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Best alignment for Non-Typical JK & JC Story: GRAY/NEUTRAL or DARK?

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Best alignment for Non-Typical JK & JC Story: GRAY/NEUTRAL or DARK?

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07.26.2015 , 10:57 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Bouncy_Hunter View Post
Yes but I would think that depends on how old you are when you are "abandoned" by your parents. If you never knew them to begin with it won't feel like a gap or something missing in your life, like in my case. I never knew who my father was my mother raised me by herself and I never had any problems with it. Although I still had one parent so that's different for sure.
Well, it's like children who grow up believing whoever is their parent, or grow up never knowing their parents. Some of them just get parent issues.

They talk about how much they love their parents, find out they're adopted and stop thinking of them as parents.

Some will just depend on the person involved. My father was in the Navy most my life growing up, since he was a 20 year vet. We didn't see him often until his last 2 years in. I'm the oldest who didn't see most of my time growing up, yet it's my younger brother who had the daddy issues, even though he was there for more of his life.
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07.27.2015 , 06:19 AM | #32
The dark side JK is arrogant and and sometimes just evil because he enjoys it.

The dark side JC however is just simply said insane. It`s hilarious