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Message to all pre order people

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Message to all pre order people

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12.13.2011 , 03:27 PM | #1
Just because you didn't get in doesn't mean you won't. The game isn't even supposed to come out for a week, the fact that they are allowing people to play this early is awesome. Just because you didn't get in on the first day doesn't mean you won't get in tomorrow or even the next. I ordered in September, i was told up to 5 days so i didn't even expect to be able to login today even if i had received an invite. All of you crying because you ordered in July and still didn't get in need to calm down and be patient.

BTW i pre ordered in 2010 and didn't get a code from GS for over a year cause they jewed me. either way its fine they made it right in the end.