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Instance reset cooldown?

BlitzJG's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 04:53 PM | #1
What is the cooldown for resetting instances? It's ridiculously long.

power-alex's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 10:26 PM | #2
give lead to someone else, they reset, give lead back to you or keep it, whatever. Cooldown is irrelevant.

BlitzJG's Avatar

03.06.2015 , 01:32 AM | #3
It wasn't. My guildmate was going to run me through Foundry, I started it, but he wanted to do HM, so he started it. I reset my instance but I didn't realize I had to do SM first, so he backed out of his, reset it, to see if I could get in at that point. Then we figured out I hadn't done it yet, so we went back to try and reset for SM but we couldn't due to cooldown and gave up. It was a comedy of errors, but basically I couldn't group finder queue or enter a fp for an unreasonable amount of time after that debacle.