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why does the imperial agent 50 pvp gear look boring compared to others?

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why does the imperial agent 50 pvp gear look boring compared to others?

orytang's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 01:34 PM | #1
imperial agent-

sith inquisitor -

bounty hunter -

sith warrior -

i found these on the imperial fleet in the combat training section, are there any other pvp gear besides these? i really hope so

lcemaster's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 02:41 PM | #2
I have found the same issue. The PvP gear doesn't look that cool at all for the classes. I haven't seen any PvE gear that people can get, but I hope it is amazing or else I think I will just be using lower level gear just to look cool

Zeromentor's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 04:05 AM | #3
Yeah, I for one HATE the PvP Armor for Troopers past level 40. Are we troopers or are we guys covered with metal with a rocket pack on our shoulders? It looks more like a bounty hunter set missing a jetpack, than a trooper set.

I see this a lot with all classes on Republic side as well. Personally, I like to make myself look good, so I'm going to check into getting high level epic armoring, enhancements and mods to make my orange gear viable.
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