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After maxing out my crafting at Level 50, I can tell you its worthless...

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After maxing out my crafting at Level 50, I can tell you its worthless...

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12.25.2011 , 04:27 PM | #111
Is there a list of all the mods you can get from Ilum dailies? I'd really like to know if there's anything worth crafting with Artiface that you can't obtain a better version of within an hour of questing on Ilum,

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12.25.2011 , 04:31 PM | #112
Crafting End game gear should be the best gear possible, however one SHOULDN'T have to raid to get the schematic or the materials to craft the gear. The material and schematic should be difficult to get but possible to get without raiding or at the very least without the crafter being forced to raid.

Another part of the problem is that modding gear to be the best is kind of the focus that bioware went which screwed people that craft non-moddable gear.

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12.25.2011 , 04:47 PM | #113
Raiders should get the best gear, otherwise there is less incentive to raid. A Casual Joe who logs on for an hour each week should not get anything close to the rewards of someone who plays 6 hours a day.

I think the point here though is the crafting gear is worse than daily rewards and pvp, which isn't right. Crafting should make the best weapon and armour parts at least however, if not the best gear itself. Otherwise whats the point of it?

Dailies should exist to give money - if they are the source of endgame mods then I think that's wrong and should be changed.

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12.25.2011 , 05:10 PM | #114
This is one of the most bizzar arguments I have ever read. Now I am not the most expereinced MMO player and after reaching lvl 40 in wow I just stopped playing because it was boring, BUT I am a huge RPG player and amassive Star Wars fan. From that standpoint I can say this: if the maxed out crafting gear is not that great, then that does suck, however, I do not think that it should be as good as gear you get from going on missions and defeating tough enemies. I am not saying that one "play style" is better than another, but I can say that a good RPG video game set in a Star Wars ubniverse is about action and adventure, if you would rather spend the grand majority of your game time farming and crafting then thats fine but don't complain about it not yeilding the best rewards since its not the aim of the game, you may be more comfortable playing something akin to Harvest Moon.

This to me is why MMOs get such a bum rap with gamers who are fans of other game types such as FPS and RTS, who say MMOs are just social fests that require no skill to play, well it takes no skill to craft (pardon the pun) but it does take skill to enter fast paced combat with a large number of participants. The rewards will be handed out in the same fashion. One of the reasons I like this game is because its core does not operate on the basis of an MMO persay but as any other video game.

Anyways, sorry for the rant, bottom line is that crafting should generate some cool stuff for sure, but if it were that easy to attain the best gear it would just not make for a balanced game.

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12.25.2011 , 05:17 PM | #115
If crafting gear was as good as or better then raid gear, then why would anyone raid for raid gear? Oh wait, BW made it so that you had to raid to obtain the mats to create gear that compares, closely, to raid gear..

You guys realize that the games only been live for 5 days now right? They'll be adding more content and items soon enough. Like next month.
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12.25.2011 , 05:19 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by DarksideniYokoso View Post
A quick word about craft gear being inferior to raid gear. Raiders raid to get gear for more raids. Crafters that DON'T want to raid do not require the same quality of gear as raiders. Raid gear typically does not make for the best PvP gear either.

All other complaints are valid, crafting items need to become more valuabe/unique and the idea of HAVING to raid to get the items to craft inferior goods is absurd. As someone said, such mats either need to be made available outside of raids, or the craft items need to be so good that you raid for the mats to make the gear that you will need for further raids.

I myself have never been a fan of raid-centric mmo's. Raids should be entertaining and challenging but not central to gameplay, mmo's need to find alternative end-game content.

So as a raider, i should accept crafting being completely useless, because i plan on raiding hardcore is what you are saying.

Whats with you people who think you are either a crafter, a raider or a pvper. Hi, i happen to do all 3, do you think i accept one being 100% useless?
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12.25.2011 , 05:22 PM | #117
The statement "why should i raid if not for gear" is the thought that came up the past years, and it's very sad.
Maybe to defeat the encounters? Maybe to have fun while trying to defeat the flashpoints/operations? Or maybe just to see the content of the game?

But this is a complete different topic

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12.25.2011 , 05:26 PM | #118
Quote: Originally Posted by Candy View Post
If there was a crafting system like SWG in this game, as much as I like to raid and PvP....I'd probably just become a full time crafter again. LOL

Here here! I've never come across another MMO that had crafting down like SWG did. The combat system sucks so much, but no one can ever touch the crafting/resource system.
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12.25.2011 , 05:42 PM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Sevenpifers View Post
Don't bother guys, And Bioware please listen.

Look, I poured alot of money into crafting, I put at least 250k into Armstech scavenging and investigation.

Now your telling me after I paid all that money and did all that work that I now have to raid to get three Rare drops to craft them? Really? Are you serious?

Honestly I can do the pvp zone on Ilum and get purples in five minutes.

Your telling me to make Blues I need to raid....Plus get the mats, Plus buy the Schematic plus the skill level plus the time.

I'm sorry but this needs to change guys. The non weapon/Armor crafting professions get all they're goodies like re-usable medpacs and to get 20+ cunning or Endurance we need to raid and buy all the other stuff.....

I should have listened to my friends before I maxed this out. I had fun leveling it, And I enjoyed it. But raiding for more rares then you would a regular raid weapon drop is not common curiosity to someone who spent all that money and work.

So what are all your thoughts on this?
Clearly some people haven't played other MMOs...

For those who've played SWG, remember Mando armor and jetpacks and the DWB?

Why the hell should top level gear (not just level 50, but the best of the best) be easily attainable?

I do think the best gear should only be crafted, but it should require materials and schematics that have to be looted from Flashpoints, Heroics or World Boss's.

The best gear should require both teamwork and hard work. It also should be somewhat rare, if you really want it, you can get it, but it shouldn't be easy enough to solo or be attainable on your own.

I think its great that the class-story content is soloable, but it pisses me off when whiners complain that everything else should be soloable... Make some friends and be socialable...

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12.25.2011 , 05:43 PM | #120
I don't know, mine seems to make me grenades fine enough.
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