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I'm assuming the Jugger is the weakest of the three?

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I'm assuming the Jugger is the weakest of the three?

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12.31.2011 , 01:30 PM | #31
Do you even know why procs worse than passive absorb?
Even with 90% of avoidance you can get 3 hits in row and die.
Do you know what damage scalation is?
This is main tank stat. Let me explain one thing.
If tank gets the same damage all the time then this tank is easy to heal. Healer just presses same buttons. If tank depends on procs then he can take less damage for a long time and then die because heal didn't react on damage spike. This is why bears and warriors were great tanks at wow, and DK weren't tanks at all.
Now lets discuss migitation. This is stat that summarize all proc defences. Block(shield)-parry-dodge-bossmiss-etc(formulas of summarizing may be different in different games, some use smart math models, some just +). So what does it give to us. If we get 100% migitation, we get some percent of CONSTANT damage reduction, so one shot situation cant happen anymore(because every attack will be at least reducted by block), full migitation tank is easy to heal even if he has low hp or armor. BUT full migitation is unreachable at swtor at the moment. What this means for us? This means that during 5 minutes combat assasin will get a number of situations when he will catch 3-4 full attacks in row and probably die.
Passive absorb gives the same as FULL migitation, but in less(12% compared 30%+).

Hopefully i explained well.
I was a raid leader for a long time and tanked all big MMOs. Proc tank can go for easy mods or trash, but definetely not hardmodes.