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What's your Favorite Boss (and Least Favorite)

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What's your Favorite Boss (and Least Favorite)

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03.03.2015 , 12:28 AM | #1
There's probable anther thread but it's probable not up to date and plus I'm to lazy to find it .

As the title says, what is your favorite and/or least favorite. Also give a little reason why. It can be mechanics, VA, music, setting, or whatever. I'm curious. So I will start:

Favorite: Gate Commander Draxus (all modes especially NiM)
Reason: Voiced by Steve Blum, the ultra hamminess of the encounter is epic. Mechanic wise while straight forward is fun due to the amount of phases it has with multitudes of adds with varying abilities which makes it a fun symphony of movement. Plus the music is the bomb. (If anyone knows the name of the music let me know)
Runner up: Coloner Vorgoth (Minesweeper!)
Least: Not sure will fill in once I think on it
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03.03.2015 , 01:00 AM | #2
Currently my favorite boss is the Sword Squadron. It's a really dense fight without any unfair mechanic. I like the "David against Goliath" feel beating these two huge walkers. It also reminds me of Kephess in EC.

Honorary mention goes to Jarg and Sorno for the best in-fight banter ever

My least favorite boss is Olok in S&V. That fight is just way too dragged out and boooooring. It has no interesting mechanics whatsoever and my ears start bleeding at "I found this at Ord Mantell"

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03.03.2015 , 02:07 AM | #3
Why all forgot Kephless EC?
Mentor D7, Doctor Lorrick LI was awesome too.
please sorry google translator if he translated unclear.
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03.03.2015 , 02:38 AM | #4
my favorite boss is the dread guard in TFB, and brontes.

my least favorite is revanite commanders and the sparky
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03.03.2015 , 03:50 AM | #5
Operator IX HM and NiM. The color phases and cooperation between players to succeed these, that fight is just so much fun. Basically interacting with the environment during a boss fight.

Runner up would be: Calphayus, Tirans and Titan-6 all 3 HM and NiM. Again the interaction with the environment and the coordination between people.

Least: tanking brontes when destroying orbs with the hand. I hate doing that.
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03.03.2015 , 05:15 AM | #6
Most of bosses got their annoying part, that's the main prob to decide.
If i can list:
Phase 2 Dread Council
Burn phase Brontes
S&V was my favourite so i'll decide Styrak Nim cause it's always a pleasure to kick his *** down again and again ! Even if it's very repetitive.

(Raptus for vocal ? )
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03.03.2015 , 06:37 AM | #7
Favourite :

DP - Raptus/Tyrans
DF - Brontes
Ravagers - Bulo
ToS - Sword Squadron

Least Favourite :
DP - Calphayus
DF - Grob'thok
Ravagers - Sparky
ToS - Revanite Commanders.
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03.03.2015 , 07:09 AM | #8
Favorite: without question Calphayus. Loved the whole past and future interactions. Runner up for me is Soa.

Least favorite: Nefra. I hate cleanse fests. Hate them. Runner up hmm...there aren't many I truly despise. Maybe Malaphar since I think the fight is too easy.

TACeMossie's Avatar

03.03.2015 , 07:39 AM | #9
Since everyone is listing every Op:


Soa wins, while the Ancient Pylons lose. How are ancient pylons even considered a boss i'll never know.


Jarg + Sorno for the favourite, with Foreman Crusher being least favourite. There's something really annoying about a boss who has a thing for throwing the tank around.


Kephess fight = best fight, though those damn tanks are my least favourite simply because they stopped many a pug group that I tried to get the Aratech Nightscythe with.


Favourite would be Operator IX. Dread guards is fun and all, but Op IX will always have a special place in my heart... as that one fight I could never kill :P

Least favourite goes to Kephess. His fight is the least inspired of the instance and brought on the running gag of Kephess will always return.


Favourite goes to thrasher, cause I pulled aggro once and dealt 10k dps back in the 2.X cycle. Fun times.
Least favourite for Olok because the fight takes way too long.


Nefra for least favourite, as its a dummy parse that doesn't need any effort at all. Brontes for favourite because its the most interesting of the fights (closely followed by Draxus)


I don't have a least favourite. Since most boss fights are on a 1-10 scale, I'd give every fight in DP is given an 8 because of the interesting mechanics (besides council). Too bad the difficulty wasn't really there, otherwise it would have been full of 10s. I'll give my favourite to NiM Council though.


Favourite is Master Blaster. Something about that fight that is just really fun.
Least favourite is Torque. HM Torque as a melee DPS (even though its a vanguard) is just a test of how well you can avoid standing still for 3 seconds at a time.


Revan wins for best fight because HK and insanely difficult in HM
Revanite Commanders loses because only 30% of the fight is actually interesting at all, and only in Hard Mode.


Top 5:

Revan Reborn
Dread Council
Master Blaster
Operator IX
Warlord Kephess

Bottom 5:

Kephess the Undying
Ancient Pylons
Revanite Commanders

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03.03.2015 , 07:41 AM | #10
Okay, here my top 3 favorite boss Encounter and why:

1. Operator IX (Asation HM): I never never never was this happy ever again when this junk robot finally dies in our first guild kill. The hole Fight was a challenge of personal performence, coordination and the hole fight itself is challenging and pure awesome!

2. Titan-6 (HM/NiM): Like the Operator IX a fight with a lots of movement going on. The soft enrage - just hilarious like the hole boss standing there like a cooler Version of the Terminator. I remember in the old days (Hard Mode) one of our damage dealers dies early at the fight, br cooldown...and we burned him down with 3 Man.

And last but not least

3. Warlord Kephless (all appearances): The hole thing with this Trandoshan was also just hilarious - his comebacks over and over again and the awesome challenge back then at denova hm/nim. Totally a Boss to remind to.
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