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What's your Favorite Boss (and Least Favorite)

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What's your Favorite Boss (and Least Favorite)

Ardarell_Solo's Avatar

03.03.2015 , 08:23 AM | #11
Favorite: Soa, just epic.

Runner up: Tyrans NiM as melee, love the challenge.

Least Favorite: Thrasher NiM. Mechanics somewhat unprecise and at the same time quite unforgiving.
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FerkWork's Avatar

03.03.2015 , 11:58 AM | #12
After some thought I think the least would be all the bosses besides Jarg and Sorno in KP. Very bland and the environment was terrible Nal Hutta of all things.
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soowonlee's Avatar

03.03.2015 , 01:21 PM | #13
These are my choices from among the NiM bosses.

1. Operator IX
By far my favorite fight. It presents coordination challenges and challenges for all three roles. I've spend many sleepless nights thinking about the best way to assign the four colors to the raid group. Different assignments can lead to very different strategies, which makes the fight interesting in different ways.

2. Warlord Kephess. This fight holds a special place in my heart. I consider it my first major accomplishment in this game, having cleared it in two different groups just before 2.0 was released (mdps in one and rdps in the other). The fight has many phases, even in story mode. It was probably the most satisfying kill I've had in this game.

Least favorite
1. Colonel Vorgath
Due to the Overload mechanic from the Demolitions Drone, all groups proceed in this fight by simply moving up the side of the map (usually the left side). This effectively removes the puzzle part of what was supposed to be a puzzle fight. Highly disappointing.

2. Nefra
First bosses of raids don't have to be easy. In fact, Nefra is exceptional in being uninterestingly easy. Consider Zorn & Toth, Writhing Horror, Dash'Roode, and Bestia. All of those fights are interesting and require at least some coordination and effort on the part of the raid group members. Nefra was such a joke, further compounded by the exploit and subsequent farming.
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Hronych's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 10:43 AM | #14
Without question, my golden triad:
Blaster HM (for tactics and voice acting)
Tyrans NiM (for most beatiful soft enrage mechanic in game)
Revan HM (for simply most challenging fight yet)

Deserves to be mentioned:
Gharj (that was fun back in good old Columi days)
Fabricator (tower of Annoy game is never bad)
non-nerfed-2nd-boss-of-Lost-Island-whatever-his-name-was (ah the nostalgy)
this-new-bonus-boss-from-BoR-HM-his-name-is-just-bad (dont nerf it plox)

Most hated:
Olok (ridiculously slow and boring)
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Kryand's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 11:38 AM | #15
Favorite: Pre-nerf LR-5 Sentinel Droid and pre-nerf NiM Grob'thok, just because they don't exist anymore and absolutely should.

Least: NiM Styrak. Only fight I can remember that had a random chance to bug out and instantly wipe you, and there's nothing you can do about it. Executing perfectly for 12 minutes in the extremely stressful chain phases only to wipe on the last one due to a bug and fail a speed run. Proof.
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Excise's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 12:03 PM | #16
Most Favorite: Gotta go with Mentor from Directive 7. Classic FP bosses didn't have that many great mechanics, but Mentor stood out of the pack by having crazy stuff going on with a ton of running and fighting all over the place. His balance was also good for a Flashpoint boss.

For Ops I'd say Dread Council as it had a ton of different mechanics. Good, strong finale for an otherwise lackluster story arc.

Least Favorite: Nefra - she's a total yawner of a fight. Almost completely tank 'n spank both on SM and HM. I'd love for the "group up in front of her" mechanic to be in with SM/HM as well (but with obviously way more tolerance for error).

Unhonourable mention goes to Underbugger for obvious reasons.

JouerTue's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 01:16 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Hronych View Post
Most hated:
Olok (ridiculously slow and boring)
got that twi'lek on ord mantell, ye liek?
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bdatt's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 02:11 PM | #18
Least favorite: The TFB tanking. Just boring all around, practically afk as tank, and long on top of it.

Favorite: Styrak. First memorable dialog from the Dread Masters and one of the first fights where I really learned to use visual cues as a tank (kel dragon head tilting before spit).

mbfhl's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 07:19 PM | #19
Favourite, definitely Underlurker.
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Kissakias's Avatar

03.06.2015 , 01:51 AM | #20
least favorite boss is Lord Modo of KDY
best favorite was the Darth Malgus, but since they remove the ''kill only with grenade'' is none

for OPs
least favorite last boss of Dread Palace
most favorite Kephess of EC
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