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Looking for a good pyro pve/pvp hybrid build

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Looking for a good pyro pve/pvp hybrid build

Rynzo's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 07:48 PM | #1
Title says it all, looking for a nice hybrid build for pyro. I like the dot playstyle and was curious what builds some of you are having success with, and possible rotations. Thanks!
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trindermon's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 03:53 AM | #2

Is what i am using, (or will be@ 50) the 2 points in Energy rebounder can go any place you like. It has no heat management talents other than the one in bodyguard that powers up several abilitys.

Reason being i use rapidshots ALOT to manage heat because with combustable on it is a snare and thats how i kite npcs and players.