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Coratanni Hm Bug ?

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03.05.2015 , 02:40 AM | #1
Hello guys,

Iím gonna jump right into what happened:

Last night we were on Coratanni Hm fight. We managed to kill her and the bird and jumped on ruugar phase. After we wiped on Ruugar, game didnít allowed us to res in the instance so we had to go out to rishi.

More annoying part starts now. After that first wipe on ruugar, every wipe we had (even on 1st phase) we had to go out to rishi. Eventually we ended up resetting instance and cleared all packs again, which fixed all the problem. (temporarily)

After another few bad attempts, we managed to get on last phase again, but same thing happened again after our wipe.

I donít know it was coincidence or a bug. So I wanted to know if any1 else had similar thing. If yes, maybe we can get biofails attention and make them fix it in 2 months (if we are lucky).

Anyways, cheers all for all your feedback.
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03.05.2015 , 02:45 AM | #2
We have a similar problem with Torque from time to time. Seems to occur when the boss doesn't reset properly after a wipe.

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03.05.2015 , 03:36 AM | #3
Same problem here - after few wipes, we had to go to Rishi every time.
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03.05.2015 , 03:47 AM | #4
Same **** for us ! Started after wipe on phase 2. This game is broken..
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03.05.2015 , 04:45 AM | #5
Also i think Double Down DoT is bugged/overtuned after the patch and now ticks every 0.5 secs instead of every 2 secs

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03.05.2015 , 05:38 AM | #6
extra damage can be dealt with somehow, but going out after everywipe is frustrating. i think we are about to give up on this fight and start progress on revan instead.

it sucks to leave a progression like this and start over in another fight
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03.05.2015 , 01:20 PM | #7
If u get to rugar it wil always bug. Never wiped on rugar and had it NOT bug.
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03.05.2015 , 02:16 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by killerdcs View Post
If u get to rugar it wil always bug. Never wiped on rugar and had it NOT bug.
but I've pulled HM Coratanni and wiped in Rugar phase and it almost never bugs. I'm not saying there aren't bugs, but when people just make absolute declarations I'm just like what are you doing leading up to the wipe because some of these bugs are easy to replicate, and some of these bugs are just wild

EDIT: Are you saying since the patch on Tuesday, or since 3.0 launched? BC if since Tuesday, I don't have data to argue that since we one shot Cora in the last Zorz raid since patch, but if you mean since 3.0 launched, I just wish I knew what triggered some of these bugs because I know they exist but like.... we don't encounter them very often. The main Coratanni bug we've encountered is occasionally after a wipe Cora will start fighting an escape pod. Outside of that we don't get many bugs.

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03.05.2015 , 03:48 PM | #9
I'm willing to put money down that you have operatives trying to stealth out to avoid repair bills.

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03.05.2015 , 04:56 PM | #10
Since Tuesday : we went on ruugar, got double damage on bumps (2*15k), 2 dps one shot (litteraly) during stop dps, then coratanni bugged, launching dots that tick every 0,5 sec. Awesome game.
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