a new pack gets released, right? A potential customer is at much disadvantage.

I would decrease their price OR divide them into separate packs that cost exactly 1200cc but drop armors affiliated to a particular shipment.

Gold Armor Pack Shipment 1
Gold Armor Pack Shipment 2
Gold Armor Pack Shipment 3

Only then the cost of 1200cc is worth the risk.
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10.28.2015 , 11:31 AM | #17
The costs for the legacy unlocks of the gold, silver, bronze items needs to be reduced.

Wefi's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 11:32 AM | #18
I thinkt he price should be lowered on the Gold pack to match the $9.99 price for the Cartel coins so one doesnt have to spend 15+ to get a single gold pack.

I would like to see the Collection Window have a category on Bronze Silver, and Gold so users can easily find what they can get in each of the packs. Some armor may be considered Gold by Rarity(Jareal's tunic) but it's a Silver item.
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ZionHalcyon's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 11:44 AM | #19
Personally, I would find everything as is as being worth the prices, IF you cut all CC prices in half.

Packs being 120 instead of 240, unlocks ranging between 50-120, and speeders and full armor sets being 670-770 instead of 1440CC.

Heck, even hyper crates being 2200-2600 rather than being 4400-5200 or whatever.

Without making too many other changes, it would allow me to feel like I am getting my money's worth and perhaps get me to buy that one more pack or unlock.

Plus it would make the 500cc sub bonus actually feel worthwhile.

I honestly think the packs are fine - everything is just too expensive in terms of pricing.

SgtJey's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 11:46 AM | #20
There is juste waaaay too much possible items for each category for those packs to be worth the price.

Is more randomness and fewer chances to get the item I want somehow better ? No.
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