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Strongholds on Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Alderaan!

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Strongholds on Kashyyyk, Manaan, and Alderaan!

Ktull's Avatar

03.08.2016 , 04:35 AM | #11
I've been wondering about Manaan stronghold then i try to figure out what it could be > pictures of my own there

Icestar's Avatar

03.08.2016 , 04:55 AM | #12
A underwater stronghold on Manaan would be awesome!

Tibi-Fit's Avatar

03.08.2016 , 05:14 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by JainaShan View Post
Nice ideas but BW will choose some boring planet like OrdMantell and make there a boring stronghold without any idea behind it. And people will buy it and thus will make BW sure they go right way when they dont bother trying to surprise\make happy their customers. Sad but true.
You have so much right. I can already see a new stronghold on zakuul or odessen... It might be nice. but you just can't compare a manaan stronghold with an odessen one..
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DovahkiinTOR's Avatar

03.09.2016 , 09:33 AM | #14
Would love a SH at Manaan the most. I have been waiting for it since GSH expansion came out.
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03.18.2016 , 02:32 PM | #15

I would die for these lol ! Manaan and alderaan! My guild has been wanting to move out of the yavin stronghold for a bit so something new like this would be awesome!

Mireleni's Avatar

03.18.2016 , 06:50 PM | #16
I think a half-underwater Manaan stronghold would be the coolest thing. I was rooting for a Rishi stronghold, but now that we already have a tropical stronghold in Yavin, I think somewhere with a little more difference in climate (e.g., Alderaan) makes more sense for the next stronghold.
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DarrthXanadu's Avatar

03.22.2016 , 04:01 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Berekkerent View Post
Manaan: Allows for a water based stronghold. You have access to rooms on the peaceful Manaan surface, and below, rooms that display the planet's deep and dangerous underwater depths. Probably unlikely, but an interesting feature idea: have a room that can only be accessed by crossing a small distance across the ocean floor, made possible by a stronghold exclusive set of underwater gear or something. Even if it were a relatively short or controlled path across, the fact that you can walk around and watch the silhouettes of the dangerous Manaan sharks lurking in the distance, among other things, is worth any cost for me.
I'd do anything for them to add a Manaan one. I've been wanting that so bad ever since I saw the first one, even recommended it in every suggestions post I've made

Collec's Avatar

04.11.2016 , 03:28 AM | #18
Why are people so gung-ho on Alderaan stronghold? In theory sounds nice,but what you would get is Coruscant/Dromund Kass 2.0 version,where you'd have forest and mountians (which I love,but hate everything else about Alderaan ) for view instead of city. Plus it' s all politics,so only real palaces are ones of "noble" houses. And I very much doubt you'd get starship hook.

Manaan on other hand is perfect choice for new stronghold. You can have everything there. Beautiful view,new stronghold with amazing design. Just look at Manaan flashpoint and see,how beautiful it is..

Kashyyyk also sounds nice in theory,but you'd lack centerpiece hooks and starship hook. It'd be very hard to pull off.

Xina_LA's Avatar

04.11.2016 , 11:24 AM | #19
I would love a Manaan stronghold, but only if the underwater windows look out on something interesting. It can't just be endless water or a field of seaweed. There would need to be a large variety of interesting sea creatures (perhaps done like a slow-moving version of the traffic on Coruscant, only with "fish"). Some of the larger critters ought to swim by once in a great while, like the balloon or sand crawler on Tatooine. If they're clever, they'll give us some hooks right outside the windows, where we can place statues, underwater vehicles, sea critters, ruins, and so forth.

I would absolutely love a stronghold on Alderaan. I would want it to be high up on a cliff, with several balconies overlooking the snowy landscape. I would like ramps/stairs instead of elevators that cause zoning between the levels. On the ground floor, we could have an expansive courtyard and also be able to decorate some of the woods beyond. This would make it the ultimate combination of Nar Shaddaa (high view), Yavin 4 (outdoor hooks), and Coruscant/DK (balconies, stairways).

To make the Alderaan stronghold particularly interesting, it could have a Day/Night cycle and/or slowly changing weather. Day/Night would be my preference if we could only have one. If a cycle won't work, perhaps it could just be a twilight or night landscape. (NOT orange-tinted sunset like Tatooine. I hate everything being bathed in dull orange dimness.)

ButeoRegalis's Avatar

04.14.2016 , 11:02 AM | #20
SH on Manaan, absolutely! We need that! Make it cartel market option only, if you have to (with a week-long sale upon launch).
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