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Lack of reading comprehension, or just don't care? -Beware of rant!-

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Lack of reading comprehension, or just don't care? -Beware of rant!-

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10.22.2015 , 02:23 PM | #1
Well, it's time for a really petty rant...

Over the past couple of years it's become more and more common for people to post things in completely the wrong section of the forums.
Namely, posting SW:TOR game related threads in the Star Wars Discussion section, as opposed to more the appropriate areas.
With the release of 4.0 (and the 4.0a patch) and all the incredible whining and ************ and moaning about it in the Star Wars Discussion section, this has gotten even worse than before.

So in a hypocritical turn of events I thought I'd do the same - create a thread in entirely the wrong section of the forums, to vent about posting new threads in the wrong section of the forums!

I'll be honest, when the front page of the forums was changed to its current layout, General Discussion was moved to a less intuitive section of the layout.
It used to be one of the first things you saw on the forum's front page, but now it's not.
However, that's only a thinly veiled one time excuse in my opinion.

I would add that perhaps Forum Staff/Moderators need to be more vigilant (and take on more moderators) to deal with this kind of thing.
I've seen community members repeatedly try to politely direct people starting threads in the wrong areas to somewhere more helpful (done it myself a few times too), but it just seems like more and more people don't care enough to take the few seconds or more to look at where they're posting, or even employ a modicum of common sense about where they're posting a new thread, that it may get the best attention it needs.

The only section that hasn't noticeably had this issue, is Off Topic, and even it's had people using that section to cry about the 4.0 changes!

Rant over, comment as you see fit for however long this topic lasts or even remains in Star Wars Discussion.
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