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Soloing and other stupid stuff

Halinalle's Avatar

01.30.2015 , 03:30 AM | #1
I decided to see how much gear level 60 character needs to complete level 50 HMs.

Directive 7 HM
Bosses: all including bonus
Spec: Annihilation
Companion: Vette
Companion gear: Companion 192 + 2x Power crystal
Abilities used during last boss fight: Heroic moment and Unity
Class buff: all four
Medpacks: 1x Optimized during last boss fight
Adrenals: No
Stims: No
Relics: 168 DPS proc relics only up to Assembler

I started this run in full gear but decided to remove chestpiece before Interrogator. After that fight I removed head, belt, pants and wrists. After Assembler it was still too easy and I removed my relics. I finally started to get hit by enemies and I actually died once in last boss fight. It's a long one especially with armor rating of 1k and getting hit constantly. I've never done it as double dps.

End result: Mentor down
Remaining gear:
178: implants and mainhand
186: earpiece, hands, feet and offhand
2x Power crystal

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01.30.2015 , 10:22 AM | #2
I soloed some of the 50 HMs when I was lvl 55 in mostly PvP gear. Right now they are cake walk unless you run into something that requires multiple people mechanic.

leehambly's Avatar

03.06.2015 , 10:23 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Halinalle View Post
I decided to see how much gear level 60 character needs to complete level 50 HMs.
All the 50's are soloable with only a mainhand (and same on companion, I suggest a mdps comp) - extremely slow but no danger of death, so long as you follow mechanics. I did it to prove to someone that you didn't need to be an elite or geared player to clear them solo. Its actually pretty depressing how easy they are... especially Lost Island

Some 55's are soloable, too, but you will need to put your gear on! You will need some luck on things like the final boss in Cademimu.

Hey, even one of the 60's is soloable... not telling you which one though... Shh... don't tell anyone :P

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

03.09.2015 , 11:22 AM | #4
I once did Directive 7 with a friend & 2 Companions at level 55 or so ... It is doable.

Lost Island made some problems at a certain boss, though.
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