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Spoilers- IA story endings

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Spoilers- IA story endings

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12.31.2011 , 11:14 PM | #21
It's not your imagination. The Imperial Agent seems to have by far the most variation in how its story ends. It's going to be either amazing or a letdown to see how Bioware handles this in the future.

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01.01.2012 , 01:36 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by StevenJyC View Post
I agree completely. It builds up with all this suspense and then is utterly crushed. Chapter 1 ending with Darth Jadus coming back and all, I thought by choosing to side with him, in the end I'd help him become Emperor.
The whole Chapter 3 felt like a let down, the whole time it was just a wild goose chase, trying to find information on the enemy, which they never really found out, from what I understood, it was just an organization of people trying to destroy the Republic and Empire.

It disappointed me by how MANY Cliffhangers were left in the story,
- Rise of Darth Jadus to carry out his plan and become Emperor.
- Whatever happened with Watcher X, he said he didnt care about your condition but only that you would be usefull later on (I had killed him)
- WHO Hunter was actually working for (Since she was undercover in the Star Cabal as well)
- And of Course what would happen next at the ending, but we will find out i assume in an expansion?
There were others but I cant remember them at the time.

Also thought that the organization in Ch. 3 was going to be with Jadus behind it all Again.. Because he was saying at the end of Chapter 1 that even if I had foiled his plans that he would come back with a new one.

1. Im let down by the ending
2. Thought it would tie in better with the earlier Chapters.
3. Wish there was a save/load button
You do understand these complaints are very much like going to see the LOTR and after the first one ends say "wait thats it."

All those open story lines will probably progress as the game does...makes it nice not to tie everything up in a neat little bow in the first part of the game.

This is not ment to be rude but rather allow you to continue to look forward to the future this story may unfold.

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01.01.2012 , 03:41 AM | #23
the ending is good giving both feeling accomplishment and leaving path open for future content.
However i dont like LS/DS point distrubution along it.
I dont need to take DS everytime however i did not want to take LS points and it felt awkward ... why do i get LS for selfish actions ? i wanted to keep the thing to use it to free myself from orders but ended up with being loyal due to LS points i would need to eat...

Also ealier there are LS forced on you when you want to take non-sith favoring path ...

I think the LS/DS gain should be not visible here and awarded only at the end of the quest.

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01.01.2012 , 06:56 AM | #24
Just finished class quest and became a Free agent.

Thank you for a simply amazing storyline, Bioware!

Now, how are all the other class stories going to be able live up to the Agent storyline??

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01.01.2012 , 08:52 AM | #25
If I had known it would turn out like this I would have backed Jaydis.

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01.08.2012 , 05:33 PM | #26
Do you get a different title depending on which ending you choose ?

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01.08.2012 , 06:24 PM | #27
I went with the free agent option...I had no idea there were so many different options. Not sure exactly how they all get to that point, I played mostly Dark Side, but I guess the few light side decisions I made in the class quests must have had the right impact...I wouldn't have minded having the "blackmail" option, but honestly I think my ending was most appropriate for the way I played the whole game (I got zapped by a lot of sith).

Can't say I was really disappointed with the ending, though the whole thing with Hunter was definitely a little awkward
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01.08.2012 , 09:00 PM | #28
I was actually surprised that Hunter was a girl.
Didnt expect that at all.

The login screen now says "Interlude" which means there will be more coming in the future.

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01.09.2012 , 02:25 AM | #29

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01.09.2012 , 02:35 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by chuixupu View Post
Can't say I was really disappointed with the ending, though the whole thing with Hunter was definitely a little awkward
Were you flirting with him through most of the story too?