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Heroic Esseles - Lord Adraas Server

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12.24.2011 , 06:32 PM | #1
We (<Pax Dominus>) made a successful clear of Heroic Esseles last night, and came out with a few questions.

First, I have noticed there have been a plethora of questions about loot, and loot bugs. We believe we experienced a few of these issues, but I wanted to be certain before "/bugging" it.

On the first two bosses items dropped that no one in the group happened to need (shocker!), so we all selected the disassemble option. I happened to win the first one, and someone else won the item off the second boss. When selecting this option nothing happened though. The loot disappeared from the slain NPC, and we were given no advertisement that we either failed to learn anything from it, or anything. Is this correct? Is this how it is supposed to be, or a bug?

On some of the other threads I have noticed people talking about loot chests. We did not see any chests at all for any of the bosses. Is this something that is flashpoint specific, or were we merely missing out? The only loot we saw the entire flashpoint was from the slain NPC corpses. If there are supposed to be chests then where do they appear?

Thanks in advance!
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