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Fastest Way to Max Influence on Companions

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Fastest Way to Max Influence on Companions

MDresidentx's Avatar

12.17.2017 , 08:29 PM | #51
I've got some serious questions to ask myself after this weekend.

1. It takes me about a day to generate 1,000,000 credits when I play. I start are 6am EST/US with an operation and then do story mode for the rest of the day. This basically is about a planet per play session. I got through Voss this weekend.
2. I need to clean up my characters cargo holds. When I play on a planet a whole day, my inventory is filled and I spent the closing part of the day cleaning it for the next run. I really wish they would expand the Inventory so I can stop having to take a break. I'm wasting too much trying to find materials to craft and this is a problem I need to solve immediately. I'm going to put materials that are related to each character in their cargo holds. They can craft and send to other characters. Right now my cargo holds/inventories are poorly sorted.
3. I need to think about what to go for first. 1. CXP legacies. 2. More Companions. 3. Run more missions. I think my legacy is at max 40/50 but I need to get my companions higher

It might be a while before you hear back from I decide to stay with the game. I had some other things happen to me over the weekend that just torqued me....

1. Had a player set operation/flashpoint so only he got the loot. I quit during the final boss to protest and he when nuts on me. I found his actions to be completely selfish and an outright abuse of the core principles of the game.
2. Had a player call me a hippachist during a general chat session and I wonder everyday why I'm playing a game where racial/gender comments are tolerated. I asked myself if I would want my child to play this game and the answer is no right now because a few people are making the community look different than it really is. I wish they would moderate the chat better.

Helmutmengele's Avatar

12.18.2017 , 06:17 PM | #52
Pierce and M4-X1 get bonuses for each PvP match if you PvP a lot. I think itís 250 for a loss and 500 for a win, but have to check.That, crew missions, and maxing gift bonus on legacy is my way.