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Companion Influence Maths.

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10.20.2015 , 09:08 PM | #1
So I just spent a couple hours grinding companion influence up to 250,000 for
and here are some of the things I learned about it.

First of all, it's fantastic to have a companion at max influence, which is Level 50. I have a level 15 which is 22,500 affection and here's the difference between the two.

Lvl 50 Companion 2500 bonus presence to a Lvl 15 Companion 750 (you get 50 presence per level)
Lvl 50 companion completes a Lvl 8 mission in 6 minutes, a Lvl 15 comp does it in 18 min.
Lvl 50 companion has a 25% crafting crit bonus, Lvl 15 has a 7.5%

So the differences, particularly for a crafter are astounding. The extra presence isn't really that big a deal because of how overpowered companions are right now. But it helps I guess.

Now, some basic numbers as per grinding influence. You can max out your influence with nothing more than cash by buying gifts from the vendor on fleet. It would be incredibly time consuming and expensive but you could theoretically do it. Here's the breakdown (this assumes you have the three legacy unlocks for companion gifts)

From lvl 0-5 (0-3,500) you receive 166 influence per level 1 green gift.
From lvl 5-10 (3500-10000) you receive 133 influence per level 1 green gift
from lvl 10-15 (10000-22500) you receive 100 influence per level 1 green gift.
from lvl 15-20 (22500-40000) you receive 67 influence per level 1 green gift
from lvl 20-30 (40000-90000) you receive 33 influence per level 1 green gift
from lvl 30-40 (90000-1600000) you receive 17 influence per level 1 green gift
from lvl 40-50 (160000-250000) you receive 17 influence per level 2 green gift

So the cheapest (and for god's sake slowest) way to max influence you'd buy 6088 level 1 green gifts and 5294 level 2 green gifts. The cost for all that would be 4,394,000 credits, and at a rate of 2.9 seconds per gift assuming you could never miss a fraction of a second jumping from one gift to another it would take about 9 hours and 17 minutes.

So that's probably not the way to go. You could use level 2 green gifts earlier of course, as they scale that one level better, but this gets even more expensive and doesn't really cut down on time that much (call it 6 hours). I myself used level 1 greens through level 20 (40,000) and then used level 2 greens to get to level 30 (90,000) which was 456 lvl 1 greens and 746 level 2 greens. Almost an hour's worth of gift giving to get to 90,000 influence. But I had some good music going on and was really zoning out well.

So how do you get the rest of the way? Purple level 5 gifts, which can be purchased from a vendor on fleet at the rate of 1 per 10 comms (or crystals).

131 purple level 5 gifts will get you from 30-40 (90,000-160,000) as you get 532 influence per gift.
225 purple level 5 gifts will get you from 40-50 (160,000-250,000) as you still get 399 influence per gift.

So if you do it the way I did it takes about 2 hours and costs 538,800 credits and 3,560 basic Comms (crystals)

If you use purple lvl 5 gifts starting at level 20 (40,000) it will only add 76 purple gifts at 666 affection (760 comms), will only take about 45 minutes and will only cost you around 100,000 credits for the greens.

You could just use purple gifts, get it done in about 20-25 minutes and only add another 50 purple gifts or so to the total (500 basic comms or so) so not a bad way to go either, depending on your comms.

IN summation, if you have a lot of data crystals you can max companion influence fairly easy. If you're doing it with credits and your own free time...have a blast.

Now I'm going to take my max influenced companion out to grind some heroics. Need to earn back all those data crystals I spent so I can max the next one.

Also heroics give you level 6 gifts a lot of times. Didn't get a chance to use those but I'd reckon it makes it faster.