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Please fix Armortech and Synthweaving

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Please fix Armortech and Synthweaving

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12.24.2011 , 07:28 PM | #1
Unless there is something else later in the game, that I'm missing (Ony lvl 27 with synthweaving of 205) where Armortech and Synthweaving attain certain mod slots that normal armor just can't achieve outside of raids, but right now they seem useless because you can easily take a orange you get at lvl 14-17 *Empire* and use due to anyone just purchasing mods either AH or through the commendation system there's no point in replacing it, or any other low level mod-able 3 slot gear I have for newer gear that I'm clearly able to make through the reverse engineering process. Please look at these two crafting professions and make it so that players don't go hungry because no one's buying the armor, or make armor you get from quests or from vendors with mod slots in it go only so far as to what mod levels they can handle. (This obviously needs to be refined either way)

Seems the only reason someone would get different orange armor is to change their armor's appearance.
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