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[Artifice] problem for getting Artifice expert

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[Artifice] problem for getting Artifice expert

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04.09.2015 , 09:45 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Billy_Lee View Post
My Artifice skill is 410 and no matter what I make, I can't get that number higher.
As Psandak said, go to the Artifice trainer and get new schematics.

In your list of schematics, you'll see a number to the left of the schematic that tells you how many of the item that you have the materials to make. If that number is grey, then you will get no artifice points for making that item.
I don't recall exactly how the colors go, but it's something like - if the color of the number is yellow, then you get 1 artifice point, if it's green, you get 2 points. Or things to that effect.
The important point is that, if the number is "greyed out" you won't get any artifice points.
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08.14.2015 , 04:39 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Amentius View Post
I never have purchased the expansion, I have been able to train and pass 450 on everything except archeology.
I have too. I think there must be a bug that lets you buy it sometimes. My Bounty Hunter was able to get expert in all three crafting skills. My Jedi can't do it. I assumed it was a bug on my Jedi, but now I think it might be a bug on the Bounty Hunter.

I'll buy SoR and see if my Jedi can buy it too.